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hello lovely!

I am Harshita


I am a digital creator, writer, and currently an aspiring holistic health practitioner

Lil about me

  • At 16, I started journaling, practicing self-care and learning about the philosophical side of life
  • The first book I read was “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which my sister gave to me.
  • It was after reading the book :The Alchemist: by Paulo Coelho, I had fallen for books that talked about universe and living life on a deeper level ( PS: the only book I finished in a day so far )
  • My interest began from the need to improve my life when I was going through a rough time myself
  • I have been interested in self-growth, wellness, self-love ever since then
  • After learning, growing, and making many mistakes for 11 years now,
  • I started this blog in 2022 to talk about my love for self-care and personal growth and talk about all things life.


To Help You Make Informed Decisions

With this blog, I intend to share and talk about things that have helped me become a better version of myself, and have beautiful conversation with my fellow mental health and wellness enthusiasts 🙂

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Get To Know Me!

I love reading books, listening to podcasts

watching Kdramas as a retail therapy when I am bored!.

Apart from blogging, I love skincare and spending my time learning about new ingredients and ways I can help my skin

I Love travel

Ready to explore?

So that was all about me, I am happy that you stopped by and took time to get to know 🙂

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