The Beauty of living a slow and simple life – 17 ways to slow down

Are you also feeling that life has been running fast? You are moving from one task to another, running towards the NEXT thing? OR have you been meaning to slow down from the fast-paced world? Nevertheless, It is a good thing! In this post, I will share with you the Beauty of living a slow and simple life – 20 ways to slow down.

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When you look back at your childhood days, do you also feel that the time and life back then were slow and simple? I do that too, and many people around me do.

One of the main reasons was that we all were just living in the moment and not rushing. We lived each day as a kid not thinking about the future about truly dwelling ourself in the moment.

However, now in this fast-paced world, living a slow and simple life feels impossible, but it isn’t! It comes with a lot of challenges and shaping our mindset, but once we implement this, we will be truly able to enjoy life.

What is Slow Living?

Slow living is the act of approaching life with slow and graceful movements.

It is the opposite of today’s world, where we want to do many things in a day and focus on the next thing as soon as we are done.

Take a Moment, and look at your daily activity and tell me one activity that you did without rushing or thinking about the future.

Slow living is living every day without rushing or thinking about the future, the next task, or the next chapter of life, and simply living in the moment.

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living a slow and simple life

Benefits of Slow Living

Many people when hear the word slow living, think it is wasting time and not realistic.

Isn’t rushing towards the next part of your without actually enjoying it, actually a waste of time?

Look back at a few years and tell me how much time you spend actually enjoying the moments. When you accomplished something, how much time did you spend living in it without thinking about the next goal?

Here are some Benefits of living a slow and simple life

Increased Happiness

I recently read a book called – Don’t Believe Everything You Think, and one of the most important lessons I learned from this book was the true meaning of happiness

The author asked us a simple question, which I would like you all to think too-

Tell me what were you thinking when you were happy in a moment from the past?

Take a moment to tell

Blank? right?

When were are happy, we are not thinking about anything, we are just in the moment fully present and experiencing joy

Slow living is one of the ways you can be present in the moment and experience life as it is

More Value of life

When we actually start living each day and moment with intention and mindfulness we can value small things about life.

For example, the quiet time you get to yourself, the coffee or tea you love to have, and so on

Better Mental Health

Most of the reason for bad mental health comes from overthinking about the future and getting things done

When we start to practice slow living, our mental health automatically gets better.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Similar to the above, Our stress and anxiety are reduced once we start to live intentionally each day, not rushing and purely living in the moment.

More Moments of enjoying life

Have you ever come across a time, when you were doing something fun but could not enjoy it because you were too stressed about getting your tasks done for the day or felt as if it was not productive and you should be working instead?

That’s what fast-paced life is, and the opposite of slow living.

Balanced Life

Slow living doesn’t mean you neglect your career or money, it simply is living each day at a slow pace and with more intention – Less is more

When you will start implementing slow living you will reach a balance of both working and moving forward yet soaking in each moment as you go.


How do you start a slow life?- Here are 17 ways to slow down

Let’s get into 17 ways you can start practicing slow living from today! Do not rush and take one point at a time when implementing!

1. Being Present

Being in the moment is the first step you take toward slowing down. The best way to start being present in the moment is by doing an activity that makes you be present.

Mediation is the most powerful way to practice mindfulness, You can spend a few minutes practicing meditation to be present every day.

Practicing Hobby that brings you joy is another way to be present. When we do something that brings us joy, we are automatically in the moment and not thinking.

Exercise is another way you can be more present, many sports and even exercise that we do at home make us stay present while we are doing various exercises.

2. Practice Mindfulness in everything

Another way is to embody mindfulness in everything you do, this is different from above, where you choose one activity, to actively stay present.

In this, you do everything, i.e. each task with mindfulness and being present. If you are cooking, then give all your attention to cooking.

Something I have started to do recently is practice mindfulness when eating my meals. Before, I used to distract myself with Netflix or youtube while having my meals.

For some time, I have started to just focus on eating and not using my phone.

3. Enjoy the moment

Whatever you do, whether working, doing chores, or going out with friends. Do not think about anything else, and just enjoy the moment.

Do not waste those precious moments with worry, stress, and overthinking, and just be.

4. Take Breaks

To slow down also means taking breaks in between, Resting is important, and it also helps you be more productive. So instead of overworking yourself, make sure, to take breaks in between and when needed.

5. Minimize your to-do List

The only way you can do things at a slow pace is by minimizing your to-do list and keeping it simple yet effective.

Take a maximum of only three focus tasks every day and not more! This way, you will be able to give your focus to work and also make time for yourself without compromising your mental health or work.

Here is How I like to Prioritize my work and choose three tasks.

6. Eliminate Multi-tasking

An important part of implementing slow living is to eliminate multitasking. If you are multitasking, you cannot stay present as you cannot even give your full attention to one task alone.

Moreover, multi-tasking increases stress and is a sign of rushing to do more. There is no need to rush, so why multi-task?

7. Disconnect to connect

Putting away social media distractions is another way to be in the moment. When we are doing things and using social media at the same time, we are not present.

I have found that when I take social media breaks, I am more present at the moment and doing things in real life than when scrolling through social media apps.

I can enjoy the moment more and actively be there.

8. Prioritize me-time

If your whole life revolves around work or other people, you might already be feeling burnt out, stressed, or just drained.

That’s why prioritizing me-time is essential! Take downtime and be with yourself as much as you can. Do things you love or what help you relax.

9. Don’t do things In a rush

If you are waking up every day and rushing from one chore to other to get to work and then back home. Don’t do that. Do not sacrifice the moments in rush.

10. Take time off to enjoy simple Pleasure

I have across many people who consider happy life a destination. Once we make this much money then we will spend all our time enjoying ourselves, but that time never comes
Because it is not the money or time that is taking away the simple pleasures, it is the mindset.

Do not live like this.

Take time off from work and responsibilities to enjoy life, whether it is a festive season or a movie, or traveling.

11. Learning to Patient

You Probably might have realized by now that living a slow and simple life requires practicing Patience.

Our lives have always been defined by numbers, that age of this you should do this and add this to the new trend of being free by the age of 30 has made us live with patience difficult.

12. Focus on one thing

I have a post sharing my past productive morning routine Check here. This used to be my morning routine before and even though it was great, for some time I have been Doing things differently

In 2022, I had neglected my health in terms of food and what I was eating every day and My goal is now to focus on my nutrition more than anything

I am a beginner when it comes to cooking, It takes a lot of time for me to cook, and use to make stress because I was always rushing and hence never enjoyed

But for a while ever since I have set my intention towards eating clean and practicing slow living.

I have been giving my main focus to it only. This means I am not working out every day or starting my work early.

And Honestly, It has helped me focus on my health and enjoy cooking for the first time.

13. Practice Gratitude

Live each moment with gratitude and you will appreciate life more.
When you are eating, take a moment to be grateful for the food, when you are taking bath be grateful for the hot water in winter.
Practicing gratitude in small movements helps you appreciate your life more.

14. Sleep enough

Do not neglect your sleep Due to work. When you get enough sleep, you feel more energetic and active throughout the day. Do not overwork by being awake till midnight.

15. Spend more time in nature

Spending in Nature is The simplest yet most effective way to be present and slow down. You feel calm and experience silence when in nature.

16. Do things with Positive Attitude

A lot of times, when we are starting something new, we usually look at how hard it is or the sacrifices we have to make to do

When I use to eat healthy before, I would often feel low that I cannot eat my favorite pizza or A dish that is made at home. It would be made feel bad and sulky.

But now when restarted my journey, I feel very much positive and happy to do it. I am happy that I am taking in food that is filled with nutrients and will make me healthy.

This has made it easy for me to follow my healthy eating habits!

17. Take a day to do nothing

Lastly, You can take a day once a while to do nothing, You can schedule a day to practice slow living for 24 hours and see how does it make you feel?

This can be a great way to begin slow living by testing out for a day once in a while!!

So these were the 17 ways to slow down!

I hope you found these helpful and motivated you to start living a slow and simple life! Let me know in the comments what ways you want to begin with.

Good Luck!

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17 ways to living a slow and simple life

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