Here is Exactly How to Simplify Your Life in 30 Days

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Wondering how to simplify your life in 30 days? Is it Possible? This post shares exactly how to!

how to simplify your life in 30 days

And the next thing you know, you already have one more thing to do. It’s a constant spiral, and life ends up feeling messy…what if you could simplify and focus on an essential part of life?

Do you feel that you are constantly running after one thing after the other? How would that feel?

Every time you are chasing after a dream, you think this is it. Once I get this, my life will be sorted!

Today, I share with you how to simplify your life in 30 days and live a fulfilled life!

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Why do we need to simplify our lives?

For anyone who feels burdened or heavyweight in their life, it is essential to take the step by simplifying your life.

The root cause of feeling this burden or mess in your life is most likely due to our thinking, i.e., mindset and running after things.

Over time, your mind becomes cluttered with negative thoughts and your home with too many things, yet you feel empty and need more.

how to simplify your life in 30 days

How do you simplify your life In 30 days and live minimally?

This 30-day simple living guide will focus on changing your perspective and decluttering your physical and mental space. Creating a space that feels free and calm.

With that giving, you focus more on things that truly matter and how you live your life.

How do you start 30 day simple Living challenge?

To start this Challenge, first, you need to download the checklist below in your mail. With the help of this checklist, we will follow all the steps and tick them off to keep us motivated throughout the 30 days.

Next, you may wonder how much time will it take to do all activities

It depends on person to person; for example- if you are not a big hoarder, then it may take less time to declutter than someone who has a pile of things and is a maximalist.

What all you need

Simple Living Checklist

Download the free checklist below if you have not already! It will keep track of everyday tasks you need to do!


Apart from doing the physical decluttering, we will be spending a lot of time on mental decluttering which will require a lot of writing down. Hence you need a notebook. Just get an empty notebook and a pen, that’s all!

Let’s start the How to Simplify your life in 30 days Challenge!

Day 1: Declutter your closet

Let’s Start this Challenge by decluttering physical space. To make it manageable, take one place at a time!

I feel our closet is one place that is messy and brings anxiety. Having too many clothes scattered in your closet and not being able to find anything to wear Makes me very anxious, looking around the messy cupboard!

It also takes most of your day, which can be changed, if you keep your closet minimal and organized!

Day 2: Declutter your Vanity and storage space

The second most highly messy thing would have to be our makeup vanity and storage space.

Where you keep all the makeup, skincare, and hair accessories! Take them out individually and see if any product has expired or stopped working for you.

Throw it away and keep your vanity filled with less and only essential Products

Day 3; Declutter your room

declutter room

Look around your room and see how organized or cluttered it is. What are the things just lying around in the room that you have not used for ages?

Try to keep your room as minimal as possible, so you don’t feel uneasy with too many things around when you come home.

Day 4: Declutter your Workspace

Apart from our home, our workplace is where we spend most of the time, Declutter any papers that are of no use and the important ones in folders.

Day 5: Declutter your fridge and kitchen space

Open your fridge now and see how messy and overfilled it looks. Check out for items that have rotten and empty packets.

Day 6: Declutter your Home-Decor stuff

Your home interior has a lot of effect on your mood. Having too dark or bright colors can feel heavy. Some decorative home items can feel clustered and take up too much space.

Go around your room and see how the space makes you feel; try removing or swapping them with different items and see how that feels.

Day 7: Declutter Other Categories

Choose a category of your choice that you may wish to simplify and declutter. It could be items of an old memory you like to collect or a different room at your home.

Day 8: Declutter your digital space

declutter digital space

Digital space can be the physical, electronic items- too many wires that don’t work anymore, have not been used in a long time, and digital storage in your electronics like – a phone or laptop.

Try decluttering as much as you can. For phone and laptop – apps you don’t use anymore. Too many old files that are of no use…etc

Day 9: Find a Place for everything

Once you have decluttered and gotten rid of unessential items, Start organizing them by making a place for everything!

Don’t keep them just anywhere but give them a location so you can put them back there whenever you use them.

Day 10: Declutter your mind: Journal

One of the most essential parts of simplifying your life in 30 days is decluttering your mind!

Just like our physical space, our mind stores mostly useless or harmful thoughts. I am currently reading this book called Don’t Believe Everything You Think, which is So good!

In the book, the writer shares that our thoughts are not actually a problem or bad thing; in fact, it fuels creativity a lot of the time, but the thinking that comes after the thought is non-stop and negative.

If we think of an idea or a dream, the thinking usually after that is surrounded by lots of worry and fear…what if this happens? I will never be able to do this..and so on!

The book shares a complete guide on how to overcome this. Check out the book here.

However, my point was that this constant thinking about millions of things has cluttered our minds with a lot of negativity.

To declutter your mind- you need to journal to take out everything from inside first,

Write down your thoughts and emotions..everything! It will help you feel relieved and a bit clear about your ideas.

Day 11: Spend time in Nature

Spending time in Nature is the best way to be in your natural peace. It will instantly make you feel calm and make your worries vanish for a moment.

Day 12: Identify your Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts and self-talk are the biggest reasons for our life problems. To stop negative self-talk, we first need to identify them and become aware of our patterns.

How we talk throughout the day and what we say in our head. Once you become aware of them, you can reverse them in a positive. The book Don’t Believe Everything You Think details how to stop thinking and letting them affect us.

Day 13: Practice gratitude

Gratitude is excellent in training our brain with positivity. Identifying your negative thoughts is a great way to reverse them by showing thankfulness and celebrating life.

Action: Write down 20 things you are grateful for.

But the rule is to be honest, and super specific about each point. For- example – I am grateful to enjoy my self-made cold morning coffee every day.

Day 14: Write down what makes you happy/Goals

write down your goals

Please write down a bunch of things in your empty notebook today and take the time to write them.

First, write down some things that give you joy and happiness. Write as many things as possible!

Second, write down your goals. We all have dreams that we want to accomplish. Take a moment and think about each plan as to how it would make you feel and why you want to achieve it.

Write it down if the answer makes you light up and feel internal joy.

Day 15: Minimize your goals

Now I want you to minimize your goals; a significant part of simplifying life is to downsize the number of things you focus on!

We have so many goals to accomplish, so we keep overworking ourselves!

Choose one goal for each area of your life, keeping it as a main priority, and focus on them. Do all the planning for those particular goals and forget about other purposes after a while. This will help you bring actual change and take action against them.

Day 16: Minimize your to-do lists

The one or two goals you have chosen can be significant and require lots of planning and lists. I want you to go further and minimize your planning and daily to-do lists.

Keep 3 tasks for every day you want to do to accomplish your goal, and give your focus on that!

Day 17: Read a book or listen to the podcast

Reading books and blogs, watching interviews, and listening to podcasts are some of the easiest ways to learn and educate yourself about a topic.

We all have areas we need to improve; simplifying your life includes learning new perspectives and unlearning old ones.

If you want to learn about minimalism, you can watch documentaries and read books that share everything.

You may need to work on overthinking, then you can read books like- Stop Overthinking: 23 Techniques to Relieve Stress, Stop Negative Spirals, Declutter Your Mind, and Focus on the Present. They go in-depth about everything.

Day 18: Plan a self-care Day

In day 18 of how to simplify your life in 30 days challenge,

Today, you can schedule a self-care date with yourself and plan out the activities you’d like to do.

This is entirely up to you and what you enjoy! If you want to sit and watch Netflix or lay down, be it anything! Do it! Here are 19 Absolute Self Care Ideas At Home You can Try

Day 19: Quit social media for a day

Take a social media detox for a day and either delete or log out from all the apps! – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and even Youtube! See how it made you feel at the end of the day! Write down all activities you did and if you felt productive!

Day 20: Be more Present

Take some time out today; it can be 5-10 minutes, and be present in the moment. You can do a guided meditation for a few minutes or an activity you love!

For example- cooking is an activity that requires your attention and keeps you present in the moment; the same goes for dancing which keeps me current and does that for some time!

Day 21: Create a me-time routine

Today is another day to spare some me-time for yourself; in that me-time, I want you to do some inner work- Practicing affirmations, journal prompts, reading, or any other activity.

Day 22: Organize your finances

Simplifying your finances is also very important. Take some time and go all in examining and reflecting on your income and past expenses, how you are distributing, and how you can learn to be smarter with money and make it easy for you to handle

Day 23: Find a daily activity of joy

Find an activity that brings you joy and keeps you present in the moment, something you can do daily and make a part of your daily routine!

Day 24: Do a Brain Dump

do a brain dump

I hope you like how to simplify your life in 30 days challenge so far!

Today, we will be doing a massive brain dump and what that means is that we all have so many thoughts in our day related to tasks we want to get done.

Home tasks, work tasks or health tasks, and so on. Since we keep them in our heads, we eventually forget about them.

Use your empty notebook, make a category for each, and write down everything.

Maybe your work assignments are left, cleaning the apartment, booking an appointment with a doctor, and so on.

Then, move on to Prioritize them in order; you can look at the list daily and slowly tick off each task with time!

Day 25: Start saying no to people.

Most of your burden will go away, and your life will start to get simplified once you start saying no to people. Just say no if you genuinely don’t want to do something or feel forced to do it.

It is more complex than it seems for many people, but setting boundaries is essential, so start making it a habit slowly.

Day 26: Know what to care about and not care about

Have a deep reflecting session with yourself and try to figure out what are some of the things in life you truly care about and what not.

Day 27: Cultivate Healthy habits

Here is a list of 100 Good Habits To Make Your Life Better. Choose one habit to make your life easier and start working on it. It may seem hard at first, but slowly, with time, it will become natural.

Day 28: Slow down

Today is a more manageable challenge as I don’t want you to take time and do anything else; instead, whatever your daily activities include today, do it slowly.

Take time to get ready or eat food and soak in the moment. Don’t rush

It’s the second last day of the challenge and I want you to do something important. Whatever your daily routine is, I want you to simplify it

Make sure you have one activity each for self-improvement, one for a hobby, and one to get your task done.

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Day 30: Reflect

We have come to the last day of the how to simplify your life in 30 days Challenge! All you need to do today is look and reflect on how much you have changed and how you feel at the end of the Challenge.

Do you feel you have grown and changed for the better? Does your life feel more simplified than before?

Celebrate that accomplishment and all things you have learned!

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This post was all about simplifying your life in 30 days!

Tell me in the comments what inspired you to simplify your life.

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how to simplify your life in 30 days

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