This is How to Organize Your Life in One Week – 10 tips

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If you have been searching for a while for how to organize your life (in one Week due to desperation), the reason probably is you feel overwhelmed with so much work and, at the same time, feel as if you are hardly making any progress.

Don’t worry; it happens to everyone! We have so many things we need to focus on every day, from our personal goals to work, that we may end up feeling confused

Today, I will share with you 10 tips to get your life organized!

How to Organize Your Life in One Week - 10 tips

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10 Tips on How to Organize Your Life in One Week

But first….

weekly planner

1. Schedule time for Planning

Before we jump into doing task after task, we must make time and space for planning.

Take one day from a week and schedule time for planning out your life, whether using a planner or lots of writing to devise plans for doing things.

Do it in the scheduled time, so when you start working towards it, you know exactly what to do, how much to do and how! I will share the tools and ways to plan effectively in the upcoming points!

2. Write things down

Humans have around 6000 thoughts in a day. Hence there are only a couple of things our brain can remember! Especially for me- I am the queen of forgetting!

Hence, writing things down is extremely important! Whether it is in a small notepad or notes on your phone, whenever you come up with an idea or task, you need to get it done Regardless of when!

Hence, write it down.

3. Create a Place for everything

Now that we are constantly writing tasks and ideas down, taking screenshots, and various other things that we may need to refer to later, one should have room for it
Otherwise, it will get scattered and hard to find when you look for it!

Creating a different place for each type of task or idea to easily find it will save you time and energy.

Creating folders and naming them individually or using different notepads for different categories to keep them separate and accessible to find

4. Use a system to keep you organized

Goals are to achieve something (destination), and systems are the tools to help you achieve it (journey). Building an effective system that works for you will perform better and last longer.

It is basically tools, apps, or methods that you need to stay organized! There are digital and physical ways to keep yourself organized and structured.

You can use only digital, physical, or both for different work. You have to test each way and see what works best for you.

For example: for my blog, I use Notion; I created a full-fledged place for each task I needed to do for my blog

Since I work on my laptop, I find it convenient to use Notion on the laptop and have everything in one place.

But for my personal life, I used to use Physical journals and notebooks to write everything down, and my notes app on iPhone as well!

But now, I decided to use my notion space and created an All-in-one Notion space organizing my Goals and dumping my tasks!

Likewise, you need to test each tool, see what is more effective for you, and follow that!

Systems to organize your life

Some tools and apps that you can try out to start organizing your life, I have mentioned all in this post But I will share here, one that I use everyday which is

1. Notion:

The Notion is an online digital workspace you can use to customize as per your preference, I have been using it for almost a year for my blog, and it has helped me stay organized and consistent with my work.

Before using Notion, I use to write in a notebook to plan my work, although it was fine but somehow is till struggled with being consistent or effectively planning

I needed to figure out what to do and when, so I would waste time trying to find a way to do work.

I came across notion around that time through a friend and thought of giving it a try

Notion Is free to use, and you can download it here.

In starting you may need to look for tutorials to figure out how it works

After using Notion, I could simplify my work and plan my content. And Honestly, I don’t use it in a very detailed format, just a few pages as per my need

Here is a look at my Blogging notion workspace

Since there is ample space and you can create endless pages for each task, I can keep track of my old tasks.

I Have a full post on sharing the best digital and physical planners to organize your life! Read- 14 Best Organizing Your Life Planners You Need!

5. Batch Similar tasks together

It is essential to batch similar tasks together to increase your productivity at work.

Meaning- tasks that are similar in terms of place and type of work should be done,

For example– replying to all emails and messages in one sitting and going out to shop a bunch of things together rather than doing a few emails, then going out to do the work, and then again coming home to continue your emails and messages.

This takes too much time and wastes your energy,= by interrupting the flow of your work. You have to get out of one zone for work and to another zone for different tasks and then put yourself back into an old zone. 

Likewise, you can even dedicate a day to similar tasks. For example – for my blog, writing is set for one day and planning content for another. this keeps the flow of work going, and I can do work efficiently

6. Do the most important task first

Back in the day, I used to make everyday to-do lists, where I would write about 10 tasks for the day (thinking to be productive), including completing assignments and studying for an exam, and resting small jobs.

I would take the easiest and not urgent tasks first and do all of them ( again thinking to be productive by doing lots of jobs), but at the end of the day, I would get 8 things done and not 2, which were the most important!

Hence, even though I felt productive, I eventually made no progress and had more pending assignments left to complete and more chapters to learn quickly.

Don’t do this

Make only 3 important to-do lists for the day and do the most critical and urgent task first; even if it takes a whole day, you will get what needs to be done and see progress.

Also, refer to – 13 Ultimate Lists to make to Organize Your Life

7. Filter and Prioritize your tasks

Continuing to the point above, Filtering and prioritizing your tasks is another way to organize your life even further!

Divide all your tasks into 4 categories

  • Important but not urgent
  •  Urgent but not Important
  •  Important and urgent
  •  Not important and not urgent
filter tasks

This way, you know that the critical and urgent tasks need to be done first, and some urgent tasks ( have a deadline) but are not important come next, and so on!

8. Give a timeline to tasks

As you saw above, we can prioritize tasks based on urgency and get them done quickly, but Giving timelines is highly effective.

Put out in your calendar and set a date or timeline that this Week or month I need to get it done. This way, you will be pushed to work on it as the due date approaches!

Here I can write down my goals as well and set a schedule

9. Plan your next day one night before

Planning your to-do the night before to have an organized day works great! You know precisely what you have to get done when you wake up, and go with it!

I share in-depth- 17 Absolute Best Productive Things to do before Bed. Refer to it to start having an organized day ahead!

10. Reflect Weekly

Choose a day every Week for reflection where you can look back and see how your Week went, what you did, and your plan for the next Week! You can track your work and all the other areas of your life!

Also, refer to – The Best Sunday Routine Ideas For An Organized Week

So These were 10 tips to organize your life in one week!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can’t I organize my life?

Most of the reasons we cannot organize our life are because we don’t know how to, What is the best tools and ways to keep our life on track, and also due to many norms we have heard growing up.

For example –

  • Productivity means = the number of tasks done: All our life, we have spent trying to get as many things done in a day because that way, we feel productive and not wasting time. But truthfully, this is not how it works.

Productivity is not doing more but rather using our time effectively.

  • Multitasking is good: This is another wrong statement we learned growing up, but it is quite the opposite! Multitasking is proven bad for our brains and makes us inefficient.

However, once we try to change our thinking and build new routines, habits, and systems, we can organize our life!

Here’s a checklist to help you organize your life!

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How to Organize Your Life in One Week


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