7 Day plan to increase your productivity

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Are you struggling to be more productive? Here is a simple 7-day plan to increase your productivity!

7 Day plan to to increase your productivity

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We all have work to do, and our goals and dreams we want to achieve, but one thing that stops us from easily reaching where we want is that we find it difficult to be productive.

It is a common issue among everyone, almost all of us struggle to be productive every day due to so many reasons!

I used to struggle A LOT with productivity, a few years back, but now I feel I have reached a better place in terms of productivity, although there is still so much to improve.

In this post, I will share a simple yet effective 7-day plan to increase your productive

Although you don’t have to do this all 7 days regularly, if you are short on time, doing 7 days will obviously bring easy progress to your productivity levels.

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7 Day plan to to increase your productivity

7 Day plan to increase your productivity

Day 1: Start your morning with productivity

I know you might be fed up with listening to a productive morning routine, but honestly, after trying it myself, I have seen the immense change.

Like many of you, even I used to get fed up listing about having a productive morning routine because I used to struggle with being productive in the morning.

But, ever since, I have been starting my day with productivity, I find myself excited to work and even get a lot done in a day without feeling exhausted!

Even though I don’t do a lot of things in the morning, Here is what my productive morning routine looks like

  • Waking before 8 am
  •  Not touching my phone till breakfast
  •  Doing yoga/ body movement for 1 hour after waking
  •  Taking a shower and getting full-on ready
  •  Having a healthy, nourishing breakfast like a smoothie
  •  Going to the office!

Here is a full post on my morning routine

These simple activities, of working on myself to nourish my body in the morning keep me energetic and motivated throughout the day!

Especially not touching my phone until I am ready with my breakfast, every time I end up using my phone in the morning

I do not get anything else done and end up wasting my whole day!

So, for Day 1, focus on having a productive start to the day, you can do what I do each morning or tweak your activities!

Day 2: Find your source of motivation

Feeling motivated to work each is important when you don’t have anything to look forward to, it is for sure a challenge to be productive.

It could be money, hitting a certain amount, creating a new project, travel, or something else.

Finding why is very important for you to be productive

I want to work today on this —– so I can make this much money to buy this

On Day 2, sit down and ask yourself simple questions like

  • Why do you do what you do?
  •  What are you trying to accomplish?

Sit down, and find an answer to this question, many of the answer are clear to them instantly

they want to improve their career, they want certain, opportunities from this or buy a house, etc

For some, it may not be an immediate answer, you may have to sit and figure out your source of doing what you do!

Day 3: Make daily goals list

My productivity skyrocketed ever since I started making a minimal daily goals list.

I have shared many times in posts that I used to write 10 things to do every day in my goal/to-do list, thinking of being productive, and used to fail each time.

Focusing on 10 things is a lot, and doing more is not what productivity is about, it’s about doing the most impactful work for the day.

Now, my daily goals consist of only 1-2 goals, I only focus on getting those important things done

It is easy to focus on them, and I always manage to get them without feeling exhausted or overwhelmed!

For Day 3: Switch up your list and write only 1-3 goals for today you need to accomplish, make sure you set goals the right way!

Here are a few posts that might help you in goal setting!

Day 4: Plan smarter

On Day 4 of 7 Day plan to increase your productivity, We need to focus on planning smarter rather than working harder.

Growing up, we all thought that the more work we got done, the more productive or better output we would get

But the truth is that in today’s time, it is not the amount of hard work you do, but how strategically you do everything that matters!

Sit down and figure out, how you can do less and get more output from your work?

What resources/tools can you use? Focusing on doing, more what brings you the 80% result, is more important than diverting your energies to things that account for hardly anything.

Day 5: Figure out your distracting triggers and leave them

The enemy of productivity is the distractions in our lives, we are surrounded by so many things that can make us shift our focus from what we need to do.

Of course, smartphone/ internet is the most distracting one, but there are still many things that can trigger you to be unproductive.

Today, focus on finding those triggers that make you procrastinate.

Observe your day and figure that out, once you do, it will be easy to eliminate them!

Day 6: Focus on consistency, not 100% productivity

7 Day plan to increase your productivity

On Day 6: We want to focus on a really important aspect of productivity,

From, Day 1- to 5, you may have focused on giving your best. Probably day 1 being your most productive 100%, and from day 3 onwards, you may have started to feel exhausted

The reason is that we are trying to give all our energy on Day 1 itself when Monday begins, you spend all your energy doing the most

Eventually, burnout kicks in, and the rest of your week is gone doing hardly anything.

The focus is to not be 100% productive each day, it does not have to be like this.

The focus is to be about at least 40% productive each day, just a bit more than enough for you to preserve your energy for the next day

Hence, Today, if you are feeling low, it could be because you tried to give all your energy on the starting day.

Today, focus on being consistent with productivity, that makes you just a little bit more productive!

Day 7: Say no to too many tasks

Lastly, on Day 7 of a plan to increase your productivity, we will set healthy boundaries.

If you work in the corporate world, often you will have your superiors giving too much on your plate, wanting to get everything done.

Saying not too many tasks is huge! You need to protect your energy and take as many tasks as you can in a day.

Even if you are working on a project, business, or anything .profession. Try to create a healthy balance of life and work by saying no to too many tasks!


So this was the end of the 7 Day plan to increase your productivity, take steps each day as mentioned, and at the end review.

How much difference did you see in your productivity, as compared to when you started?

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7 Day plan to to increase your productivity

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