19 Helpful Lists to must write at the start of the new month

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As the new month begins, making lists can be a helpful way to organize your life! Here are 19 lists to must write at the start of the new month

Lists to must write at the Start of the new month

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Why you should make lists at the beginning of the month?

The beginning of the month is really important if you are looking to strategize your goals and plan to go upward.

So you can make the most out of the month without wasting it and get Important things done!

It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday routine without and not doing things that truly matter.

That’s why planning is so important!

One such way is making lists of certain things that can help you ace your month productively.

In this post, I will share 19 Lists to must write at the start of the new month that includes lists for productivity, enjoyment, and personal life!

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Lists to must write at the Start of the new month

Making a monthly to-do list is really easy!

You just need to get a pen and notebook it can be your planner too!

At the start of the new month, like dates – 1st-3rd or, even you can start writing from the 30th only.

Take a page and write Monthly to-do lists.

One by one, write categories you need to make lists for, as per your needs and choice, and fill them up!

It can take a few hours or even a day or two as you may need to search and brainstorm for some.

So take your time and do it!

I am sharing only 19 ideas that I feel are a must to include but you don’t have to write all 19,

only the ones that cater to your needs, and you can write other lists of your needs too!

19 Helpful Lists to must write at the start of the new month

1. Goals for the month

Starting off with the most important list to make as the new month start is setting your goal for the month!

We all write goals at the start of the new year, but as the year goes on, our motivation dies away.

The main reason is not setting micro goals and dividing them monthly so that by the end of the year, you have achieved them realistically,

Apart from that, monthly goals are a great way to level up your life and grow!

Not only you can make the most out of the month in a way that serves you best, but also help challenge yourself to grow more.

If you are looking for monthly goal ideas, then, check out this post, where I share a list of 73 monthly ideas you can set!

I advise not writing more than 3 goals for the month to achieve them realistically

2. Important dates and Appointments

Lists to must write at the Start of the new month

There can be, so important dates like birthdays, anniversaries or maybe setting a solo date for yourself already for the month so you know this day is booked for this thing.

And you can plan out the rest of your days accordingly

similarly, major appointments we usually know like the dentist, dermal, or salon appointments if you visit every month

You can already write them and mark them on your calendar!

3. Grocery restocks

Many grocery packaged products get empty and need to be repurchased,

If you live alone, it’s a must that you, make lists of grocery items you need and keep them stocked so you cook more at home than order!

Go through your pantry and fridge and see what products may need a repurchase, you should be eating.

This is a great chance to add whole foods to your list so you end up buying them for a healthy lifestyle!

4. Fitness and health goals

Lists to must write at the Start of the new month

While work life gets most of the attention when it comes to planning and setting goals, let’s not forget our health and lifestyle.

It is equally or more important to give enough attention to your health!

Set a fitness/ health goal for yourself at the start of every month so you can are slowly improving your health.

It can be as small as

  • Drinking 13 glasses of water every day this month
  •  Eating fruits in the morning
  •  Exercising for 10 minutes every day

Whatever it is, just set health goals at the start of every month!

5. Meal Planning

For all the busy moms or working women out there, meal prepping can be great when you don’t get much time to make food every day as you are on the go every day.

You can make a rough list of the things you will make for the month and start meal-prepping them as the month begins!

If you are like me and prefer more freshly cooked food, try meal prepping for a week instead of a month and

at the start of every week, just meal prep a few things so you can cook them without taking too much time

You can make the lists for the whole month at the beginning of itself

6. Major tasks for the month

One thing we all end up doing is wasting our time doing several unimportant tasks in order just do work and get things done.

However, in the long run, we are only left with important pending tasks to complete that will ACTUALLY help us succeed!

So, before you end up wasting your month by getting caught up in miscellaneous tasks

Set your priorities and write down the list of MAJOR tasks you need to get done this month.

It can range from work tasks to personal life commitments as well!

7. Budget for the month

A must!!! In the consumer culture, we all are struggling with impulse shopping where we constantly feel the need to spend more.

Setting a monthly budget is so important.

Set your budget for the month and then Create a budget for your spending, saving, and investing.

This will help you spend less and more mindfully!

8. Essential to buy

Then moving to make a list of all essentials you need

There are a few essential things we all need to live, so make a list of them and their cost!

Make sure that you are only writing essential things you need and not WANT

Although there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something, nice it can often lead to shopping too much and being out of your budget.

9. Reading list

If you are over to reading or are starting to make reading a habit, then making a monthly list of books you are aiming to read is a fun and helpful idea!

As a beginner, you can choose maximum 3 books to read for the month and help yourself form a habit

10. Bills to pay

From house rent, electricity, and phone bills to other many Important and basic necessities we need to pay bills for every month

Make a list of them, as it will help you set a budget accordingly. What are the expenses you have to pay for

11. New things to try this month

Trying new things is also a must for everything, they don’t have to be outrageous, small little things count too

It helps you challenge yourself and strive for personal growth and of course, keeps life interesting

For example

  • learning how to cook or bake
  •  Joining a hobby class -dance, singing, or art (here are 67 amazing ideas!)
  •  going on a solo trip
  •  Learning a new language
  •  Trying a new cuisine
  •  Exploring new places

There is so much you can try and I am sure there must be tons of things you constantly dream of doing one day but never DO! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

12. 30-day challenge

Lists to must write at the Start of the new month

Similar to trying new things, doing a 30-day challenge for a particular thing can also be a great way to grow and learn a new thing

Here are some ideas for 30 days challenge you can try

13. Work Deadlines

If you tend to procrastinate at times and end up missing your deadlines because you tried to note it down in your mind only

making a list of your deadlines can be helpful for you to remember and start working on those projects accordingly!

14 Important emails to send

For many of us, sending emails is an important part of our work life and at times we forget to send out the important emails we needed to

So at the start of every month, listing down some important emails that must go helps me remember them and send them out on time!

Cleanout dates and categories

Our home needs a deep cleaning every month, and it is best to make a list of cleaning places and their dates to divide your cleaning schedule in a less stressed way

One day for bed, one day for the kitchen, one day for the living room, and so on…

16. Self-care dates

Just like our professional life and health, mental health is equally important

and self-care is the best way to take care of your mental well-being, which is why

taking time from your busy to schedule self-care dates with yourself is a necessity!

make a list of days that you will set for self-care and the self-care activities you will do!

Here are some self-care ideas for you-

17. New Habits to form this month

Lists to must write at the Start of the new month

Building new healthy habits is key to improving life because habits are what make up our lifestyle, future, and everything else

we all know it takes 21 months to form a habit so if we give ourselves 30 days we can surely build a new healthy habit!

Every month listing down one habit you would like to form will help you in your personal growth

Here is a list of 100 good habits you can form

18. New Cafe or restaurants to try

Food is an essential part of everyone’s life and I don’t think I have found anyone yet who is not into exploring new cafes and trying out new tasty dishes

It’s an important part of our life!

It’s definitely more of a fun list than a must and if you are a food lover too then you will enjoy making lists of the Cafe and places you want to try new dishes from

19. Gratitude List

Lastly, a positive list to make is a gratitude list to help you feel thankful for the good things that happened last month and things you feel truly grateful for as you welcome this new month!

It helps you start your month with an optimistic attitude!


So these were 19 Lists to must write at the start of the new month that i personally think is important with few fun lists in between!

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Lists to must write at the Start of the new month

This Post was all about Lists to must write at the Start of the new month

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