23 Mindful Me Time Activities you will absolutely love

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Looking for ideas to spend your me time mindfully? Here are 23 Mindful me-time activities you will love!

mindful me time activities

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I love Spending Me-time! Something I recently Realized may be because I am an introvert.

I enjoy being on my own and feel very comfortable with it. It could be, also Because I started Practicing me-time activities when I was 16!

In this post, I want to share with you Mindful me-time Activities, I have many posts on self-care activities that are fun and relaxing,

But In this Post, I want to share more of the Mindful and Intentional form of me-time activities!

What is Me-time?

Me-time is the quality time you spend with yourself! You do this just for yourself and nothing else!

We spend time with other people, to nurture the relationships we have with them. Similarly, me-time is about nurturing the relationship with yourself!

What are the Benefits of Me-time

Here are Some Benefits of Spending me-time

  • Reduces stress and Anxiety
  •  Stronger Relationship with yourself
  •  You are less dependent on others to feel happy
  •  Comfortable in your own company
  •  Your Mind and body are aligned
  •  You get recharged and relaxed
  •  You stop looking for connections
  •  You learn about your energy, what lowers or maximizes your energy
  •  You spend more moments in the present

How to spend Your me-time Mindfully?

Mindful me-time is different from self-care activities

Self-care can include watching movies and shows and other fun things that may not necessarily require you to be mindful

However Mindful me-time activities are all about spending your time intentionally and doing things that nurture you

It is more about being fully present at the moment! You are not thinking, just enjoying being aware of the moment.

In order to spend your me-time Mindfully, You need to

  1. Make sure you schedule your time even if it is for 5-10 mins
  2.  In those 5-10mins or more, You are fully present and aware of the moment 
mindful me time activities

Now, Let’s Read 23 Mindful Me time Activities!

23 Mindful Me Time Activities

1. Keep your electronic away

One of the key ways to spend me-time mindfully is to put all your electronics away. So You are not surrounded by any distractions.

If you Simply, put your devices away, you will be spending your time more mindfully, in the moment whether alone or with others!

2. Single tasking

Focus on one task at a time is a great way to practice mindfulness. Multi-tasking is not healthy for your brain and is against mindfulness.

Because it stops you from focusing on the present as you are juggling between two tasks! So if you have decided to do a task, Just focus on that one activity

Want to make self-care a part of your daily life without any hassle?

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it’s jam-packed with 75 pages of self-care daily to-do, tracker, affirmations, and prompts for understanding your self-care needs!

A must-have for helping yourself in taking extra care of yourself

3. Five Senses

One of the simple and easy ways to have a small mindful me-time is by noticing all your five senses

Take a few moments wherever you are, whatever time or place it is, noticing all your five senses

Smell: One scent that catches your attention

Look: Name one to two things that you see around

Touch: Becoming aware of your sensation, maybe your legs on the ground. If you are sitting, then your hips on the chair or hands on the knees, or a cup you are holding? Anything!

Listen: The voice around you, Take note of one or more that catches your attention, Birds chirping, the sound of a car, wind anything!

This helps you be aware of your surrounding and be completely present for a brief moment in your day!

4. Do Breathwork

mindful me time activities

For a Few Minutes doing a simple form of breathwork exercise is the ultimate for meditation.

While there are many ways to do breathwork. One that I have found simple and easy for beginners is to lie down in a comfortable position.

Close your eyes or, if doing it at night, make the room dark. Put your hands on the stomach gentle and breathe in and out slowly through your stomach.

It is simple ad super relaxing to do!

Check out this guide to learn more about different breathwork exercises

5. Write in a Journal

Writing is a beautiful form of mindfulness activity. When you are writing and pouring all your thoughts and feeling on a piece of paper.

You are not expressing yourself but being present doing the activity! There are many benefits to writing in a journal, and it is a great me-time activity that you will absolutely love!

6. Do Mindful Slow Walking

Mindful slow walking is just like its name. You walk around in a park neighborhood anywhere, at a normal or slow pace.

You are not rushing your body or mind. Grasping and observing your surroundings, that’s all! A little walk by yourself is a great way to add me time to your routine!

7. Move your body

By moving your body, I mean exercise or sports or running that keeps you present. The movements we do while we are playing a sport or just working out keep us hooked at the moment.

It is good for both your body and brain! At the end of the session, you feel better!

8. Make time for your Hobby

Mindful me time is all about doing something by yourself that you love and helping you be present.

You are not surrounded by thoughts or worries and just enjoying the moment by yourself! And Hobbies exactly do that to you! You are doing something that brings you joy!

PS Read: 67 Insanely Great Hobbies for 20 somethings adults

9. Call/ Meet up with a friend

Nothing beats having a deep chat with your friends! That is the most beautiful form of therapy we all agree on!

Meet up or call your friend to have a deep conversation instead of gossip or small talk. You will love it!

10. Gratitude List Game

I recently wrote a post on how you can practice gratitude in a fun way! This can be a great mindful me-time activity you can do by yourself or have a friend to do with!

It is called the A-Z Gratitude list, which you can read about it here.

11. Drinking your favorite drink

mindful me time activities

We all have a drink we love to have! For me, it’s coffee

for you, it could be tea or something else you can’t wait to have every day.

Instead of having our drink while distracting ourselves with work or doing some other task.

We can create mindful me-time moments of just enjoying it. Focusing on the drink, and feeling its taste

It Increases your love and appreciation for the drink even more!

12. Light a Candle Exercise

This is a meditational technique where you sit down, in a comfortable position, light up a candle and gaze at it for a few minutes.

You let your mind wander and observe your thoughts, letting them pass without any judgment.

Make sure the flame of the candle is at your eye level o that you can comfortably look at it!

13. Be in Nature

Being in nature helps. A walk or just spending alone time in nature can help your mind feel relaxed and peaceful. It is just so beautiful and therapeutic!

14. Read Something

Reading can be a fun and mindful me time activity that you can do everyday! It doesn’t matter whether you read self-books or fiction or blogs.

They all are helpful in some or the other way!

Reading Ideas

15. Follow a Guided Meditation

If you want to Practice a serious yet beginner-mindful me-time activity, then you can try guided meditation.

There are a bunch of guided meditation videos on Youtube as well as, apps like headspace that make meditation easy for you!

16. Dance

I love dancing, It is a beautiful way to move your body in a rhythm with a song and express emotions!

I highly encourage you to try it for yourself and see! A simple dance at home getting into a dance class for 1 hour is all you need!

17. Art Therapy

mindful me time activities

We all know art therapy. It is a mindful activity that even therapists use to help their clients express emotions and thoughts making them feel better!

We can do this ourselves by just indulging in either painting, sketching, coloring, or doodling

Anything you personally love, just do it!

18. Take up any activity

Now, what I mean by this is, you can simply, take any task or activity of your choice throughout the day.

Like brushing your teeth, having your lunch, and practicing mindfulness.

Instead of distracting yourself with tv or thoughts and rushing, which we all usually do

We do it slowly and mindfully, focusing on the activity!

19. Puzzles

If you love games, then adult puzzles can be a fun me-time activity for you! It is light and easy to add alone time into your daily routine.

20. Body Scanning

I used to do a meditation exercise by headspace, where for a few minutes,

You close your eyes and spend the time scanning your body from head to toe in your mind

You start by giving attention to the head, observing how it feels, taking a moment, and slowly going down to the eyes, doing the same and then to the nose, and so on.

It is a great way to get in touch with your body for a few minutes!

21. Deep Listening exercise

Deep listening is another mindful activity where you take a few moments anywhere, and close your eyes to observe the noise around you.

A lot of time, we are so busy in our heads, we don’t notice what’s going around us. This is a nice way to observe and be aware of the sounds around

Close your eyes and listen to various noises that you hear, the Sound of a car, of people talking, of wind flowing, or a bird.

22. Deep Seeing exercise

Similar to deep listening, you can do Deep seeing. Basically, in this, you observe the things around you instead of sounds.

From objects to people, Take a moment to observe everything around you!

23. Take a nap

Lastly, ending with a lighter activity is taking a nap. I know many people think taking a nap is unproductive, but it can really be mindful!

Sometimes, we just need to rest our mind, body, and soul, and A nap can do it for you!


So these were the 23 mindful me time activities, I hope you found them helpful! I tried to include both fun and serious but deep activities that you can do.

Let me know in the comment, what activities you are thinking to practice.

Have a Great day! 🙂

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mindful me time activities

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