27 Self care Sunday Routine ideas for an Amazing Weekend Recharge

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You spend all weekdays hustling from work to home and many other responsibilities,

When do you get to relax and give yourself proper care and love?

That’s why self-care on weekends is the best way to recharge and give your mind, body, and soul – what it needs!

Today, I will share 26 Self care Sunday Routine ideas that will help you do exactly that!

Self care Sunday Routine ideas

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27 Best Self-care Sunday Routine ideas

1. Get More Sleep

On weekdays, we have to wake up early to get to the office, and sometimes, we reach late at home, Sundays can be to sleep for a little longer! Catch up on your sleep and get as much rest as needed!

2. Stretch your body

Most of us have a desk job, we have to sit and work all day so that there is hardly any moment in our body throughout the week, Even more, our shoulders may feel a bit stiff from sitting in one position. Getting a little stretch or moving your body is essential as a form of self-care!

Want to make self-care a part of your daily life without any hassle?

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3. Write Gratitude list

Waking up with gratitude can bring immediate joy, since it’s an off you can take your time and write a few things you genuinely feel grateful for! It can be as small as getting extra sleep, making coffee, and having beautiful weather!

Here are 100 Things To Be Humble and Grateful For

4. Practice Affirmations

Affirmation is a great boost to our subconscious mind, giving rise to our self-esteem! The great thing about affirmation is that you practice it for literally any area of your life!

From feeling beautiful to confident to smart and loved! We need to give care to all areas of our life and affirmations are a simple way to give love and care to our soul

Also read- 65+ Daily Affirmations For Women You Need To Practice Now!

5. Make yourself a Smoothie or any Drink

Self-care sunday

I prefer drinking smoothies on Sunday and coffee on weekdays. Not only because it is healthy but the smoothie I make is just utterly delicious!

This is How I make –

Add 1 ripped banana, 1 spoon of peanut butter, 1 spoon of coffee, and Milk! That’s all and then blend it

It so simple and tasty

You can make yourself any drink of choice an enjoy it!

6. Have a long Rejuvenating bath

A lot of times, having a long bath can be really rejuvenating! If you have a bathtub, then you can put bath bombs and relax!

You can also put on a body and hair mask and have a thorough body care routine!

7. Practice thorough skincare

I have been getting into skincare lately and learning about all ingredients and products! And honestly in this whole process,

What I love the most is the process of applying the products to my face! It’s so relaxing and therapeutic for me hence, I really take my time doing skincare!

8. Read A book

You can spend your Sunday relaxing while reading a good book! Whether you like reading fiction or nonfiction, reading is great for everyone! I personally love reading both ( more self-help books)

9. Spend time with Family

Sunday can be a good quality fun day with family- watching movies or going for an outing!

10. Meet Up with a friend

Spending time with friends is a different form of self-care altogether, whether it is talking to them or hanging out in a Cafe and having fun conversations.

11. Paint your Nails

Painting your nails or getting them done is a trend going everywhere and women take it as one of the favorite self-care Sunday routine ideas

12. Explore new places

When was the last time you went out and explored a new place in your city? Take some time and try out a new place or cafe that you have never been to!

Exploring cafe
Me and My Coffee

13. Enjoy Your Favorite Hobby

We all have hobbies that bring us joy, and Sunday is great to indulge in them and feel this joy, It also helps us stay present in the current moment and improve our mood.

14. Watch your favorite show

Netflix and chill are undeniably fun! On Sundays when you don’t feel like going out, watching your favorite show or a great movie is so relaxing!

15. Journal

Since you have plenty of time, you can journal your feelings more and better! Even practicing journal prompts is a great way to get into journaling and catch up on your own life yourself! See where you are and what you feel about life currently…

Make self-care is easy with this self-care planner journal!

l 75 pages of self-care daily to-do, tracker, affirmations, and prompts for understanding your self-care need to help you have daily, weekly check-in! A must-have for helping yourself in taking extra care of yourself

16. Change your sheets

Changing your sheets now and then is an important part of maintaining Hygiene which is a form of self-care, As a reminder that if you haven’t changed your bedsheets in a while, then it’s a good time to do it now!

17. Rest without Guilt

As much great as it is to have a Productive Sunday or reset Sunday days, It’s no compulsory rule! If you want to take this to rest and then just do that! Do not feel guilty about not doing anything.

18. Slow Down

Rushing every second has become everyone’s life right now, we are hurrying all the time from one task to another because of FOMO, It is important to slow down and feel the life we have at the moment.

Take this Sunday to slow down on each activity and actually live without thinking about our next move or the next best thing in life!

19. Listen to music

Listening to music is not only healing but a great me-time activity!

20. Click Pictures

Since Social media has become a part of everyone’s life, Dressing up to click pictures is a trendy thing now! It will be fun if you enjoy dressing up and having mini photoshoots without the pressure of what others think and comparison, It will be fun!

21. Declutter and Clean

One of the great self-care Sunday routine ideas can be taking time to declutter and clean! Even though I do not enjoy cleaning much but the feeling of sitting in a clean tidy room is amazing!

Moreover, you feel proud to be doing something productive and then relaxing in your neat tidy place!

22. Have Picnic with friends

Last winter, On Sunday I went with my friends to a park and had an amazing picnic time, We made homemade sandwiches, the weather was awesome and spend the day painting while listening to music!

Trust me it was so much fun and felt at peace

Self care Sunday Routine ideas
Picnic With friends!
Self care Sunday Routine ideas

23. Focus on the present moment

I mentioned above how important it is to stay present and all the activities that I have shared from having a picnic to enjoying a hobby are all ways for us to stop worrying and thinking about work or the future, rather than focus on the very present moment.

24. Meal prep

If you are looking to do something productive, meal prepping for next day could be great as it will save you time!

25. Make to-do lists

Another productive activity would be to make your to-do list at night for the next day so you exactly know what to get done and start your week right!

26. Prepare for Next Day

I have shared this in another post,  Sunday Night Routine Ideas For An Organized Week, Preparing your clothes, accessories, and all things you would need on Monday, you can already keep them ready at night!

27. Sleep Early

Saturdays can be to sleep late and wake up late the next day, but on Sunday night sleeping on time will help you wake up not tired and feel energetic!

So, these were 27 self-care Sunday routine ideas for you to enjoy your weekend right!

How Will You Spend Your Self-care Sunday?

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Self care Sunday Routine ideas

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