20 Introvert approved self care ideas for introverts to feel alive

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Introverts’ life is a bit more challenging than extroverts’ as they get drained easily and take time to blend!  which is why practicing self care for introverts is a must! Here I will share self-care ideas for introverts!

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My experience as introvert

According to my MBTI, I am around 80% introverted which is a lot!

Since young, I thought of myself as different or weird as it was hard for me to get comfortable with people easily, I would get easily drained after hanging out with people

Since most of my family members are extroverts and love being around people, I tend to hear their nagging a lot for staying at home more and avoiding calls

Now that I am older,

I learned about myself and my personality which helped me understand and accept myself more! Now I don’t think I am weird or something is wrong with me

In fact, I love it!

With time I realized how important self-care is for me, and If I don’t practice it is hard for me to function

Here are self care ideas for introverts to feel alive!

1. Spend alone time

After being in social environments, spending alone time is all introverts need! Spend as much alone time as you can to recharge yourself!

Being alone is comfortable and healing for us as that’s what our soul needs!

If you don’t take time to be alone in your company, you may find yourself getting physically and mentally exhausted

The best way is to schedule, alone times every week in your calendar!

I personally cannot function if I don’t get a day with myself at least once a week

Want to make self-care a part of your daily life without any hassle?

If you find it difficult to prioritize self-care in your daily. You’ve got to check out my Daily self-care planner journal

it’s jam-packed with 75 pages of self-care daily to-do, tracker, affirmations, and prompts for understanding your self-care needs!

A must-have for helping yourself in taking extra care of yourself

2. Get cozy in bed

Introverts love their home, especially their bed! There is nothing as relaxing and amazing for an introvert than being cozy in their bed all day long!

We love our comfort zone, hence our bed kind of makes us feel safe and protected!

This is also a reason why you find people always nagging you as lazy, as they think we stay in bed all day because we are lazy

But instead, it only makes us feel refreshed!

3. Set boundaries

You may think that setting boundaries is a part of self-care? Setting boundaries is in fact the essential part that introvert needs!

Because we tend to be quiet and shy, people subconsciously take advantage of that, we end up feeling used

I find myself struggling a lot with this, as there are people around who constantly push our boundaries and it is hard to make them understand

But with time if you do not set healthy boundaries with others, you will be neglecting only yourself more

Remember it is not selfish to prioritize yourself, ever! If you do not fill your empty cup, you won’t be able to share it with others

4. Create a relaxing zone

A great way to recharge and feel relaxed is by creating a relaxing zone for yourself full of self-care activities!

You can create a relaxing zone like this-

First, choose a corner of your home that you feel most comfortable in- for example- your bedroom

Now, start with making it clean and tidy

Then set the mood by lighting up a nice aromatic candle and dim the light

In the background put on some nice music

This will create a zone where you can do any activity of your choice! Whether you want to put on some face mask and lie down, read a book, paint, etc!

5. Take naps or sleep!

Self-care for me is incomplete without sleep in it, since we get drained easily, we also feel the need to lie down and sleep

Not all introverts can relate to this, but I am sure many can!

If you had a hectic day out or went out 2-5 days in a room getting sleep is all your soul needs

If going out to work or places is a part of your daily routine then, taking power naps in between will make you feel good!

6. Journal to express

Journaling is extremely important for introverts, as we do not talk much or express ourselves easily

We tend to talk to very few people that we feel comfortable with, hence, expressing ourselves is not that easy

We also tend to be very sensitive and have a lot to say, simply because we feel too much

Journaling will help in letting out our thoughts without human interaction!

7. Do an activity of your interest

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, hobbies are essential for our well-being, if you do not have any hobbies or don’t indulge in one, you may find yourself feeling low and mentally exhausted

Doing an activity that brings you joy, which is not related to work and only to have fun is a great self-care activity!

For introverts, usually, those activities may be solo-related, reading alone, painting, etc!

8. Music!

Listening to music is a nice way to be with yourself and get lost in your own world!

Listen to your favorite music that provide comfort to you, if you feel tensed and low! Playing a relaxing high vibrational music is helpful in boosting your mood!

9. Binge watch some show

Self-care is not always about doing something intentional with your life, sometimes just binge-watching a show can be great therapy for us!

Life is all about balance, as much I like to talk about being productive and mindful, I want to give equal importance to listening to your body,

Moreover, a lot of times we feel mentally low because of things happing in our life that are out of our control, in those moments finding a solution and living with the pain is not easy!

If watching a movie or show helps in getting through those times then why not?

10. Be in nature

Nature is healing, the more time you spend in nature the more balanced you will feel

Many introverts love quiet time and being in nature spending some quiet time is extremely peaceful

When you cannot be alone, spending your time with others in nature will not make your energy low easily

Taking even 1-2 mins of your day in a park nearby alone in between your day will work great!

11. Take a solo day out by yourself!

While being at home is a must for us, taking a day out solo is also nurturing!

For some introverts, it is hard to go out alone but it is not only great for us but also pushes us out of our comfort zone!

When I find myself spending way too much time at home, I tend to feel lazy and lack of motivation to do anything, going out with my own company can be exciting and challenging at the same time!

You can go to a bakery? Café or shopping by yourself! You will love it!

12. Exercise

I have mentioned a lot above on lounging and all, and while they all are must self-care activities, taking care of your body by doing some physical exercise is equally important!

Exercising not only makes you strong and fit but also makes you energized and boost your mood!

Even if it means doing a minimum of a 5-minute workout at your comfy home, It counts!

14. Mediate

Meditation can help introverts find inner peace and restore their energy!

Being in a huge crowd and social setting can sometimes result in anxiety and stress

Many introverts tend to be an overthinker, by practicing meditation, can help them be present and not worry too much!

15. Take a nice long bath

There is nothing more fruitful than having a luxury style of self-care! Taking a long bath can be very relaxing!

To give it a more luxurious feel, light up a candle and sip some drink with music playing in the back

16. Say no without guilt

Saying ‘no’ can be extremely hard for introverts and even if they end up saying it, it fills them with guilt!

As I said above, setting boundaries and making them clear to other person is important, hence there is nothing wrong in saying ‘no’

If you want to prioritize yourself, cancel a plan, then go for it!

17. Deep talks with your best friend

If you are an introvert, you are already aware that we do not enjoy small talk, we tend to be quiet and mind our own business but with the right person, we like to talk and talk not just too much but deep conversations!

Hence spending time with a friend, and having deep talks about various things is a part of self-care!

18. Get lost in a book

It is said, many writers of novels are introverts and so are their readers!

Being quiet and summoning themselves into a different world, they enjoy it a lot!

Moreover, reading books is actually good for personal growth, whether fiction or non-fiction!

19. Cooking/baking alone

We have talked about many solo activities, one of them is also cooking or baking!

If you love cooking then doing it as a hobby alone can help you be present at the moment

20. Make your home lively

Last, but one of the most important would be cleaning and making your home more- lively!

As I mentioned above, introverts love their home and being there as much as they can!

This is why you should make sure, your home looks clean and feels refreshing to you when spending time

Final thoughts

Being an introvert is a blessing but also a challenge! Taking the right steps to deal with the setbacks we face can make our life easier! self care for introverts is extremely essential

I hope you found all the points informative and make sure to try at least one of them!

Good luck

This Post was all about self care for introverts

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