The Best Winter night routine 2024 you will love

Here is a cozy and refreshing 9 step Winter night routine that you will love

Winter night routine

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While I find winter mornings challenging or not so favorite, I love winter nights! They feel so cozy and warm and really Kick off my homebody passion more.

I love being on my bed cuddled up and spending the winter nights ready to sleep!
While all that is fun, winter nights should also be nourishing for your well-being!

Here is A winter night routine guide for you to create your own routine!

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Winter night routine

Winter night routine you will love!

1. Get in your cozy PJs

There is nothing more satisfying than getting in your warm and comfy pajamas as soon as you get home! I don’t know about you but I have to change into my PJs the moment I walk in

It truly sets the mood for the night and makes your body comfortable and light!

Make yourself a Warm/ hot beverage to enjoy

I love sipping tea in the afternoon as a way to relax myself when I get home. I either spend time with my family and catch up on the day or sometimes watch a show while I sip my favorite drinks

you can make hot cocoa or golden milk that is good for your health! Avoid Caffeinated drinks, in the evening as they affect sleep quality.

3. Have your Dinner by 8pm max.

A Habit, even in winter to not miss on is eating your dinner by 8 pm max! Early dinner is key to a healthy body.

I totally understand it cannot be possible some days to have your dinner early, but the rest of the days aim to have your dinner by 6-8pm, especially if it’s a heavy meal.

4. Walk for 10 minutes in your home

Walking after a meal is essential to balance blood sugar and let your body work on other areas to heal while you sleep.

Walking right after eating not only helps you digest your food better but also decreases your blood sugar levels!

Again especially, if you had a heavy meal, you must walk around your home for 10 mins only!

5. Do your winter skincare routine.

It is time to get ready to be in your bed and nourish your skin with a nighttime skincare routine.

Honestly, I tend to lack in this aspect a lot, I struggle with washing my face at night in winter, and if I have not put on makeup, I tend to skip it.

But if you have put makeup on, make sure to wash your face and apply your serums and moisturizers!

It can also be a relaxing activity for you to do slowly while listening to music!

6. Get Cozy in bed.

Winter night routine

Ahh! My favorite one is getting cozy in bed! Especially when you are ready to sleep and know you don’t have to get up again!

Take all that you need and get cuddled up in your bed with a blanket over it!

7. Journal and get some heat

Let your body get warm from the blanket/ comforter, and start doing some journaling and self-reflection to relax your mind!

You can journal, how your day and vent out anything that is bothering you or even share the good things to express your gratitude!

8. Plan your next day

Talking about journaling, you can also take a few minutes to plan your next day, especially mornings, if they tend to be very hectic for you.

Simple things like your to-do list or goal for tomorrow. What you want to focus more on and so on!

9. Watch a show or movie.

Lastly, I would not recommend this right before sleeping, but you can watch a show at night if you are not be in a rush in the morning or have to wake up early.

Ideally, you should stop using the screen 2 hours before you sleep for your mind to relax and get ready for bed.

But on some occasional days, it’s okay to watch a movie or something to enjoy your night!

So this was the 9 step Winter night routine for you!

Try adding a few things to your routine and see how it makes your night better.

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Winter night routine

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