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23 Common Myths about Skin Care you must know

Are you still believing these Myths about Skin Care and harming your skin? Find out What these myths are and save your skin!

Myths about Skin Care

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Growing up, there were so many Myths about Skin Care we heard from our mom’s, strangers, relatives, and then now on social media!

There are so many myths about skincare around the world, that are actually damaging people’s skin than doing any good!

In this post, I will bust 23 Common myths about skincare that will help you learn more about skincare and

If you were making any one of these mistakes, You can now start correcting it!

PS: I am guilty of doing most of these in the past 

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Myths about Skin Care

23 Common Myths about Skin Care- Debunked!

1. You Need to Exfoliate your skin Daily

No! No! As Someone who had acne growing up, What I heard the most was that you need to remove excess oil and sebum from the skin to clear your acne!

This turned into me and many others, to start exfoliate their skin daily to a point it can be called- Over exfoliation.

Unless you are using a very gentle exfoliator and don’t have sensitive skin, You can exfoliate daily, but it is not ideal!

It is recommended to exfoliate with a gentle or chemical exfoliator maximum of 1-2 times a week.

That’s all!

2. You Don’t Need to Exfoliate Your Skin

Myths about Skin Care

Ironically, ever since, the above myth was busted. The new myth that people started to think was to not exfoliate your skin at all

Thinking that “exfoliation is now bad for skin” Which is not true.

Exfoliation is actually good for the skin when done correctly! It can help you remove excess oil, sebum, or clogged pores to help your skin replenish

However, It is important to learn how to exfoliate Properly!

3. Hot Water is Good For your Skin


Hot water on your body is fine, but on your face, it can get dry and itchy. Make sure to use warm water instead of hot water on your face!

4. Natural and Organic Skincare is The Best

Myths about Skin Care

Not true

I Grew up learning that organic and natural skincare is best and have probably used everything natural on my face and still had acne or other skin related issues

When it comes to organic, the percentage or formulation of ingredients is unknown which can further harm your skin if it is high or does nothing if it is too low!

For example Lemon has a high percentage of vitamin C which can if used on your skin can harm and cause brown spots!

Coconut oil, which is easily found and natural, is comedogenic and can clog your pores causing acne and other skin issues!

If it is natural, it doesn’t mean it’s good!

5. Chemical Skincare is Bad for Skin

Absolutely Not

Similarly, The myth, Chemically formulated products are bad and harm your skin is a myth and not true at all!

Chemical skincare is made with lots of scientific research and most of the products are derived from natural sources but formulated in the lab.

At the end of the day in skincare, Ingredients and their formulation are what is important.

6. Toners are necessary


Toners are great to add an extra boost to your skin. but they are not a must.

You Don’t NEED to use toners, but you can if you want to add a little extra touch to your skincare routine!

A Basic skincare routine that we all need is

  • A Facewash
  •  Moisturizer
  •  Sunscreen

Rest everything is an add depending on the individual’s skin.

For example, You can use activities on your skin to treat a specific skin condition.

7. People with Oily Skin Don’t Need a Moisturizer


I personally have extremely oily skin. And I often hear people saying that people with Oily skin don’t need a moisturizer.

However, that is not true at all! Oily skin and moisturizer are two different thing.

If you do not use a moisturizer, your skin can lack hydration and feel dull.

Moisturizer helps in adding a protective layer to the skin from all the dust and impurities in the environment and hydrating it.

It is necessary to use a moisturizer for everyone! But for people with oily skin, You should go for a light Oil-free moisturizer instead of a heavy one.

As some who has Oily skin, I use these moisturizers.

ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Gel Cream 

My Skin Loves this moisturizer! Its super light and contains clean ingredients.

This product contains Hyaluronic acid which helps in hydrating your skin and plum it

It also contains argon oil which balances the oil in your skin.


8. Only Teenagers get Acne


I had acne when I was a teenager and now being in my 20s, I still struggle with it!

Moreover, some people who never had acne in their teenage years are now struggling with Adult Acne!

9. You need a lot of Skincare Products to Have good Skin


There are so many skincare products out now that we feel the need to constantly put so many things on our skin to stay healthy

However, Putting a lot of skincare products does not mean you will have healthy skin, In fact, it can damage it further

When you put active ingredients on your skin, It needs time, to do its work and heal.

Constantly putting in a lot of different ingredients can damage your skin barrier.

10. If you feel a Tingling or Burning Sensation, it means The product is working


I used to believe that too until I realized if the burning sensation occurs in your skin after putting something

That means, your skin is not able to tolerate the product. it could be because you might be using a high concentration that your skin is not able to handle

or your skin is sensitive to one of the ingredients present in the product.

11. Drinking more water will better your Skin

Here is the truth:

Hydration is important for your skin and if you have dehydration, there is a chance you may get acne or small bumps.


There is no scientific proof that drinking more water helps you better your skin.

If you are drinking more than enough water, it is most likely to just get filtered from your body through urine. That’s all!

12. You don’t need to Put Sunscreen in Winter

Not True,

The only time you do need to put sunscreen in is when it’s dark! When there is no sun

Whether it is winter or not, you still need to put on sunscreen.

UV rays are present everywhere, even if you are not in the sun or can’t see it.

So, you must put on sunscreen regardless!

13. There is no need to Wear Sunscreen indoors

Again not true, this is one of the most common Myths about Skin Care

Similar to above, even when you are indoors, you may not be directly exposed to the sun, but the UV rays are still everywhere.

This is why Sunscreen is a must even then!

14. Order Of Products Doesn’t Matter


The order of products actually matters for your skincare to work.

The products should always go from thinnest to thickest, and if you have an active serum it should come first!

Because if you have a water-based product it will be difficult for it to fight its way to think moisturizer and oils to reach your skin

Here is the correct order of Skincare

  1. Cleanser
  2.  Toner
  3.  Essence
  4.  Moisturizers
  5.  Face Oils
  6.  Sunscreen.

And then, you can put on your make-up if you want!

15. Pores Can get Smaller


I remember putting ice on my face thinking it would minimize my pores.. but it never did!

The truth is the size of your pores can never change, yes they can swell up due to clogging or impurities in them.

Once you take out those impurities, they make give an appearance of compression.

But they do not get larger or smaller!

16. Skincare Stops Working

Not true

We all have heard this::the product gets used to your skin and then it stops working after a time”

A product cannot stop working, instead out the skin either changes or does not need it anymore.

If a product that was working for you before has now stopped working, it is because

The skincare product has done its purpose in your skin. There is a limit to what it can possibly do.

This means your skin needs have changed or it is maintaining your improved level of skin.

Hence, skincare never stops working.

17. Having Acne is Normal

Myths about Skin Care

Don’t get me wrong

I have had acne all my life and still do.

While having acne is common and is nothing to be ashamed

The reason you have acne, is a sign, that something is going wrong in your body

It could be anything from hormone imbalance, increased stress level, dehydration, intolerance to dairy or gluten

But Acne does not happen without any reason.

Sometimes, by normalizing acne we are not treating something that is going wrong in our body.

18. The more expensive the Product, the Better it is

Not True

Just because, a product is pricey does not mean it is better than drugstore products!

I find drugstore products great because you get good products at an affordable rate.

However, two things you need to look for in a product are its ingredients and formulation.

Both the ingredients and their formulation should be good for a product to work on your skin!

Moreover, we have seen in the past few years, so many celebrity skincare brands have come up, but not all of them are good. even though they are pricey!

19. The more you wash your Face the Better


Ideally, your face should be washed two times a day. that’s all

Washing your face too much can over-exfoliate your skin and further damage the skin barrier!

Even for oily skin people, washing your face too many times can lead to the production of sebum and oil making your skin more oily!

20. Dark Eye Circles are due to Lack of Sleep


As someone who has had hereditary dark circles ever since I was 10 years old

All I heard from people where ” Did you not sleep last night?”

While one may have dark under eyes due to lack of sleep, it is not certain that it is the only reason that causes dark eyes.

Genetics plays a huge role as well as your diet.

21. Eye Creams can help heal Dark Eye Circles

Not Completely true

I have spent half my life buying all kinds of eye creams and doing DIY home remedies to help my dark circles and nothing worked

If only someone had told me, genetic dark circles cannot be healed with eye cream I wouldn’t have spent so much money buying creams

However, there are very few products that may work in fading nonhereditary dark circles.

22. Serums and Oils are a waste of Money

Not true

While Cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen is the most essential skincare you need

That doesn’t mean it makes other things like serums and oils a waste!

I personally love serums and I believe when used to treat a purpose, they can work great!

Oils like squalene and botanical oils are great to improve the quality of your skin. so they are not a waste of money!

23. The More Skincare Steps in your Routine, The better

Myths about Skin Care


There is a trend going on where people are following a 10-12 steps skincare routine which is not necessary.

As I said, a normal skincare routine only consists of a cleanser moisturizer, and sunscreen

Rest is very subjective. If you want to use a serum and for what purpose?

It is very subjective to your skin and your choice but not necessary to add to your routine.

Intentional Skincare is important.


So these were the 23 Common Myths about Skin Care! I hope you found them helpful and were able to learn more about skin!

Making some of these skincare mistakes can do more harm than good to your skin, which is why it is important to be aware of these Myths about Skin Care

Let me know in the comments, which myth you have heard the most!

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Myths about Skin Care

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