7 day journal challenge ( Simple & effective)

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Want to get into journaling? Here is a simple and effective 7 day journal challenge for you to start journaling as a beginner!

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Journaling can often feel overwhelming when you don’t know how to begin

Almost every podcast or self-help book and even social media is currently talking about journaling

Do you want to get your hands into it too, but don’t know where to begin?

It’s okay!

With the help of this 7 day journaling challenge, you will be able to get a taste of what journaling is like

and hopefully, if you enjoy the experience, you would wish to continue!

What is Journaling?

Now before I share with you the journaling challenge for the week. Let’s first understand, what the heck journaling is?

Journaling is a form of expressive writing that one does alone with themselves as a way to express and connect with the inner being

From doing self-discovery exercises to catching up on your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Journaling can do everything for you!

If you want to know more about journaling as a good practice, click here to read my detailed review and its benefits!

“I can recapture everything when I write, my thoughts, my ideals and my fantasies.” – Anne Frank

7 day journal challenge

How to do a weekly journal?

In this Weekly journal, There will be prompts for each day. Each day will be focused on a different area of life.

  1. Daily Life routine & responsibilities.
  2.  Mental, emotional& inner well-being.
  3.  Physical health
  4.  Financial health
  5.  Career & Educational
  6.  Social & Family Relationships.
  7.  Society & contribution.

This is a simple way to look out for each area of your life and give it an intense focus.

For each day, you can spend a good amount of time thinking, introspecting, and journaling out your thoughts, and feeling about that aspect of life.

It helps you catch and look at these areas if you had

How to Prepare for Journal Challenge

Since it’s your first time journaling, here are a few tips to help you make this 7-day journal challenge enjoyable, effective, and hassle-free!

  • Find a quiet place alone to sit and journal
  •  Make sure you are comfortably sitting down
  •  Do it a time you are feeling fine and spend a good amount of time journaling
  •  Light up a candle to create a relaxing environment
  •  Take an empty notebook and pen to write
  •  You can also make tea/ coffee or any drink of your choice to enjoy while journaling
  •  Go easy and be honest ( there is no right or answer, just share your heart)

Let’s begin our weekly journal challenge!

Basic 7 day journal challenge

DAY 1: Daily Life’s routine & responsibilities

Since it’s your first day, Don’t be nervous and write whatever comes to your mind!

1. How has your day been lately? – is it boring, passing by too quickly, or stressful?

Just talk like you are talking to friends and let your feeling flow, talk about things like your daily routine,

Write about whether you like your day-to-day activities, do you feel your daily routine is boring, comfortable, or stressful?

2. What are a few things you get excited to do every day? for example: Making your daily cup of coffee or getting ready

The best way to find something exciting or to look forward to every day is through small things.

For example, I look forward to my morning breakfasts and coffee every day, It gives me a small meaning.

I look forward to seeing my blogging stats and how they are performing as days go by.

It does not have to be anything grand but small little pleasure you can look forward to

DAY 2: Mental, emotional& inner well-being.

1. Mentally, is there anything keeping you occupied?

Life happens, and we find our mind constantly thinking about something, that one thing you can not stop thinking about at the back of your head.

Is there something, whether small or big? If yes, what? Elaborate!

2. What is one emotion you feel strongly about every day?

As humans, we go through many emotions in our life and sometimes in a day! While that happens, there are some emotions we feel way too often and too strongly.

Maybe content? Anxious? Happy? or sad? What is that one emotion for you?

3. How often do you connect with your inner voice?

Its only in the past few years that people have started to pay attention to me-time and connecting with their inner soul

What about you? Do you take down time to, just stay with your inner voice? How often?

DAY 3: Physical health

1. How would you rate your physical health out of 10?

For me, I would say, my physical health is at 6, it’s not that bad, but it needs a lot of work! There are so many areas I struggle with and need my attention!

2. Do you like to get your daily movements? If, yes, which activity do you prefer?

Daily movements are necessary for keeping our body moving and active!

I like to work out for 15-20 mins at least 3 times a week and sometimes walk as much as possible.

I found this as the best way for me to get my daily movements in!

What about? If you do have anything yet. What would you like to go with?

DAY 4: Financial health

1. Do you feel content with how much money you make currently?

Money is such an important of our life, and we are constantly striving for more. But take a moment and ask yourself,

The amount you make right now, Do you feel content with it? If not, why?

2. Do you think money is abundant or scarce?

Do you think money can be made easily by you, or do you feel it’s scarce and not everyone can make it?

Open up and observe your money mindset, It can be a great way to look out for more growth regarding money

3. If there is an area, you need to make better financial decisions about? What area would that be?

There is always one area, we are weak, and we probably make mistakes when it comes to money, Maybe overspending on wrong investments, and so on.

DAY 5: Career & Education

Here are some simple questions about work and education!

1. Are you currently studying or working? 

Tell me about your work and education, I Know this is a topic that people mostly ask others, and it almost feels frustrating to answer for the 100th time!

But I think it’s a great start to get into your career and education aspect!

2. Which field are you in or aspiring for?

3. Do you enjoy it? What made you take up this field?

4. What is your goal for the year to reach in terms of career?

I know everyone usually talks about 5 years goals or 10-year goals, but I feel a yearly goal is more important!

With the dream and path you are on, what do you expect to achieve or experience by the end of the year?

DAY 6: Social & Family Relationships

1. Do you like going out? Or are you a homebody?

I think going out of the house, every week is good for mental health. As a homebody, I struggle with it, and whenever I do go out.

I feel good!

What about you?

2. Which relationship in your life is going smoothly right now?

From friendships, family, work, and partners. So many relationships we have in our life

While all may not be flourishing simultaneously, which relationship do you feel is going great in your life?

3. Which relationship needs your attention and work?

Of all those relationships, which one do you think needs your utmost attention and work on?

DAY 7: Society & contribution.

1. Do you ever think about contributing to society? If yes, in what ways do you wish to do so?

Giving back is always a good feeling when you find that you helped someone in a way that made their life better

It feels good!

What are your thoughts on it?

2. Was there a time you gave back to society? What happened? and how did you feel?

3. Do you think one should do something for the world? Why? or why not?

So this was a Simple 7 day journal challenge and prompts you to take a look at each area of life and start journaling!

If you liked this challenge and perhaps looking for a more beginner-friendly Challenge

Here is a 21-day journaling Challenge for you! Sign up below and download the challenge and read the guide here


Can I journal once a week?

Yes! There are many ways to journal, and when it comes to journaling for yourself, there is no rule!

If you prefer and feel comfortable journaling once a week, then by all means do that!

However, if you struggle with journaling every day, here is a guide to help you journal consistently

What are good journal topics?

You can almost journal about anything and everything! In my blog, I share journal prompts on many diverse and great topics, which you can explore below.

How do I start my daily journal?

If you want to start a daily journal, you can either get a basic guided journal that can save you time, and you can journal every day for a few minutes!

For that, I highly recommend The Five Minute Journal

This journal is super beginner friendly and has basic yet powerful prompts, and quotes that keep you connected with yourself!

You can use Code: HARSHITA10 to get 10% off and start your 

However, if you don’t want to get a guided journal, You can simply get an empty notebook and start journaling!

Here are a few things you can write in the journal

  • Your everyday feelings and thoughts
  •  Practice journal prompts
  •  Gratitude and ideas

That’s all! If you want to check out more posts on Journaling, I share them below.

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7 day journal challenge

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