70 Deep Productivity journal prompts that will Increase growth

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Are you going through a mental slump? Finding it too difficult to figure out what is causing you to feel demotivated and unproductive? We all go through this period once in a while. One of the amazing ways to figure out and overcome this phase is practicing Productivity journal prompts that will help you Increase growth and get out of the mental slump!

Productivity journal prompts

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What is a productive journal?

Well, Productive Journal can be many things, depending on how you use it, but as long as it is to increase productivity – it will be a productive Journal.

A Productive Journal can be

  • A Journal where you brain dump your tasks
  •  A Journal or Planner to organize your tasks
  •  A journal to Practice journal prompts and reflect on your life to increase productivity

How does Journaling Increase productivity?

Journaling is one of the best ways to reflect on your life and everything about it. From your thoughts, Habits, and routine to your emotions

Journaling Can help you find the root cause of why you are struggling to be productive and overcome it.

Journaling will increase your productivity, by informing you of where you are right now and your end goal. What you need to do to reach your end goal.

What do you write in a journal for productivity?

This Post Goes into Productivity journal prompts, which means the prompts or questions You will find below. All you need to do and write are your authentic and honest answers.

For that, you can sit in a quiet space where you can spend the time thinking and looking within and then answer the prompts below! That’s all!

Let’s know get into the best Productivity journal prompts.

Productivity journal prompts

Journal prompts for productivity

  1. What are the current goals you are working towards?
  2.  What does your daily routine look like?
  3.  How much time do you feel you spend being productive?
  4.  Are there any distractions stealing your time?
  5.  How do you feel when you sit down to work?
  6.  Are you feeling passionate about your work lately?
  7.  Is there something going on in your mind, that is distracting you?
  8.  What time do you feel the most productive
  9.  Which area of life do you want to be more productive towards?
  10.  What tools do you use to simplify your tasks and be more productive?
  11.  Are you finding your work challenging or overwhelming?
  12.  What does productive Look like for you?
  13.  Practice these Productivity Affirmations, today
  14.  What apps or tools are you using to track your progress?
  15.  Are your goals realistic or achievable in the required time period?
  16.  Do you feel you are being impatient toward success?
  17.  What time of the day do you feel most unproductive
  18.  What are some bad habits affecting your productivity?
  19.  What qualities do you need to be more productive?
  20.  How are you managing your time?
  21.  Are you rushing?
  22.  What is your #1 priority right now?
  23.  How much time are you spending towards your goals?
  24.  Do you feel confused about your goals?
  25.  Do you have a clear vision of what you want?
  26.  Have you set any deadlines for your work?
  27.  What are your strengths and weakness?
  28.  Do you need to take a break and slow down?
  29.  Brain dump all your tasks in your journal
  30.  Prioritize your task in order of importance and urgency

Productivity journal prompts

  1. What are the productivity habits you are following? Read –25 Habits of Highly Productive People 
  2.  Are you delegating your tasks?
  3.  What are your top 3 tasks for today?
  4.  What resources are you using to be more productive?
  5.  What are some challenges you are facing right now?
  6.  Where do you work? How do you feel when working there?
  7.  Is there anything stressing you?
  8.  Describe your ideal productivity day in detail
  9.  Are your taking time off to rest?
  10.  What changes can you make toward being productive
  11.  What is your night routine?
  12.  How do you set goals?
  13.  Do you keep a planner?
  14.  How many to-do lists are you making?
  15.  What social media apps do you use and how often?
  16.  How is your physical health? Do you take any movements throughout the day?
  17.  Do you work better under time pressure?
  18.  Do you strive for perfection or complete tasks?
  19.  Is your work making you happy?
  20.  What do you think is the reason you are struggling to focus?
  21.  Are you trying to be too productive?
  22.  Are you multitasking?
  23.  How is the lightning in your workspace? how does it affect your mood?
  24.  What motivates you to work better?
  25.  Are giving you your attention to too many things?
  26.  Why do you do what you do?
  27.  What kind of people are you surrounded with?
  28.  Do you feel demotivated? if yes, why?
  29.  Are you afraid of failing?
  30.  Is your work furniture comfortable?

10 Simple Daily Productivity Prompts

  1. What are the 3 top Tasks for today?
  2.  How can you make today better?
  3.  Write 3 Positive affirmations
  4.  What did you accomplish today?
  5.  What did not go well today? How can you improve it?
  6.  What lesson did you learn today?
  7.  How can you be kind to yourself today?
  8.  Set a work goal and a reward if you finish it
  9.  Do you listen to work/study lo-fi music?
  10.  What do I need the most right now?

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Productivity journal prompts

What are some productivity techniques and tools?

There are many productivity techniques that have emerged now, some of my favourite and most proved techniques are

  • Pomodoro Technique
  • MIT ( Most Important tasks)
  • Personal Kanban
  • Deep Work
  • 2 minute Rule

Productivity Tool

Productivity Daily Desk Pad

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It can help you track your goals, habits, mood, water intake, and basically everything!

It is extremely simple and efficient to use every day. I love how minimal it is, and the sheets, and very easy to use!

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If you are a Fan of Planner instead of a desk pad, they also have a Planner Version of it!

Productivity Planner

This specifically designed planner can help you beat procrastination and boost your productivity!

It can help you with

  • Daily Planning
  • Weekly Planning
  • Weekly Review

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This Post was all about Productivity journal prompts

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