61 Effective journal prompts for healing inner child

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Are you on a path to healing your traumas and reparenting yourself? Over the past few years, people have become aware of past trauma they dealt with as a kid, and to live their life peacefully, healing your inner child has become essential! One way to do that is by practicing journal prompts for healing the inner child.

journal prompts for healing inner child

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What is your “inner child”?

The inner Child is A person’s ” Child Like” self. It is the expression of emotions, The person went through as a kid and in different stages of life.

In simple words, When we’re young, we went through many phases in life that were beautiful or traumatic. Our Inner Child – Our subconscious self back then picked up those emotions and experiences with time.

What is inner child healing and why is it important?

No Matter how old you are right now, there must be something you might be growing through.

There is a high chance, the thing you must be going through has a lot to do with incidents that happened to you as a kid. Incidents or emotions, your inner child or subconscious self picked up and is still holding on to.

For example: Not being heard or emotionally neglected by their parents as a kid, many Adults develop issues like

  • Low self-esteem
  •  Difficulty expressing their emotion

and many other issues, you can read from this source

In short, even the smallest thing we might be struggling through right now goes back to our younger selves.

To heal that part of us, the traumatic experiences we went through, even though we cannot change our past, as an adult, we can heal our Inner child, that is holding onto those emotions and incidents.

How do I heal my inner child through journaling?

Journaling is one of the ways, you can help in healing your inner child. In this post, I will share Questions/ journal prompts for healing your inner child that will help you express and uncover your childhood moments.

By Journaling

  • you will discover your habits, routine, and moments as a kid that you enjoyed or found heartbreaking
  •  Which will help you become aware of the root cause of what you are going through
  •  You can then take the measures to help heal the inner child

Inner Child Healing Journal Prompts

  1. How would you describe your childhood in short?
  2.  What are some fun things you did as a kid?
  3.  What did you want to be as a kid?
  4.  What did you use to daydream about growing up?
  5.  What is your first memory?
  6.  Who were your close friends as a kid?
  7.  What was your biggest fear as a kid?
  8.  Did you feel loved as a kid?
  9.  What did you struggle with the most as a kid?
  10.  How was your relationship with your parents growing up?
  11.  Describe a time when someone hurt your feelings.
  12.  As a child what did you want the most?
  13.  What is something you are struggling with right now?
  14.  As a child, was there something you felt deprived of?
journal prompts for healing inner child

Healing Your Inner Child Journal Prompts

  1. How can you be kinder to yourself and your inner child?
  2.  How can you gain closure from the tough times you went through in your childhood?
  3.  What are some things you are proud of?
  4.  Are you an Introvert or an extrovert?
  5.  How are your relationships with others?
  6.  Whom did you look up to growing up?
  7.  What actions can you take to give yourself and your inner child feel loved
  8.  Do you have any grudges against anyone now?
  9.  How can you let go of that strong emotion and free yourself from the burden?
  10.  Is there something you wish to forgive your inner child from?
  11.  What are Five ways you make yourself feel nurtured and validated today?
  12.  What self-care activities can you take to give yourself some extra love and care?
  13.  Are there any people who wish to distance themselves from to protect your Inner child?
  14.  Have you Considered Seeking professional therapy sessions to uncover your childhood traumas?
  15.  How do you feel about the way your parents raised you?
  16.  What habits can you start to shift your life towards Improvement and Change?
  17.  If there was no Consequence, What would you do today?
  18.  Do you find yourself having negative self-talk or positive self-talk?
  19.  What Inspired you as a child?
  20.  What do you feel inspired to do now?
  21.  What Parenting style do you want to let go and break?

journal prompts for healing inner child

  1. What Parenting style would you like to pass on to your kids?
  2.  Did you have a Safe space as Kid, If yes What was it?
  3.  How can you fulfill emotions you felt deprived of as a kid?
  4.  What does your ideal Day look like now?
  5.  Take a day and do something that you always wanted to do growing up
  6.  Every time you are hard on yourself, Look at your younger self.
  7.  What are some Insecurities you had as a kid? Are they still the same or changed?
  8.  In what ways, does your inner Child Need Support right now?
  9.  How does your inner child is feeling currently?
  10.  What can you do to cope and manage with the past?
  11.  Is there something you often compare yourself to others about?

How Can You Heal and fulfill needs of your inner Child?

In Psychology, there is a theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which states Five categories of Human needs :

  1. Physiological Needs
  2.  Safety Needs
  3.  Love and Belonging Needs
  4.  Esteem Needs
  5.  Self-actualization needs

Hence, it is Clear As Humans, We require all 5 needs to experience happiness and fulfillment. If any of these were lacking in our childhood, we feel deprived, and it shows now as an adult in our patterns and behaviors.

These Journal Prompts could help you get in touch with your inner child self and discover undressed issues.

Regardless of whether you had a healthy or unhealthy childhood, connecting with your inner child could benefit you on the path self-discovery!

Make sure to take to connect with your self and practice self-love and self-care!

This Post was all about journal prompts for healing inner child

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journal prompts for healing inner child

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