40 Best Self Love Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

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self love questions to ask yourself

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What is self-love – the best answer?

Self-love as defined in the dictionary – regard for one’s own well-being and happiness

It is exactly what it says! When you love someone – your mom, or dad – you are concerned for their health and happiness! You care for them to not just make them feel loved but also to make sure they stay healthy!

Similarly, self-love means thinking of one’s own happiness and making sure we stay healthy in every form! Gift yourself gifts, appreciate yourself, and respect one’s mind-body, and soul!.

self love questions to ask yourself

Why do we find it hard to love ourselves?

Loving others often comes naturally to us and we do things for their happiness and well-being, but loving oneself is challenging for most of us, mainly due to society and how we have been brought up with certain thinking

If we do something for ourselves, we are often called selfish and made feel guilty, which is why we often feel bad for doing things that bring us joy! We are told to sacrifice our happiness and always do things for others.

Selfless service is meant to bring us joy and abundance and if doing something for others makes you give away your happiness, it is not right in many circumstances

With time, the young generation like us are becoming aware and learning how to love ourselves first.

One of the activities that help me reflect and make sure that I am doing things for my wellbeing is answering self-love questions, it helps me question myself deeper and do things that my mind, body, and soul need and deserve!

With that being said, I will be sharing with you 40 self love questions that you can practice to start your self-love journey!

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40 Self Love Questions to Love yourself

1. What do I love about myself?

2. What are the 3 things I am good at?

3. What are the few things I need to improve and why?

4. On a scale of 1-10 how much do I love myself

5. How can I practice self-care daily?

6. What activities bring me joy?

7. What can I do to love myself more?

8. What are my flaws and how can I accept them?

9. What activities make feel confident?

10. What is my dream life?

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11. Do I seek external validation? If yes, why? How can I work on it?

12. How can I forgive myself more?

13.What are some ways I can give treats to myself?

14. Favorite me-time activity

15. How is my mental health? How can I work on it?

16. What is hurting me currently and why?

17. When was the last time I said “I love myself”

18. What does happiness means to me?

19. What am I grateful for?

20. If I could go back and tell my younger self something, what would it be?

21. What habits do I wish to implement

22. What habits do I need to stop doing?

23. How is my physical health and How can I improve it?

24. How can I bring purpose into my life?

25. When was the last time I laughed until I cried

26. Do I find it hard to say no to people? What can I do to stop it?

27. How is my mindset? How can I create positive mindset?

28. What do I need to do to bring peace within myself

29. Do I like my current job or I am pursuing?

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30 How do people in my surrounding make me feel?

31. Do they make me feel guilty or sad? If yes how can maintain distance or eliminate them?

32. What are some people that do make me feel loved and positive?

33. What are some people I can forgive to let go of baggage?

34. What is my main #1 priority? Why not me?

35. What hobbies I have been meaning to start?

36. What is stressing me out currently?

37. What can I do to overcome it?

38. How is my sleeping patterns? Do I sleep well?

39. What all I can do to feel fulfilled everyday?

40. Am I happy? How can I develop a happy mindset?


These were 40 self-love questions that you can ask yourself to reflect and bring more awareness about self-love! You can practice them daily or weekly by taking out some alone me-time in peace!

Good Luck!

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self love questions to ask yourself
self love questions to ask yourself


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