How To Create A Daily Schedule That Sticks!

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In this post, I will share practical ways for creating a daily schedule that you can stick to! Finding a routine that works can be challenging, but there is always a way to do it!

Creating daily schedule

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We all have different routines, it feels troublesome when we think about adding more tasks or changing them up!

Hence, there is no need to panic or feel heartbroken because I won’t ask you to change your routine or create a hardcore one!

Instead, I want to share how you can create a daily schedule per your comfort! So let’s begin!

What should I put on my daily schedule?

How do you create a daily routine schedule?

The best way to create a daily routine is to listen to your body and its energy!

One of the things to know about our body is that it works best when it is routine!

It takes time; after some days or months, our body will naturally become accustomed to it.

Hence, consistency is essential if you want a daily routine!

And we will be able to do our tasks with no stress! Hence make sure to stay consistent and keep going!

Second, it is essential to note that we can be easy on ourselves!

When we get too hard on completing the Task, we ultimately get demotivated if things go other ways!

Moreover, it brings a negative approach.

Instead, take it slow and be consistent

Creating daily schedule

1. Write Down things you wish to add

First, write down everything you want to add to your daily routine – like exercising, walking, eating healthy, and so on!

The best way is to imagine your ideal daily routine and all the tasks you would like to do!

My perfect Day includes – workouts, reading, practicing a hobby, working, researching, eating healthy, and, some days, going out and having fun!

Right now, my Day is different from this, as I only started creating a daily schedule a while ago after moving to a new house!

Now my daily routine includes – walking + out workouts, reading for 10 mins at least, eating home-cooked food 80% of the time, and working on my blog and researching it! I am yet to add practicing a hobby and going out as I don’t get to 🙁 But I will get there!

So, start making a list of all tasks you want to add!

2. Choose Only Top 3-4 Tasks from it

Once you have written down all the things you want to make a part of your daily routine, I want you to shorten it and choose a maximum of 3-4 tasks!

Adding everything to your schedule all at once is unrealistic because you already have a routine right now, and instantly changing it will get complicated and eventually lead you to give up.

We don’t want that

Hence, we prioritize and choose 1-3 or, at max, 4 tasks or activities to implement! That way, you will not be overwhelmed and will be more likely to stick with it

3. Reflect on your current routine

Now that you have shortened your tasks, I want you to carefully look at your daily routine. You have to check what you do every Day and when?

\Which all are important, and what all can be removed- unnecessary time on social media or lounging around, etc.!

Also, look at when your energy is high and when it is low. Once you have reflected on your current routine, you will know where to add your new tasks and make time for them!

4. Schedule it in your Day

This takes me to the next step, schedule it in your Day! Now you know when you can make time for your tasks, add them to your routine!

At what time, where, and how you will be doing it! For example, I wanted to add workouts to my daily routine for so long, and it was challenging due to work!

But now, I wake up around 6-7, go for a 30-minute walk in the park and do my workout for only 10-15 minutes! I only get a little time as I have to get ready for work, so I know I can only do my workout for 10-15 minutes now.

Even though it is short, my goal is to stay consistent, and eventually, it will become a habit that will stick with me! Hence I don’t feel disappointed or hard on myself! I am adding it to my daily routine.

5. Start with one Task & focus on it

As I shared above, our goal is to create a daily routine, so we have to start with one thing at a time.

When I decided to include all of working out, reading, and working on my blog at once,
I failed- I stopped reading and couldn’t make time for it and eventually lost the motivation for the workout too! I realized my first priority was to focus on the blog and so I did

For a month, I created a routine and time for my blog and just did that, and now it is easy for me! I naturally feel inclined toward working on my blog.

After that, I decided to start with a workout, which has become a part of my daily routine too!

I do have days when I miss them, but then I do it again; I am still in the process of making it natural while adding a little bit of reading!

I don’t read every Day, but I read three times a week for at least 10 mins. It doesn’t take that long!

Hence, make sure to choose one Task first and give your primary focus to it, and you will succeed!

More tips

Some other tips that help in creating a daily schedule that you can stick to include:

  • Keep a reminder : Keeping a reminder on your phone and a sticky note on areas you spend most of your time will help you not forget and stick to it.
  •  Add Other Tasks: Once you have added on a routine and got familiar with it, that it has become a part of your daily routine, add other tasks one by one! Over time it will add to your ideal daily routine!
  • The best time to add things to your routine is morning because that way, you can get done with it first thing in the morning and don’t have to worry about it! That’s why I added the walking+ workout as my first-morning activity.
  • Use a planner! Planners can be an excellent way to stick with your daily tasks- there are so many planners, from daily desk pad ( like this) which you keep at your desk to productivity planner that I love, it keeps all the tasks in place!

Use Code: HARSHITA10 to Get 10% OFF on any Productivity Planners and Any product on Intelligent change!

These tips help you in creating a daily schedule and live your ideal Day full of different activities! I hope you found them helpful.

Good Luck!

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Creating daily schedule


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