The Ultimate Productive Morning Routine for 2024

A productive morning routine can help you accomplish so many things!
Let’s be honest 90% of us are struggling in our morning routine!

How many times do you find having a total waste or unproductive day because you spent most of your time on the phone as soon as you woke up? I am guilty of doing this so many times!

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This post will be able to clarify all the below questions or confusion most people have!

  • What is the most productive morning routine?
  • What is a good morning routine for a girl?
  • What are millionaires morning routine?
productive summer morning routine

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Productive Morning Routine – 7 Activities you can add to your morning routine

1. Wake up Early

I know you must have heard this a million times! Especially from your dad (I hear it every day!), however, it’s truly incredible!

Now I am not one of those people who believe or will tell you to wake up at 5 am every morning because I can neither!

But trying to wake up at a time where you can give 1-2 hours just to yourself before you start the actual ‘hustle’ part is a healthy boundary.

It can be 6 or 7 am or 7:59 (lol) as per your preference- once you do- you will see you get so much work done throughout the day!

If you find it difficult to wake up early, try slowly. Start with waking up just 10 minutes before your actual time, and just sit still!

Don’t look into your phone or do anything! Just sit in silence and let your body get awake

The 5 AM Club is an amazing book written in a fiction format, that will help you understand about various life-changing benefits of waking up early! Check out the book here

I highly recommend reading the book to understand and get in-depth knowledge so you can kick start your day right!

2. Make Your Bed

I believe you must have heard this from many successful people, who insist on making your bed every day, and if you have wondered why is that important?

Here is the simple answer for you- the idea of “making your bed” first thing in the morning first builds discipline in life!

Second, when you make your bed as soon as you wake up, it will take only 1 minute of your day, and

when you come home after grinding and hustling through problems, it will bring two forms of emotions:

  1. Coming home to a clean and tidy bed to sleep in, is so relaxing! But imagine when you did so much exhausting work throughout the day, then you come home to see that you will have to clean the messy bed! Putting that extra energy is frustrating!
  2. Imagine you had an unproductive day today-missed your workout, a meeting, etc., since you are already feeling guilty/ sad for not doing much coming home to know that at least “I made my bed today!” that feeling! Wouldn’t it be blissful?

3. Meditate

Meditation has been a morning routine of successful people for such a long time! I know when you the hear the word ‘meditation’ instantly you feel, it is so tough and boring,

Although I do agree with this, when you start meditating for the first few times, you will find it hard to focus on the present!

But trust me with time, it gets so much better! Hence starting small and being consistent is the key here!

A myth about meditation is that- you have to stop having thoughts!


Absolutely Not

Instead, what meditation is truly about, recognizing our thoughts and letting them pass And what I mean by that is-

Suppose while meditating you get a thought –“ oh I have so much work today”

Instead of letting us think about it further or forcing our minds to not think about it,

We will simple, recognize it as a thought of no use and put it aside

Here our job is to recognize what type of thought we had- if it was a negative thought our job is to let our mind know that it is of no use in my life and let it pass,

Whereas if is a positive thought like- “I feel relaxed” our job is to feel grateful for it and accept it

What this practice will do with time is

You will be able to recognize how many positive and negative thoughts we have in a day!

How is that helpful to know?

After meditating you find that you mostly have negative thoughts and especially those related to a particular topic, for eg: body insecurity

But before you even started meditation, you weren’t even aware of how many negative thoughts you ever had that day!

2. Once you recognize them, you will be able to work on them and transform them into positive ones

Meditation Tools-

A great way to begin meditation is by having guided meditation as

It is super easy, to begin with!

We have someone helping us make our meditation smooth and effective!

Here is a simple, beginner-friendly guided meditation you can try!

4. Journal

I LOVE JOURNALLING IN THE MORNING! it is my favorite part of the day, I get to have some ME-TIME with myself while putting my thoughts and feelings out !

Not only I can release my emotion but also feel a lot connected to myself! I also love doing a gratitude journal where I write things I am grateful for!

So get yourself a notebook and start writing every morning BUT remember there is no time-bound to it, can be as small as 1 minute!
The Journal I swear by to begin your journey that takes about just five minutes in a day! The Five Minute Journal is all you need!

In this journal, you will find two sections- one for morning and one for the night! And in total it will only take 5 minutes of your day! This is so far the best and most effective way to add journaling into your life!

5. Workout

Although it’s not necessary, in my opinion, to work out only in the morning! If an evening is more comfortable for you, definitely go for it! 

The main reason morning is considered a good option to workout is

first, it will keep you energetic throughout the day

second, for a lot of people working out can be a difficult task so getting over it in the morning itself will keep the stress of doing it in the evening, when you are already tired a lot easier!

Even if it is a 7 min workout in the morning, it will make all the difference!

My Current Workout Playlist

6. Healthy Breakfast

I had to write this because I see so many people skipping their breakfast when in reality,

breakfast is the most IMPORTANT meal of the day! So never skip your breakfast and, what is a better way than to start your day with a healthy smoothie or juice?

A healthy breakfast in the morning will instantly lighten up your mood and, body giving you that extra energy for work!

7. Plan Your Day

Last but not least! Planning is the most important productive morning routine to implement

Planning your day in the morning is a must to keep you calm and focused throughout the day! You would already know what you need to get done and avoid the non-important task or wasting time deciding what to do and how!

Last but not least! Planning your day in the morning is a must to keep you calm and focused throughout the day! You would already know what you need to get done and avoid the non-important task or wasting time deciding what to do and how!

MY TIP: Get yourself a Productivity Planner or even a small notebook and write down the tasks you need to get done! Now choose any 3 important tasks from them and focus on getting those done first!

Here is the planner I recommend called – The PRODUCTIVITY PLANNER! It is an undated Planner for goal setting and time management with to-do list and motivational quotes!


These were 7 things you can add to your productive morning routine! All the ways I shared above are not particularly time-bounded!

There is no rule that you need to do a 30-minute workout or a 40-minute meditation! Making sure you are doing these every day is more important than the time spent as


This Post was all about productive morning routine

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  1. Okay so before jumping into my morning routine can we applaud the AESTHETICS of this blog ?🤯
    You did a reallyyy good job my love🥺❤️
    I got distracted hehe back to my Morning routine? Well surprisingly today I had a calming and relaxing morning because I do preach all these practices or more like I try ATLEAST? So from tomorrow onwards I’ll definitely practice meditating even though it’s gonna be super hard but like you said even one minute mediation is enough right?its about consistency!!😉

    1. I really put a lot of thought into the “aesthetic” so THANK YOU for noticing! ❤️ YES definitely consistency will be better in long term! Give it a shot ! Again thank you for taking time to express your thoughts and routine 💯❤️

  2. I really love this blog ✨❤️ the way those tips were discribed were soo worth it 😁🥰 i would love to start my day this way… Keep writing please it motivates soo many things 😎💗 and i really appreciate the way you choose to remind people to stay fit and to star the day😌🐹

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