How to organize your life: 23 Ways & categories to organize your life

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categories to organize your life

Life can be overwhelming and confusing at times, There are so many categories to focus on, and keeping all of them running smooth seems impossible! So how can you keep your life organized? Today, I will share with you 23 Ways & categories to organize your life

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How do you organize your life when you are overwhelmed?

Starting off understand that it is okay to feel this way and even after implementing dozens of strategies, you may still end up feeling overwhelmed

Nobody has it all together!

Be patients in the process and go slow, try to understand and build effective strategies that works for you!

Building a system that works for you takes many trials and errors, so be ready to experiment and find what works for you with the help of these 23 ways and categories to organize your life!

categories to organize your life

Ways To Organize Your Life

Here are some tips and ways to help you organize all areas of life!

1. Keep A Planner

A planner is the best way to keep your life organized; what is even more important is finding a Planner that works for you!

Ever since I started using a planner for my work specifically, it has improved my productivity by 50% and I feel less confused

Try and Find out Whether you want a separate planner for each area or all in one! I have a post sharing the 14 Best Organizing Your Life Planners You Need!

2. Write Daily To-do Lists

Writing an everyday to-do list with no more than 3-5 important tasks will help get your work done without procrastinating! You will not waste your time in too much planning or focusing on unimportant tasks

3. Clean Your Inbox

Do you have a clustered and overflowing inbox? So many people receive constant notifications from brands and unimportant just sites they have once subscribed too

Not only they are distracting but also makes it a messy inbox! Hence, Take one day from your schedule to just clean your inbox!

  • Unsubscribe from unimportant sites and newsletter
  • Reply to all pending emails!

4. Buy Organizers

Does your office or home look messy? Everything is out in the open and you feel there is no designated place for anything? then you should consider buying organizers for all the things!

Trust me

There are organizers for each category from work files to make-up and pantry…you can find any on Amazon!

Check out some of the bestseller organizers on Amazon!

5. Declutter Your Phone

Too many apps, too many social media apps ( specifically), and constant buzzing notifications are the biggest distracters right now

We already find it difficult to minimize screen time and get shit done, and these few habits make us procrastinate even more!

To avoid this, schedule a day and declutter your phone!

  • Delete most of the apps and keep only important ones
  • Turn off notifications of all apps except important ones- like calls, messages ones

6. Schedule Everything

Set a deadline for all tasks and appointments! When you set a specific time duration or deadline your brain automatically gets into the pressure of getting work done!

For my blog, I have a schedule for all posts in a month and how many I need to post, this keeps me organized by staying consistent and doing my work!

7. Buy Built-in Storage Furnitures

To keep your home organized, Getting furniture with storage in them is life-changing! It keeps your home clean and spacious without adding too many storage drawers and items!

8. Meal Prep

For a lot of on-the-go working women, Preparing meals and even eating home-cooked food is a hassle! Meal prepping has been a great way in saving time and having more homemade food to stay healthy!

9. Keep Track of all your Finances

Keep constant track of your finances! How much are you spending, saving, and investing is important to look at!

10. Reflect Monthly/Weekly

Reflecting on your life now and then is an important part of organizing your life! Whether you prefer weekly reflection ns or monthly is up to you but make sure to do it often to keep track of all areas of life!

Reflect MonthlyWeekly

11. Simplify Tasks

One of the main reason, we often struggle with being productive and getting work done is because our work feels complicated! we dont know where to begin and how to..

This eventually leads us to procrastinate and easily get distracted. I use to procrastinate a lot and always found it difficult to keep my blog running and posting consistemtly

That’s when I simplified my tasks for each day that adds up to big monthly task! I focus 1-3 things a day and give it my all!

This helps me get my work done fast and feel productive at the same time! More than that building systems to keep organized has been the main key in simplifying my tasks.

12. Create a Routine

Once you develop a system or habit, creating a routine that includes following them everyday put you into the work flow and automatically increases your productivity!

Creating a Daily Schedule That Sticks takes time and lots of trials and errors!

13. Stay Consistent

If you buy a planner and use it once and then expect it to organize your life, then obviously you will fail!

Please make sure whatever you are going to start doing, you stay consistent with it! Do it for a month or even and see how it works!

14. Prioritize Tasks Correctly

When you are making your daily to-list ( which should not be more than 3-5 tasks) make sure you write your tasks on a priority basis! Doing the most important and urgent tasks first and them moving on to others…

categories to organize your life

15. Brain Dump Everything

Brain dumping is an effective to get all your tasks/goals and thoughts out of your head in a piece of paper!

Write down every possible idea or task you need to get done one day in a notebook and then you can move on to prioritize and schedule it. You can easily go back and check again anytime to avoid forgetting!

16. Plan Ahead

Planning a day ahead or beforehand before your action day is important! If you are going to start planning on the day you are supposed to execute, it will end up taking too much of your time. So, Make sure you have at least a little bit of basic planning done before

17. Time Blocking

For many people, Time blocking works great! I don’t practice time blocking that much but it has been proven to keep you both organized and productive!

Time Blocking is a time management technique where you schedule and put a time span on every task and minute of your day!


categories to organize your life

This requires a huge amount of self-discipline! If you want to start this method, please go slow and take your time!

Categories to Organize your life

Now that we know some of the ways to organize our life, Let’s look at some of the categories or areas of life we should always keep up to date!

18. Organize your Phone

Above I shared about decluttering your phone as Our phone can be a big hurdle in keeping us away from being organized!

Make sure to simplify your phone by eliminating apps and only keeping the important ones! Putting notification off!

19. Organize Your Files

If your work includes a lot of paperwork and files, Keeping them in a folder and putting labels on each folder is essential! Also, Make sure to have a place for every file by batching and creating a place for each of them

20. Organize Your Closet

As woman, Our closets takes the hell out of us! looking around to find something to wear brings so much anxiety and takes time too!

Having a clean minimal wardrobe that is organized is important for us as it will save us time and keep us stress-free!

21. Organize your Fridge

A messy fridge isn’t cool! Have fresh things stocked up correctly in place and regularly remove things that have gotten expired!

22. Organize Your Drawers

When it comes to organizing your drawers, make sure to separate all things and batch them! Having a separate drawer for everything becomes easily accessible and big time-saver

23. Organize your Kitchen

categories to organize your life

Whenever I am cooking, if I don’t find things easily it makes me frustrated! And a lot of times my food on the stove gets spoiled because it took too long to find!

If you struggle with this, make sure to organize your kitchen too! Get storage items and make a place for everything and keep it there once used.

This Post was all about ways and categories to organize your life

Let me know in the comments what will you start first to organize your life?

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categories to organize your life

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