10 Habits of Organized Women living their best life

Most of the successful people out there who are living their best life always say being highly organized is their little secret! In today’s post, I will share 10 habits of organized women! Let’s go.

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Why being organized is Important for success?

Like many people. I too never valued being time and productive efficient and wish to do things at the time I want.

But That would leave me Unhappy because I would either end up procrastinating or not being efficient! Hence, the results would hardly be there.

Once I learned advice from various Successful women who are doing great in life! I learned Some great Habits! After Applying those habits to my Life I have seen so much growth!

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So, Let’s Start Knowing the 10 Habits of Organized Women!

But first…

1. They plan their day

Planning your day is actually the top factor in being organized and achieving results! Going about your day without having an agenda on what are important things to do and most importantly when will not help you at all!

You have to Efficiently Plan your day every day so you make the most out of it! I personally like to make To-Do Lists for every day and only write the most important task and focus on them!

2. They simplify their task

One of the key factors to become Highly organized is actually to Simplify your Life

(Here is how I simplified My Life)

When you have so much going on all at once, it’s difficult to focus on anything! hence removing the unessential parts from your life and adding on the essentials is key to being simplified and organized!

3. They Do the most important tasks first

As I mentioned in the first point, I make to-do lists every day where my main agenda is to do Only the Top 1-3 Important tasks of the day!

I learned this from many successful people! I too use to make a to-do list stacking 10 things and would instantly do the unimportant tasks first and leave important once pending, This resulted in progress at all

Since then I now do fewer tasks but only the most important first and get done with them. After that, if I have time left I do other little things.

4. They have a daily productive routine

Planning your day is important with also adding a productive routine! You can plan your whole day but a productive routine is the time where you do the needed tasks and creating a daily productive schedule that sticks is the key!

After doing a lot of research and experiments I was able to create a daily productive routine schedule and productive morning routine that works for me!

5. They write down everything

I use to love writing things down always but after listening to one of Mimi ikonn’s podcasts, I learned the importance of writing down everything!

Writing down your goals and tasks set the intentions of doing it1 It is the beginning of taking an action! I always find clarity and can achieve my goals and tasks when I write them down!

6. They constantly clean and declutter

Organizing your life majorly includes the things around your- your home being the most important! Hence frequently cleaning your house and putting things in their place is essential!

7. They are constantly learning

Living your best life includes lots of learning and changing patterns! Only once you learn new and important things that can help you grow, you can become skilled in that area and become successful.

8. They focus on a thing rather than doing multi-task

I always heard growing that multi-tasking is important and it is what successful people do and then I grew up and started to look and learn from these successful people.

And all they said was to NEVER MULTI-TASK! I was shocked! Now After doing so much realized I got to know that there are many downfalls of multi-tasking not only in life but for your brain too!

Ideally what you focus on grows and you cannot focus on two things at one time! You need to give your undivided attention to one task and get done with it, them move on to next one!

9. They make organization lists

Lists are so important and I make tons of lists all the time! I use Notion for My daily work and all you find in it are lists of a different kinds and all related to work!

Then I use an empty notebook to write lists for other tasks apart from work! This is what helps me organize my life! I have seen so many Highly successful people do this.

Here are 13 Ultimate Lists to make to Organize Your Life

10. They focus on time management

We all have 24 hours in a day , we have to make sure to utilize to the best!

I am still figuring out to be more time efficient and what has helped me is having a morning routine as well as a productivity schedule!

Currently, I am only focusing on getting skilled at these and later getting into various other techniques like the Pomodoro technique and being punctual in many things.

End Note

So, these were the 10 habits of organized women that I have learned so far! I hope you try out at least one and see how it works for you!

Good Luck!

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Habits of Organized Women
Habits of Organized Women


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