7 things you should do before you make a Vision Board 2024

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Are you thinking about making your vision board for the new year? Is it your first time making it? Yes or not – read these 7 things you should do before you make a Vision Board!

things you should do before you make a  Vision Board

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Making a vision board has now become a trend and manifestation technique. This activity has been there for decades and is shared by many celebrities like Oprah, Ashley Graham, and Lily Singh.

I have been making vision boards for almost 5-7 years, and now I make one every year.

Usually, people envision Boards on a 5 year timeline, but I personally, believe that we change a lot every year. And so do our dreams.

Over 5 years, we may evolve and want different things that we did, before so making a vision board every year is much better!

In this post, I will share 7 things you should do before you start making your vision board!

What is a Vision Board

A Vision Board is a visual representation of your dreams and goals. It is a motivating activity that helps you set goals and vision of your dream life.

It is popularly considered a manifestation technique to manifest your life.

However, I would say people often take it as some magic and forget the most important aspect of the vision board is – ACTION.

Vision board without action won’t fulfill your dreams! You have to make a move and go for it.

A vision board is a motivating activity that helps you get a clear vision while making the process, get excited about your dreams, and start working on them!

There are also many things to focus on before pasting your pictures to the board! Which is exactly what I will share in this post!

So before you cut down your pictures and make your vision Board – DO these 7 things!

things you should do before you make a  Vision Board

7 things you should do before you make a Vision Board

1. Reflect on your past year and accomplishments

The first thing you should do is reflect on your past year. Reflect on good things and bad things.

Reflect on your goals, what goals you accomplished, and what not?

What helped you accomplish the ones you did, and what stopped you from not accomplishing the ones you could not

What was the highlight of the year?

Be happy and proud of yourself for the things you achieved and worked on!

Reflecting on your past goals helps you understand, how you should set goals in the future!

2. Vision your life ahead in your mind

Now, it’s time to take a brief moment and envision your life ahead! There might be things you have already been dreaming to do, and there can be new ideas that you wish to do.

Vision yourself. I highly recommend spending a day journaling to connect with yourself, so that everything that you envision stays true to who you are.

Vision all aspects of your life and how you want them to look a year from now

3. Write down what you want to change in your life and what you want to achieve

To get more specific, write down the things, you want to change in your life. Maybe write now you are not in your best health.

And that is exactly what you may want to change. Think about the things, that are currently in your life, and you want them to change!

Also, think about your goals, what do you want to achieve next year? any milestone? It can be anything close to your heart!

4. What would you want to do if nothing was holding you back?

As Vision boards are considered magical, no doubt that we should use this opportunity to truly put our dreams on the board.

When we set our goals, we tend to be logical and think if it is possible or if things that are holding us back from achieving them.

But with the vision board, let us not do that!

Think about what you would want to achieve or experience if nothing was holding you back?

List it to put on your board!

5. Be clear and specific about your goals

When I made my first vision board, I was not clear about goals, I put random images and that’s why most of the things did not happen.

However the second time, I was more specific about my goals, and what I wanted and I managed to focus on them to achieve them!

Our vision board is all about motivating us to take action, we see the clear picture of what we want and take the lead to achieve it!

So it is essential to be clear and specific about what you want as well.

6. Choose pictures and phrases that clearly show your goals

When we put a picture in our mind of the goal but let the picture not clearly show what we want, then we may not exactly get that

I have heard so many stories of people saying their experiences like this.

For example: if you want to travel to maybe Europe, but you put a picture of a place in Japan or the USA, then you may end up manifesting your destination there and not Europe.

Being specific about what you want helps you be clear in your head, as well, and take action a lot easily.

You know exactly what you want and how you want to do it!

7. Believe in the process

Lastly, Believe in the process, the only way for a vision board to help you turn your dreams into reality is by believing in the process that it can happen and will

Believe that your dreams will come true, and you can make it possible by taking the required action.

Focus on the process, not on the timeline. Focus on taking action and not on when or how it will happen.

It may happen sooner or later or in a completely different process than you put, BUT it will happen.

Believe it


So, these are the few things you can do when making your vision board. It will help you create a vision board that is true to what you want!

things you should do before you make a  Vision Board

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