How to set your Goals correctly to accomplish them in 2024

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Do you set goals every year and find yourself not accomplishing even one? You may be setting your goals the wrong way! In this post, I will share How to set your goals correctly.

How to set your goals correctly

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Goal setting is something I always used to do every year or every month, growing up, I hardly managed to get any of my goals accomplished.

But over the last few years, I have managed to accomplish my goals by changing how I set my goals!

Setting the correct has been the biggest contributor in this case.

I feel, that we all tend to be enthusiastic when writing our goals and feel motivated to achieve them, but eventually, the fire dies down in us, and we have not accomplished any of the goals we intended to.

But don’t worry! You can achieve all the goals you want by changing the way you set them!

How to set your goals correctly

How to set your goals correctly

1. List out all your desires.

Firstly, it is important to write all your desires.

Usually, most of our goals are in our head, we have so many things we want to do, at the back of our heads, and we keep thinking about them.

The thoughts, inspiration, or ideas keep coming to us, but because most of these always stay in our heads, they never make it to reality,

they get lost in the crowd of thoughts!

But once you write all of your desires in a list, you are putting it out to the universe as well.

Usually, when you list down your goals, you pick out the ones that feel realistic to you, and so, the ones that don’t make it to the list also never come true.

Put down all of your desires, sooner, or later there is a possibility that you will be able to accomplish them when the time is right!

The more you write down your goals, the better the chances are of you achieving them because they will work as a reminder and fuel you to take action on them, instead of leaving them in your head unclear.

2. Set your goals on actions not end result

One of the mistakes of goal-setting is that we set our goals on the end result.

The end result, for example – running a successful clothing brand.

Now, this is a goal that is the end result, but to reach there, the process is quite huge and long.

So the moment you have to take action to achieve this goal, you feel crushed because now it feels too far away, there is too much to do, and it will take a heck of time to run a successful clothing brand when you have not even started one

However, if you set your goals around the process, like – learning about clothing materials, finding manufacturers, or creating sample designs of the product

you can take action more quickly and achieve them.

Don’t, focus on the end result but on the process, most of the vision is the end result, but when we see the process, we feel demotivated and find it challenging to take action.

Also, we tend to overthink whether the goals will be accomplished or not when we are fixated on the result, but with the process, our focus is on DOING, which is all that matters to reach your goals!

Most importantly, when you focus on the process, even if you are not able to achieve the end result at the given time, you are still closer to it

For example, if my goal was to get 100k page views in a month, and I set my goals on the process to achieve it, and by the end of the month, I may reach less than 100k but more than before

It is still closer to my goals, and so it is a WIN WIN!

3. Be as specific about each goal as you can

All the goals you set ( around the process) need to be specific! The more specific your goals are the easier it will be for you to take action on them

If the goal is running a successful clothing brand, you will confused and overwhelmed on how to start taking action and what to do first.

But if you set a specific goal like this month I have to create sample designs, the first month, reach out to the manufacturer and share the samples with them, the second month, create a finished product, and so on.

Not only, your goals are set around the process, but you are also specific, which gives you direction on what to do!

4. Choose only 1-3 goals.

Trying to do 3-4 new things together is not realistic or sustainable, you cannot focus on more than 3 different things at the same time.

Your goals are new for you. 

You are doing it for the first time, so it will need a lot of focus, no matter what your goal is.

So, if you list out 5 things for this year, it will be overwhelming, and you won’t be able to pay attention to any of them.

However, if you switch to only choose 1-3 maximum goals for the year, you can focus on all of them one by one and make it happen!

5. Take one goal at a time

Now, if you have chosen three goals for the year, don’t start working all three of them together.

Multi-tasking is not good, the more you focus on one thing, the faster you will be able to make it happen.

Take one goal at a time. Choose one out of three, focus on it entirely, and work each day on that goal.

Once you have achieved that goal, or you are completely used to it, add next and focus on it

6. Dive them into weekly and daily actionable steps

Lastly, on How to set your goals correctly, get micro and set weekly actionable steps to take.

Trust me, the only way to accomplish a goal is to work on it, ACTION is the only way to do it.

Daily action, and being consistent every day is the key to accomplishing anything you want!

Set weekly actions to take around your goals and focus on achieving that weekly step.

Eventually, you will realize that you already achieved your goal!


So these were my best 6 tips on How to set your goals correctly, every step you take will bring you closer to the end result.

But remember, the focus is not on the result but on the process and enjoying the process!

Focus on doing and enjoying the process.

As for your other desires, you have to be patient and let them go until you achieve the chosen ones, once they are accomplished, add more to the list!

You have already written them down, so you can get back to them, one by one!

So don’t be attached to the outcome, but the process that will take you there!

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How to set your goals correctly

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