New month New goals: 73 monthly goals ideas you will love

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Looking for monthly goal ideas? For Each New month, set new goals! It is a perfect way to improve yourself by the end of the year! Here are 73 monthly goal ideas you will love!

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A new month is a perfect way to start a fresh journey and set new goals. On top of that, setting monthly goals is a great way to change your life in one year.

If you decided to do something good every new month, by the end of the year, your growth in that area will increase

For example: if you set a goal to read one book in a month, such a simple goal, but by the end of the year, you would have read 12 new books!

In this post, I share 73 Monthly goal ideas, that you can choose from. I have divided them into different areas.

  1. Personal Development 
  2.  Work 
  3.  Self-care 
  4.  Relationship 
  5.  Health and wellness
  6.  Finance
  7.  Organization
  8.  Fun Goals (as a +bonus)

Table of Contents

How to Choose The right Goals For yourself

If you are confused about what monthly goals you should choose, that can really help you

Here is how

!. First, find what areas of life you want to work on and improve on

3. Review your previous month and reflect on good and bad

2. Review Each area and find which needs more of your attention

3. When you have figured out all three, choose one that blends with all of them

4. Or Choose one as a way to experiment with yourself

New month New goals

73 Monthly goal ideas

Personal Development Goals

Personal development goals are a great way to grow as an individual. Good habits, routines, and activities that help you become a better version of yourself

Personal development helps you in living life, and that is why they are great to focus on!

1. Read one Book:

Reading books is the most brilliant way to educate yourself on life, with these books, you can learn how to live and ace life.

If you have never read self-help books, Choosing one book for a month is a great way to begin and is easy to be consistent on!

2. Listen to Podcasts:

A podcast is another new way that is helping people learn and grow in various areas of life.

One episode every day is not that hard to listen to,

the amazing thing is, that you can listen to podcasts while doing other chores!

I love listening to podcasts and have been listening to my favorite podcasters for a few years.

You can check them here – 12 best podcasts to listen to for personal development

3. Meditate every day for a month:

Take up the challenge to meditate even for 5 minutes a day for a month and see how it makes you feel.

Meditation is a powerful way to heal and connect with your inner soul.

4. Create a productive morning routine:

A morning routine is a life-changing factor in many successful people’s life.

They say a productive morning routine helps them be productive throughout the day.

Here is my guide to the ultimate productive morning routine

5. Take 30 day social media detox:

Your goal for the month can be taking a 30-day social media detox, we all know how much screen time has increased of all us due to social media.

If you have noticed your screen time is more than 4 hours or you easily procrastinate or feel insecure when using too much social media

Take one detox and see how you feel, I know it may sound tough, but it can be extremely life-changing!

6. Take up a course and finish it in a month

Take a course, that can amp your skills or something you can always learn. This can be a great goal to motivate yourself and learn something new!

7. Build one good habit for a month

As a part of personal growth, Choose one good habitm that you would want to follow for a month that can improve your life. If there is a habit that you always wanted to get into

or if you are looking for ideas, Here is a list of 100 good habits to improve your life

8. Eliminate one habit for a month

Similarly, you can either choose a bad habit that has been affecting your life for a while and try to eliminate it for a month and see the changes it brings you

9. Tidy and clean up your space

Having a messy room can make you feel low on vibration and a little agitated when at home.
Set a goal to tidy and clean up your space every day and maintain cleanliness!

10. Learn a new skill

A new skill boosts personal growth, Taking up a class and adding a new skill to your life!

You can set a goal to learn, maybe a new language in a month or a goal related to your profession!

Work Goals

If you have been meaning to improve your work or career aspect, then these are a few ideas, that you can choose to better your work life!

1. No work after 6pm:

 Balance your work and personal life by simply making a goal to not do anything work-related after 6 pm.

Use that time to spend with your close ones, take mindful me-time, or just relax

2. Reach work on time

Many people struggle to reach work on time, it could be a routine or anything that causes them to reach and hence start their day late

It can hinder their productivity. If this is you, then making a goal to reach every day on time can be magical for you!

3. Following a deep work habit:

Deep work habit is a great way to get more down throughout the day and have downtime for yourself.

In deep work, you set a time limit of 1-2 hours where you do important tasks without any breaks or distractions.

This helps you get tasks that require all your attention.

4. Following MIT productivity Technique

MIT is a productivity technique where you do the day’s most important task first. This helps you increase productivity and work more efficiently.

Working without a good strategy and technique can slow growth, which is why this technique is great, to increase your growth!

Make a goal to Follow MIT for a month and reflect on your progress!

5. Getting a professional mentor to scale in your work

If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or anyone who works for themselves. Getting a work mentor can accelerate your growth.

If you have never had any mentor professionally, this can a great monthly goal to give you enough time to experience the results and clarity a mentor can bring

6. Start a Side hustle

Many people, feel scared to take the first step toward their dream or change their careers.

If you have been waiting to increase your income or follow your passion for a long time, Starting a side hustle can be a great goal.

7. Level up your skills

Whichever field you are in, I believe there is always room for growth and improvement. Look for ways, you can level up your skills to build a better resume!

8. Build Network

In your professional life, building a network is essential. People who are in your field, the same or at high levels, can help you learn more and grow.

Most importantly, you find someone you can relate to when it comes to working.

Take up a goal to build networks and find people, who are in the same field as yours.

9. Keep your work desk and files organized

Try to keep your work desk tidy and all your files organized in a folder at designated places for a month.

Notice how much lighter, and simpler it will feel after a month!

10. Complete all your pending tasks

A great monthly work goal can be to finish all your pending tasks that have piled up for a long time!

Self-care Goals

New month New goals

If you struggle with taking care of yourself – self-care goals are all you need. Here are 10 ideas to choose from that can help you start your self-care journey!

1. Journal for 30 days

I have shared in many of my posts how journaling is such a powerful self-care activity and filled with plenty of benefits!

Set a goal to journal every day for a month. Even if it means writing a line. Do it!

Read: Best 21-Day Journaling Challenge for 2023 to start journaling

2. Practice affirmations for 30 days

Similar to journaling, an affirmation can work magically to boost your self-esteem and mood when feeling low!

Practicing even 1-5 five affirmations every day, is not hard at all! You can easily do it

3. Practice Gratitude

Every day for a month, write 1 thing you are grateful for as soon as you wake up.

Related: A to z gratitude list: 300+ things to be grateful for in 2023

4. Schedule 10 minutes of me-time everyday for a month

Schedule 10 minutes for yourself every day. Do self-care activities, rest, and do mindful activities that nourish you!

A small 10 minutes a day will count into 300 minutes of quality me-time by the end of the month!

5. Do a thorough skincare routine everyday

Take extra care of your skin and take time to do skincare! Whether it moisturizes properly or puts skincare every day.

Do it and see the changes it can bring to your skin!

6. Do one thing everyday that makes you happy

Find small things that make you happy and do them every day for a month.

You will always have something to look forward to every day that makes you happy!

7. Practice Positive self-talk

Take up the challenge to practice intentionally positive self-talk. Leave negative self-talk by replacing it with positive words.

Every time you hear yourself saying something means, or disheartening to yourself, replace it with kind words

8. Spend time in Silence:

Spend a few minutes every day in silence with no thoughts, and no distractions. Just being with yourself in silence.

9. Cold Showers:

In the summertime, set a goal or challenge to do cold showers every day. There are many benefits of cold showers that you can read here

10. Take up an hobby:

Hobbies are a great way to practice self-care and feel happy! Everyone has one hobby that they love doing.

If you are unsure or have never experimented with different hobbies, here are 67 Insanely Great Hobbies for 20-something adults

Relationship Goals

New month New goals

Relationships are a very important aspect of life. Many people give more importance to their work or finances than personal relationships.

These relationship goals can help you build and nourish all of your relationships with friends, family, or a partner!

1. Have night in with your best friend

Have a girl’s night in is always a good decision and so refreshing! You have fun and spend quality time bonding with each other!

2. Call up a friend and talk for hours

Similarly, calling up a friend and talking for hours is another way to spend quality time when you cannot meet!

3. Plan a picnic together with your partner, friends or family

Have a picnic date once a month to give time to your personal relationships and nurture them!

Picnics are so fun and relaxing!

4. Send kind and loving texts to your loved ones

The easiest can be to send a kind, loving text to your loved ones and make them feel loved!

5. Make time for personal relationship everyday

Apart from the above activities, there can be millions of things, you can do. What matters is you make time for all your relationships!

6. Watch a series or tv show together

Watching a movie, or series is another way to bond with someone.

7. Cook something delicious together

Even if you don’t like cooking, with company it always gets fun and easy to do!

8. Visit your favourite cafe

Meet at a cafe you have great memories of and have a fun time enjoying food and catching up!

9. Give each other surprises

Give each other surprises every month, Even if as small as going to a park or watching sunsets. Surprises add more fun to life!

10. Have honest communication

If there is something, that is bothering you, having clean and honest communication is essential to build and make your relationships strong and healthy.

Health/ Wellness Goals

New month New goals

Health is one of the most important aspects of life, I have shared 10 simple goals to help you build focus on your health.

1. Move your body everyday

Whether, it is walking, using stairs, dancing, or working out at home. Make a goal to move your body every day for a month!

2. No artificial sugar for 30 days

Artificial sugar is really bad for health, and the sad news is, apart from us adding sugar to our recipes. They are already present in almost all the products we but

From bread, and sauces to any processed food. We are intaking even more amount of sugar.

Making a simple to not take artificial sugar for the month can have magical effects and help you build a healthier lifestyle!

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables for month

We have gotten a lot more accustomed to eating bread and packaged food than fruits and vegetables, which are typical: THE REAL FOOD” we should be eating.

Make a goal to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet for a month!

4. Take 10k steps a day

Back in college, I had set up a goal to take 10k steps a day. This was such a fun and easy way for me to move my body when I could not make time for a workout.

I would take public transport more and walk more to places which helped me save money as well as walk more throughout the day!

5. Substitute your daily coffee with Matcha or other drink

As a crazy coffee lover or addict me. Eliminating coffee is just too difficult. However, the bad effects of coffee are real.

This is why I had set a goal for this month to drink matcha or other drinks and limit my caffeine intake!

6. Drink more water daily

Get yourself a bottle that you can sip throughout the day and increase your water intake!

Drinking a good amount of water is a must, so if you have been struggling with it. It is time for you to make this goal!

7. Make appointments for health checkup

Another goal you can set is to make appointments for health checkups. It is important to make sure you are healthy

and if there are areas you can improve on to increase your health then why not!

8. Sleeping on time and getting 8 hours of sleep everyday

Sleeping is very important for hour body to heal and recover. But not sleeping just anyhow.

Sleeping at night and getting a good deep sleep of 8 hours is required for your body to recover properly overnight!

9. Stretch everyday for 10 minutes

A good stretch for 10 minutes every day to help your body feel refreshed and awake, especially if you have a desk job.

10. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Many people skip breakfast, and honestly, it is not healthy.

If anything, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If you tend to skip it, Make a goal to not and eat a proper meal every day

11. No processed food for a month

Another goal to improve your health, can be to eliminate processed food for a month! This will encourage you to eat read and healthy food that gives nutrition to your body!

12. Learn about health and Nutrition

Now, there is no better way to improve your health, than learning about your body and nutrition.

Once you are aware of what is good and why. You will make a better decision for yourself!

Financial Goals

New month New goals

If you want to better your financial life, these are some simple and easy ways to begin!

1. Spend Less

Most of our money goes to waste because we spend it as soon as we get it. Making an intentional goal to spend less and think twice can help you in the longer run.

2. Set up a monthly Budget and stick to it

Set up a monthly budget and try to live within the budget for the month. Notice the changes you have to make in your lifestyle and how you could improve

3. Invest few percent of your income

While saving is important, investing is another way, to save your money! Investing in something that can help you double your income in return!

Instead of taking all your money, take 10% of your income and use it to invest in tools, courses, or stocks that can give you more in return!

4. Learn about finances

Now I am not a financial expert, so there are only a few things, I can share from my experience.

If you really want to improve your finances then, make time to learn about it. Go to an expert who can teach you

5. Learn how to make $1000 a month

If you have been thinking about increasing your income streams. Then learn how to make $1000 a month from these side hustles!

6. Track your finances

another great way to improve your financial health is to always track your finances every month.

Reflect on where you spent and how much was wasted. So you can make better decisions in the future!

7. No eating out instead eat homemade food

We spend a lot of money little by little every day on eating out, Make a goal to not eat out or order from outside for a month and make food at home,

8. Not buying clothes, skincare or beauty products for a month

Living in this influencer world, we all feel the urge to shop for new fashion or beauty products.

Set a goal to not buy any new clothes skincare or beauty products for a month and use what you already have!

9. Create an emergency fund

Choose a percentage of your income that you can add to your emergency fund every month. This can help you feel stable when you have money saved up in case of an emergency!

10. Get a financial advisor

If you think, you are unable to handle and make better use of money by yourself. Then getting an expert to help you is what you need to invest in!

Organization Goals

Want to organize certain spaces? These are some easy ideas to help you get started!

1 Declutter your home

Decluttering your home is the easiest way to organize your home! We have so much of items we don’t use, and they just keep taking space in our home.

Set a goal to declutter all things you have not used for more than 6 months and eliminate them!

2. Organize your closet, vanity and kitchen pantry

Similarly, go deep into your closet, declutter clothes that you don’t need anymore, and organize them properly in your closet.

The same goes with vanity,- any makeup skincare products that have gotten expired, throw them away and keep others in their respective places!

And do the same for your kitchen pantry!

3. Do a digital declutter

Apart from home, take out all your digital appliances and start decluttering and organizing them properly!

4. Spend 15 minutes every day to clean

Another goal can be to set a goal, to spend 15 minutes every day decluttering or organizing a certain area of life!

Fun Goals

As a bonus, there are a few Fun goals you can do when bored or want to make life more exciting!

1. Tick something off from your bucket list

An Exciting goal can be to tick something off from your bucket list every month!

2. Plan a short trip this month

Maybe a short trip even one day trip in a month can help you feel refreshed after working nonstop!

3. Do 3 things out of your comfort zone

Set a goal to do 1-3 things every month that are out of your comfort zone!

4. Socialize more and meet new people

If you are a homebody like me, then make a goal to meet someone new every month and socialize

5. Change up your look

A simple haircut or change in hair color or makeup routine or style can totally change how you look! This is a fun way to look new and feel confident!

6. Wear something good everyday

Make a goal to wear something that you feel confident in every day!

7. Watch movie in theatre

While we all are glued to our Netflix and other movie subscription. Once a month, Watching a movie in a theatre can be a nice experience!


Goals are so important in life! They help you and drive you to move forward in life!

Goals don’t always have to be massive. Simple goals like those I have shared above can also make a huge difference in life!

Tell me in the comments, which goal are you going to start with.

Have a great day!

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New month New goals

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