25 Powerful Mindset journal prompts to overcome limiting beliefs

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If Limiting beliefs are holding you from living your dream life, then check these Mindset journal prompts to overcome limiting beliefs!

Mindset journal prompts to overcome limiting beliefs

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Did you know? it’s our beliefs that rule most of our life? Especially limiting beliefs

We think we cannot do something or achieve something, or there is a big problem, and so on…

But 90% of the time, those roadblocks are not present in the real world but in our minds.

Mindset plays a huge role in helping us either succeed or fail. There have been many instances when my limiting beliefs took over.

And I could not achieve what I want.

I am sure you have been through that too.

Hence, in this Post, I will share Journal Prompts that can help in, building a growth mindset to overcome limiting Beliefs!

But first, let’s understand…

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What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that we believe in our minds. These beliefs have been formed, Since childhood, through-

  • Parenting
  •  Society
  •  School
  •  Our inner circle

Things we heard growing up on what is right or wrong. How making money is difficult, or our teachers or parents sometimes telling how we can never do something.

Those small words, our brain picks and continue to believe. That’s why when we try to do something opposite to what we were always told.

Fears and anxiety take over.

But in reality, these beliefs do not exist. They are limiting beliefs because they stop us from living in abundance!

Our limiting beliefs stop us from taking action and feel afraid all the time.

What are the Top 10 limiting beliefs?

The top 10 most common limiting beliefs that we all struggle with are

  • I am too old or young to do XYZ
  •  I am not good enough
  •  I am not capable of doing this
  •  I am not talented enough
  •  I will never be successful
  •  I don’t have enough money
  •  I am a failure
  •  I can’t do this…
  •  I don’t deserve this
  •  I am not ready

From the above, we all have said at least 2-3 of these sentences to ourselves, haven’t we?

How journaling can change limiting beliefs?

Now since you are aware that you have limiting beliefs and want to overcome them. What are the variables you can do?

  • Identify your beliefs
  •  Understand that it is a belief and not a reality
  •  Challenge those beliefs!

Journaling is a powerful exercise that can help you identify your limiting beliefs and encourage you to challenge them!

Practicing journal prompts and answering the question. You can get clarity on what are things that you feel afraid to do

What are your limiting thoughts, and how can you grow your mindset toward abundance

New to Journal prompts? Here are 61 Easy Beginner Journal Prompts to get you started

25 Mindset journal prompts to overcome limiting beliefs

Mindset journal prompts

1. What would you do if you were not afraid of anything?

Imagine a scenario where there was nothing in life to be afraid of. List what are the things, you would do in that case?

Maybe starting a business, following your passion, being in love.. or traveling

Write everything down

How Are your emotions or thoughts limiting your growth?

When you think of doing something new, What emotions do you feel? Write about it. How do you think these emotions limit your growth?

For example: Maybe You wanted to start a business, but fear of failure, or not being able to succeed makes you feel anxious and stressed

Because of this feeling, you never took the step to start your business and are now stuck at your job.

3. How can you grow and learn from your bad past experiences?

Maybe your beliefs come from a mistake you made in the past or experienced something terrible that is now acting as a limiting belief.

Go back to that experience and think about how you can grow from it? What lesson did you learn?

4. Are you afraid of failing? What makes you so afraid?

For many people, fear of failure is what stops them to do what they want. Is that you too?

If you are afraid of failing, write down WHAT EXACTLY MAKES YOU AFRAID?

When we learned how to walk, we failed a hundred times and fell to the ground but look now, not only, we can walk but run on our own feet.

If you never fail, then how will you succeed? Isn’t failure a good thing then?

5. What changes in your life are you currently resisting?

Many people love to be in their comfort zone. When they go through a change in life. They feel uncomfortable and start to resist

Look around and find what changes are happening in your life right now.

How are you welcoming those changes? Or Are you resisting them because they feel uncomfortable?

6. Name one thing you did in the past that was an example of a growth mindset

I am sure there was a time, in the past when you did something out of your comfort zone

It could be a very tiny thing, that you thought was almost impossible, but you went ahead and did it anyway!

Take a moment to think and write what it was?

7. What kind of messages about success did you hear growing up? How have those shaped you today?

Success is one term each person in this world is running after, but the message related to success is quite different.

What kind of things have you heard about success at your home? , in school, and in your circle? Were they all the same or different?

For example, Success means more money, success means a highly reputed job, or being successful is not everyone’s cup of tea…

8. What stops you from believing in yourself?

If you are struggling to believe in yourself, it is important to know exactly, what it is that is stopping you from doing?

Others opinion? A mistake in the past? Or something else? Write in detail

9. What does your support network look like?

Our Support system plays a huge role in our mindset. When we are constantly surrounded by people that create fears in our brains, we tend to think about those things.

However, when we are surrounded by highly supportive and optimistic people, we tend to feel encouraged to try things out of our comfort zone!

10. Are you underestimating yourself? If yes, where is this coming from?

If the reason you are not able to pursue what you want is that you think too low of yourself,

Then you must ask yourself, what do I think like that? Where is this coming from?

The only way you will know is by trying out and taking action!

Mindset journal prompts to overcome limiting beliefs

Journal prompts for overcoming limiting beliefs

1. Where do your fears come from?

The best way to overcome your limiting thoughts or fears is to dive deep into your past and understand where these thoughts and fears originate from.

2. In what ways do your fears, insecurities, and negative beliefs limit you?

Write about all the ways in the past and current life, the fears, insecurities, or limiting beliefs that has stopped or made your life stagnant.

3. What limiting beliefs are you already aware you have?

We all carry many limiting beliefs, but they only come to the surface when we are faced with a situation that is opposite to the belief system.

This is why we are not usually aware of all the limiting beliefs we might be carrying!

However, over the years, some of the limiting beliefs must be there you are now aware of

What are they? list each of them down

4.  How do your limiting beliefs make you feel?

Does your limiting belief make you feel good or relaxed? Or does it triggers anxiety and fear?

It is important, to know how you feel when encountering your thoughts or beliefs!

If it makes you feel anxious and fearful, it is not a good thing, and you need to learn to let it go!

5. What steps can you take to conquer your limiting beliefs?

Think and write about ways you can conquer your limiting beliefs! Challenging your beliefs is the best way to conquer them.

If your mind tells you that you cannot do something

Challenge it y doing it and showing it that you can! Even if it includes small mistakes or patience. It still means You can

That’s how you will be able to overcome that belief!

6. How does this limiting belief affect your life?

We have talked about many limiting beliefs in the past, but now let’s look at a limiting belief that is affecting your life, currently

How is it affecting you right now? Describe in detail!

7. What are your Core Values?

When we are focusing on growing our mindset and overcoming negative thoughts, it is important, to remember our values,

What are your values in life? Take a moment and write them down

8. How do your core values contradict your limiting beliefs?

Core values that you have, how are they contradicting your limiting beliefs?

9.  How can we actively work towards proving this limiting belief wrong?

Write down the steps you can take to consistently prove your limiting beliefs wrong and win at life!

10. What’s a positive affirmation I can repeat to replace this limiting belief?

To overcome or challenge your limiting belief, what are a few affirmations you can repeat to feel encouraged?

For example: from saying – I cannot do this…

To- I can do this, I will accomplish it

11. Name a time where a limiting belief made you give up

Was there a time when your limiting belief took over, and you gave up on doing what you wanted to?

12. What If you had tried back then? Instead of giving up? How different things would be?

Looking back, at that time, If you had tried instead of giving up. How different things would have been?

13. Do you have a habit of staying where you’re comfortable? Why do you think that is?

Apart from liming beliefs, it is usually the comfort that stops us from growing.

You are too comfortable where you are now, and change scares you, is that true? If yes, why do you think it is?

14. What is your purpose?

Knowing your purpose can help you push through challenging thoughts and go after what you truly want to do!

Write down what your purpose is and why you want to do it!

15. What have you understood about your mindset and beliefs

Now coming to the end of our prompts, after answering all the above prompts

What have you understood about mindset and beliefs, do you see more clarity or feel better?

Write down your thoughts.

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Mindset journal prompts to overcome limiting beliefs

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