170 Life-changing Affirmations for glow up

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Want to have an inside-out complete glow-up? Practice these over 170 Life-changing Affirmations for the glow up that will you feeling your best self ever!

Affirmations for glow up

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Just like you, I always was for looking a glow-up, it was initially only concerned with physical appearance

How do I look? I wanna look my best self and have a summer glow-up and so on

Coming from a place where I used to feel insecure, I would watch so many glow-up videos, exercise, and all other kinds of beauty secret tricks

Until I realized that real does start with the workouts or clothes you wear, it starts with your mindset

Even if you do get physically fit and in your best shape, you will still feel insecure if your mindset is still the same

the mindset where you keep having negative self-talk with yourself, where you keep comparing your body with others

You will still feel you need to do something to have a glow-up!

That’s when I started to practice affirmations while doing other things as well.

Although I did not see huge physical changes, my mindset, and inner confidence had transformed in a span of a few months

Looking back, the only thing that helped me was the affirmations I used to practice everyday day!

I received a few messages from my friends where they noticed the change too!

And so, in this post, today, through these affirmations for glow I want to help you do the same!

Start from inside and everything else will happen naturally!

What Are Affirmations?

In case you don’t know much about affirmations, I would like to share what it is

Affirmations are simple words or phrases that we say to ourself

It consists of positive and uplifting sentences/ messages we tell ourselves. It helps us shift our mindset and inner look about ourself

Our confidence and mindset are mostly based on things we hear from people,

Our family, friends, and society whatever they say about us, have shaped our beliefs

That’s why, those who feel insecure have gone through body shaming in some way or another while growing up

With time, this has become a belief in our minds and we live every day with it

By using affirmations, which are positive phrases we can reverse those beliefs and get our confidence, and self-love back!

How To Use Affirmations For Glow-Up?

Now that you know what affirmations are, it is time to understand how to use them so they help us in our glow up

Affirmations help us reprogram our beliefs,

Now these beliefs that we have now are built over years, hence if we want to reverse them

we need to work on it consistently for a while, it is not something that can be done in a day

So to make affirmations for glow-up work for you, you need to practice them every day consistently

You can practice these affirmations-

  • By writing them in a notebook every day
  •  Speaking these affirmations out loud
  •  Or you can also record and listen to it every day

PS: Every time, every affirmation that you say, you have to wholeheartedly believe in it for it to work!

In the beginning, it will feel odd because your mind will keep telling you that it is not true, but as you keep believing it and repeatedly tell these affirmations to yourself

your mind will start believing it slowly!

170 Positive Life-changing Affirmations for a glow up

1. I am ready for new changes

2. I am enough

3. I am glowing up from the inside out.

4. I radiate beauty and light from within.

5. My glow-up is happening now.

6. I have a powerful aura.

7. I am beautiful inside and out

8. I accept and love how I look

9. My confidence does not lie in others’ opinion

10. I love myself

11. I am beautiful and confident

12. My greatest glow-up is internal.

13. My fears do not hold me back

14. I welcome positivity in my life

15. I am badass

16. There is no limit to what I can achieve.

17. I attract abundance in my life

18. I love my body

19. I am growing and glowing every day

20. I am stepping into my power.

21. I am worthy of love and self-respect.

22. I work on my body for myself

23. I am optimistic

24. I feel confident

25. I attract only good into my life.

26. I am ready for growth

27. Challenge helps me glow up

28. I can do anything I set my mind to

29. Everything is possible for me

30. I am undergoing glow-up.

31. I appreciate myself

32. I accept who I am

33. Others’ opinion of me does not define my beauty

34. My confidence is growing every day

35. I accept and embrace who I am becoming every day.

36. I am working on myself

Wellness Affirmations for a glow-up

37. I promise to take care of myself.

38. I move my body in ways that bring me joy

39. My health is my main priority

40. I prioritize my peace.

41. I love spending quality time with myself

42. My glow-up helps me transform my life for the better

43. I am healthy

44. I am at peace with my body, heart, and mind

45. Taking care of myself is the real glow up

46. I trust the process of working on myself

47. I am pushing myself every day for better

48. My body is powerful and knows how to heal itself

49. I nourish my body

50. I live a healthy lifestyle

51. Rest is a top priority for me.

52. I am progressing day by day.

53. I don’t waste my time on drama

54. I trust my body’s wisdom

55. My immune system is healthy and strong.

56. My sleep is relaxed and refreshing.

57. I am grateful for my body.

58. My body is my temple and I respect it

59. Glow up for me is about caring for my body

Affirmations for your mindset glow-up

60. I nourish my soul

61. I am worthy of love and self-respect.

62. I have the power to change my life

63. I choose me

64. I am constantly learning and growing. 

65. My heart and mind are open and ready for new experiences.

66. I trust that everything in my life is unfolding perfectly.

67. I can manifest joy and healing.

68. I believe in myself

69. I am becoming the best version of myself

70. I let off all negative inner thoughts about my imperfections

71. The more I love myself, the more beautiful I become.

72. I trust myself

73. I have everything

74. I respect my body

75. Every decision I make is for the better of my health

76. my inner beauty shines through.

77. I radiate positivity and attract positive energy into my life.

78. I am proud of my progress

79. I treat my body with love and care.

80. I let go of any negativity from the past and step into a bright future.

81. I release all self-doubt and replace it with self-belief.

82. I am valuable just as I am.

83. I am a source of inspiration and motivation for myself and others.

84. I am surrounded by supportive and loving people who uplift me.

85. I am a magnet for opportunities and positive experiences.

Practice these affirmations

86. My happiness comes from within

87. I choose to be happy every day.

88. I am resilient and capable of overcoming any obstacles that come my way.

89. I am worthy of achieving my goals and dreams,

90. I am comfortable setting boundaries and saying no when necessary.

91. I embrace change and see every challenge as an opportunity to grow.

92. I am confident in expressing my true self 

93. I am unique

94. I am imperfectly perfect

95. I am constantly evolving

96. I attract abundance and success in all areas of my life.

97. I release all fears from my life

98. I am capable of everything

99. I create my own reality

100. With hard work and discipline, I can achieve everything

101. All my dreams are fulfilled

Physical Glow-up affirmations

102. I am embracing my body and treating it with love and care.

103. I am grateful for my body’s strength and vitality.

104. Every day, I am becoming more radiant and attractive.

105. I am dedicated to nourishing my body with healthy food and exercise.

106. I am confident in my natural beauty and don’t need to compare myself to others.

107. I am in control of my health and well-being, and I make choices that support it.

108. I am getting better every day, and my physical transformation is noticeable.

109. I carry myself with grace and confidence, which adds to my attractiveness.

110. I deserve to invest time and effort in my physical well-being.

112. My beauty comes from a place of authenticity and self-assurance.

113. I am proud of my body and its capabilities.

114. I attract compliments and positive attention because of my confidence and radiance.

115. I am excited to see the continuous positive changes in my physical appearance.

116. am patient with me as I work towards my physical goals.

117. I radiate positivity, and it enhances my appearance.

118. I am releasing any negative thoughts about my body and embracing self-love.

Mental Glow-up affirmations

119. I am the master of my thoughts, and I choose to think positively and optimistically.

120. I am confident in handling life’s challenges with grace and wisdom.

121. I practice mindfulness and focus on the present moment with clarity and peace.

122. I focus on the present moment with clarity and peace.

123. I am grateful for the lessons life teaches me and use them to become better.

124. I am worthy of love and respect both from others and myself.

125. I am confident in expressing my thoughts and opinions with assertiveness.

126. I am kind to myself and practice self-compassion during times of difficulty.

127. I am worthy of all the good things life has to offer.

128. I believe in my abilities and trust myself to make the best decisions for my life.

129. I release worry about what is out of my control 

130. I have the power to get what I want

131. I am stepping into my higher self

132. I feel beautiful every day

133. every part of my body deserves care and respect

134. I am beautiful because I am me.

135. I am beauty and brains combined.

136. I am blessed with a natural glow.

137. I look and feel like a goddess.

138. I am proud of my body and what it does for me

139. My glowing smile lights up every room.

140. My heart speaks my beauty

141. I am elegant

142. My body is perfect in every sense.

143. I look fabulous!

More Affirmations for glowing up

144. I now see myself in a beautiful light.

145. I enjoy life

146. I focus on my inner peace

147. I love the new me I see in the mirror.

148. I am the creator of my happiness.

149. I become even more radiant with my positive approach to life.

150. I actively seek beauty in ordinary things.

161. I forgive myself.

162. I love dressing for myself.

163. I can speak up for myself.

164. I love to groom myself.

165. My inner beauty is projected from the inside out.

166. I am meant to live a happy life.

167. I am free of negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs.

168. I love to exercise and eat healthily.

169. My true beauty shines from the inside out.

170. I deny myself permission to say hurtful things about myself.


So these were 170 affirmations for glow-up!

Repeat these affirmations regularly, especially during times of self-doubt or difficulty, to reinforce a positive and resilient mindset.

Remember, mental growth and transformation are ongoing processes, and affirmations can support your journey toward a stronger and more empowered mind.

Affirmations work best when combined with consistent actions and self-care practices.

Embrace a healthy lifestyle, take care of your body, and let these affirmations reinforce your belief in your glow-up. You’ve got this!

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