27 tips to Glow Up Mentally and Physically in 2024

Are you looking for a fresh start? New year new me?

If you have had a rough time in the past, both mentally and physically, and now, you are desperately looking for a change,

you want to get better and have a glow-up.

In this post, I will share with You How to Glow Up Mentally and Physically.

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No matter where you are in life right now, What phase, time, or year. There is always room for improvement and growth.

If you have been going through a challenging phase, whether mentally or physically.

Or just looking for a change, wanting to become the better version of yourself. Or

You want to come out in 2024 with an Ultimate glow-up.

Then this is your chance.

My Story

I remember, in 2020, I spent a good amount of my time on self-improvement and came out with both mental and physical glow-up. I lost 7kgs, got toned physically and mentally, I overcame my insecurities completely, for the first time!

And this is something, People around me said.

You have changed ( for the better)

I see You look more cheerful now

You look more confident now

It’s clear, I wasn’t the only one who felt this, others could see it too!

However, 2022 was down and rough for me. I went through many emotional challenges, and now, I am ready for a fresh start.

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How to glow up mentally and physically

I want to glow up both mentally and physically, and Hence, I decided to write this post to share with you everything I did back then and Will be doing this year!

But First… Let’s Understand the fundamentals!

What is a “Glow Up”?

If you want to have a glow-up, you must know what actually, is glow-up! I see so many people getting confused and taking it as altering your body or looking aesthetically like instagram model in pictures.


A glow-up is a major and positive personal transformation, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A glow does not stop at physical appearance. It goes much beyond that. In a glow-up, You become a better version of yourself, helping you improve the quality of your life.

How do you physically glow?

If you are wondering how can I physically glow? Which is healthy and also not toxic?

Honestly, It depends on your goals, you may have a goal if you felt the urge to glow physically.

This year, I spent very little time working out. My weight is still the same, and my body is almost the same, however, Since I did not exercise much this year, I lost my toned body.

This year, My goal is to work out and move my body more, and get toned. I am not looking to change any part, just being and feeling more fit!

Second: My food was not the best this year. I had a mix of both eating healthy and a lot of junk food. I want to add more nutrition to my body.

This is my goal. Similarly, you have to find yours…

Benefits of Physical Glow up

If you are wondering how will a physical glow-up will benefit me? These are some benefits

  • Feeling better about your body
  •  Being fit
  •  Comfortable in your skin
  •  Naturally looking and feeling beautiful
  •  Getting stronger
  •  Better mental health

How do you mentally glow up?

This one is what I am Looking forward to the most. As Last year was emotionally challenging for me and my mental health was not the best. This year I want to glow up mentally too!

To glow up mentally, again you need to understand what you are suffering through right now.

Back in 2022, My concerns were my insecurities and feeling uncomfortable in my skin. I struggled with body insecurities majorly. And I was able to put effort into doing everything to overcome that.

However this year, I am struggling with experiencing joy, I felt myself feeling lonely, down, and anxious all year. I want to go deep into what is making me feel this way and how I can add more joy and experience better mental health.

Hence, Once you are clear about what aspect of your mental health you want to improve, You can make changes and work towards it. Of course, I will be sharing some great ways to glow up mentally!

Benefits of Mental Glow up

  • Improved mental health
  • Better relationships
  • Feeling joy and positivity
  • Better coping mechanism

I think all the benefits are enough to push me towards working towards myself and as someone who has done it before, I know what a beautiful feeling it is!

How to Glow Up Mentally and Physically in 2023

How to Glow Up Mentally and Physically in 2024 – Ultimate Glow Up Checklist

Step 1: Set a Goal

The first step towards your glow-up is to set a goal. Write down goals for your both, mental and physical glow-up.

What are you looking to achieve?

Is it to get healthy? or fit?

Do you want to feel better? Be more confident or Improve self-love?

Setting clear goals will help you take action towards those aspects. You see, when it comes to being fit, there are many different ways.

You want to be clear whether you are looking to get slim, toned, or get your core strong. Only then You will be able to do workouts that fulfills that goal.

So go ahead and set goals.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Now that you know Your goal. It is time to make a rough plan. Not a clear but a rough plan

The thing with a clear plan is, when we make a clear and concise plan in our routine, things do not always go like that. Maybe you decided to workout at that particular time, but a meeting came up,

Now you are too attached to the time and feel discouraged that you forget you can always work out at any time throughout the day.

Hence Make a rough plan of what things you would prefer to do and what days. What will you eat and listen to, and so on?

Step 3: Stay Consistent with it

Now that you have made your plan as well. The most important thing is…to be CONSISTENT.

I remember I would mix up my workouts back then, but one thing I did was stay consistent every day.

I showed up every day to work out, even if it is for 10 minutes, and kept exercising.

All I did were extremely beginner workouts, and still saw results because I stayed Consistent throughout the journey.

I talk more about the Importance of Being Consistent with Goals – Here is Exactly How to

25 Ways to glow up Mentally and Physically

1. Make time for self-care

First things first, That will make a huge difference is self-care.

I remember spending so much time doing self-care activities in lockdown that I came out feeling loved and confident in myself.

I know life gets busy, but one thing that needs to be prioritized is self-care.

The more love and care you will sprinkle into your life, the more you will glow from within

2. Create a workout Routine

Whether it’s physical or mental glow-up, Exercise has been proven to help both! Hence, There is no reason not to have a workout routine

Now It does not matter, if you want to do at-home workouts, go to the gym, play a sport, do Zumba, or go hiking!

The idea here is to invest a particular time in moving your body.

If you have set a goal to get toned like me, then you can follow workout routines that help you get toned.

3. Add Healthy Eating Habits

You Probably know, the fact that it is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise that results in making your body healthy and fit.

I personally, do not follow restrictive diets.

I am still a beginner in eating healthy, and there are some changes I have made in the lifestyle that has helped me add more healthy eating habits.

  1. Eating more home-cooked: When you eat at home, you can control what ingredients you put in and how much.
  2.  Making my coffee at home ( with no or less sugar): I love coffee, and I have been drinking coffee for the past 1 year -sugar-free. I used to put 3-4 spoons of sugar before, but over time, my taste birds adjusted with less and less sugar to now -no sugar.
  3.  Having more antioxidant fruits and vegetables in my dish
  4.  Incorporating more raw food.

4. Drink More Water

I have come to realize that water instantly shows up in your body. whenever I have had less water. I feel dizzy a lot, I find small bumps on my skin and my stomach does feel good.

When I switched to having a good amount of water every day I instantly felt these things fading away.

5. Journal


If you are looking to glow up mentally even the tiniest bit, then journaling is one thing you must get yourself into.

And here is the thing about journaling, There are so many ways you can journal, and for a lot of people, it is overwhelming.

What I want you to do is to journal the way you like to, Whatever way feels comfortable to you, do it.

The ideology behind journaling is to express yourself. Do it in any way you like 🙂

Journaling tips and Ideas:

6. Practice Affirmations

Moving onto the second thing that had the most profound effect on my mental and emotional health were positive affirmations.

Spending time affirming positive things to myself instead of following negative self-talk as I used to before.

This truly has helped me overcome negative self-talk and be more kind to myself.

7. Spend time in learning

When you open yourself to new learning and adding skills, you automatically add so much more to your personality.

You now know so many things and that makes you unique and interesting.

It could be anything from learning a new language to starting a blog or digital creation or gardening there are endless things.

Choose one that you find interesting or always wanted to!

8. Add a Hobby into your daily routine

How to glow up mentally and physically

Apart from working or studying, what activities do you do, just for fun? Because you enjoy every bit of it? I am not talking about Netflix but about doing activities.

If you don’t. Then, Adding a hobby to your daily routine is a must! Hobbies help us relax, be present and build our confidence.

You see we are spending time doing and learning something just for fun. There is no stress about the future or competition with another person.

This feeling helps you build confidence and enjoy more. This is great mentally and makes you more lively!

Here 67 Insanely Great Hobbies for 20 somethings adults

9. Read to educate

Now, In starting, You wrote your goals for the mental, emotional, and physical glow-up.

I am not sure what that goal must be and how you can achieve them, but there are specialists in those categories, that can help you.

This is where books and blogs, are going to help you dive in and learn more about how you can improve yourself.

If you want to have a healthy diet, then books about nutrition and healthy recipes are going to help you educate

If you want to mentally feel better because you went through grief, then books, that talk about coping and healing from such loss will help you.

10. Take care of your skin

Good quality skincare that is free from toxins and will give your skin exactly what it needs, will leave a healthy skin barrier.

Your skin will glow and look healthy. Take time to practice skincare as it is a part of your daily self-care routine.

11. Go slow…

No matter what age you are, You may be equipped with stress and feel as if time is running out, you need to succeed faster.

This thinking has added so much stress and problems in millions of people’s life.

Take things slow, whatever your goal is do it one step at a time. when you rush, you start sulking and no more enjoy the process.

Your eyes are set on the end goal and you end up dreading the whole process.

Going slow will help you Give other areas of your life enough attention too.

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12. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is proven to improve your mental health and increase happiness in life.

Honestly, we have so much that we are blessed in life that we do not even realize in this fast-paced world

It is easy to compare and feel sad about our life than it is to feel grateful.

That is why a daily practice of thankfulness is important to remind ourselves that we are surrounded by so much abundance

The more we will feel abundant, the more abundance will come into our life.

13. Pray

Whether you believe in god, religion, or not. We are always praying. The moment we are in trouble we pray.

The moment we have a dream, we wish to fulfill it. When someone in our family gets sick, We pray for their good health.

We are always praying subconsciously. Don’t think it is selfish. It is an essential part of our life

In the law of attraction, we see, the first step is to ask, Us praying is a way of us asking the god, higher power, or universe to manifest our dreams.

Shift to intentional praying, this will open more doors of abundance and manifestations in your life.

14. Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are going to become the next best things. They are filled with so much knowledge and wisdom and are convenient to listen to for everybody.

You can listen to any episode while doing your chores and save time.

Listening to podcasts is just another way to educate and surround yourself with positivity.

Check these 12 Best Podcasts For Women In Their 20s

15. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being aware and intentional about the smallest to biggest things in our life. Our decisions, our time, and what we consume.

Adding mindfulness, helps you make better decisions, You feel more grateful towards life and purposeful.

16. Go outside

Being at home is great. It is a refreshing, perfect place to recharge and practice self-care.

But spending too much time at home can get depressing and take away great experiences from our life.

When we go out, we get to experience the world, meet people and grow. Most importantly, it is great for your mental health.

17. Create a Vision Board

When starting out with your journey, Making a vision board is a wonderful manifestation and motivation exercise!

I love making vision boards at the start of the new year to create a vision for my new year. How can read this post to know How to make a Powerful vision board.

Similarly, you can make a mood board or vision board for wellness. This can work as a motivation every day to help you achieve your goals!

Put it on your wallpaper or at a desk where you can be reminded of your goals every day.

18. Spend more Me-time

Take regular downtime to spend quality me-time doing whatever you like. Whether it is walking alone in a park or listening to podcasts. Journaling or taking a long bath.

Our connection with the inner self helps us nourish our mind, body, and soul.

It creates room for growth and learning. You get to discover yourself and listen to your intuition…

PS: Read : 23 Mindful Me Time Activities you will absolutely love

19. Be around Positivity and Uplifting environment

People around us play a huge role in our energy. There have been so many people in the past, who shared how they had a major glow-up, after leaving a toxic relationship.

They did not change much of their habits but mentally and emotionally, they had a drastic change

That’s because the People and environment we are surrounded with play a huge role in our life. It reflects in us.

You can take an intentional effort towards surrounding yourself with positivity and people who raise your vibration.

You will be naturally happier, glowing, and thriving, then.

20. Get Therapy

Most of us have had a rough past that may have felt some trauma or scars behind us. Even though we may think we are healed somewhere, it still might be showing up.

If you think, the reason you are feeling and going through a tough time could be related to the past, or even you do not know. Therapy is a great solution.

Seeking a professional who can help you find the root cause and heal through it will change your life!

21. Meditate

Meditation is a mindfulness activity to help you stay present and navigate your thoughts intentionally. Our mind is always thinking, and overthinking nonstop.

When our mind is filled with chaos inside, our life outside becomes chaotic.

Meditation will help you calm down and simplify your mind from the inside. Leaving no space for overthinking.

This is a huge contributor to glowing up mentally. Although, when you begin it will not be an easy journey. All your pain will come forward and then get out.

This might be tough, but over time you can witness the changes happening.

22. Get a Hair cut

Sometimes, a haircut or hair transformation alone is what gives you a huge physical glow-up! Adding this with all the other changes can create a huge glow-up and look new and different!

23. Find Your style

As I was Transitioning from high school girl to getting into college, One of the things that helped me was to experiment and find my style.

What colors look good on me? Do I look better in feminine girly outfits or street-style casual? How can I accessory my outfit to add more edge to the look? What is my body shape? What outfits are flattering on my body type…

Simple questions like these, helped me find my style and dress up accordingly. Finding your style helps You look more put together.

24. Get your go-to make up kit

An everyday go-to makeup look is essential for everyone. You do not necessarily have to put on lots of makeup, but a simple everyday-no makeup-makeup look is great.

There have been so many make trends, like the Clean girl’s makeup look, which is good for an everyday look.

Experiment with different things and come down to one look that looks perfect, and you can do it anytime you wanna look good.

25. Choose Yourself

A glow-up naturally occurs when you start choosing yourself and doing things for yourself!

Choosing yourself is all about doing things you love that are good for you. That’s how you grow and become confident and radiate happiness from within.

Glow Up Checklist

These were all 30 tips on How to glow up mentally and physically! Here is a Checklist of my top 12 tips you can save!

This Post was all about How to glow up mentally and physically

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How to glow up mentally and physically

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