How To Start A Wellness Journey: 10 EASY TIPS

How To Start A Wellness Journey

You wish to start on your well-being for various reasons but feel lost or overwhelmed. You probably have watched different videos and tried multiple quick diets & exercises which have made you feel unmotivated. Don’t worry. I have been there, so I will share with you how to start a wellness journey that works for you today!

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Let us first understand a few of the most asked questions people have regarding starting your wellness journey.

What is Wellness, and Why is it important?

Wellness means “a state of being in good health as an active pursuit goal.”

In simple terms, it means – actively focusing and being in overall good health.

Even though it is obvious that we all need to be healthy to function properly in life. Even if one area of our health is suffering, it also impacts all other parts of life.

For example- If your mental health is not excellent, it impacts your daily routine, relationships, and work.

If you are not Fit ( and by fit, I don’t mean slim body), you may get tired quickly and find it hard to do many physical-related activities.

Hence, Wellness comes as a first priority we should focus on. Only then can we focus on other parts of our life!

How To Start A Wellness Journey

What is a health journey?

Being healthy is not a one-day thing you achieve; you never have to work on it again. Instead, it is a journey and even reaching a certain level of well-being happens with time

for some people, it takes months and years, and even then, there is no end line to it. You have to keep working on it for the rest of your life.

What are Wellness and fitness?

The term Wellness and fitness often get inter-used and misunderstood by people.

When you think about the term wellness, the first thing that may usually pop up in your head would be the body and looking “fit physically,” and that term actually means fitness.

Wellness focuses on all the 7 areas that I will share below.

What are the 7 areas of Wellness?

Mental, Physical, Social, Financial, Spiritual, Environmental, and Vocational are the 7 areas of Wellness.

Toxic Wellness Culture

Before I share with you how to start a wellness Journey, I want to talk about the Toxicity that has been going around.

When you start learning about being healthy, you may come across many people sharing extreme hacks and methods. Often, the techniques or products could be better for us and can leave us with negative results, or they are just a SCAM.

There is also a trend that has been started where people for promoting Wellness end up creating a rigorous and extreme lifestyle that eventually leads to failure and giving up

you will find many influencers sharing how they use everything natural and don’t consume even the slightest of sugar for a month or so even though it seems healthy, but you will find that it is not ideal or possible for each one of us to do it

It does work this way

and that’s precisely what I will share with you today

Wellness is all about Balance

My wellness Journey experience

wellness journey

My wellness Journey experience

My wellness journey started a bit late in school; initially, my Goal, like everybody was to get fit because I was insecure, and I would begin to watch various diets and exercise to get well as soon as I can

Obviously, I failed

It was challenging to follow those diets where I was hardly eating and, on top of that, working out. It did not make me feel good.

I am thankful I did not continue these diets for a long time and gave up in just a couple of days.

Yet I kept trying something or the other to get fit which I shared in another post about how A Positive Mindset Helped Me Lose 7kgs! 

In short, There was a week or maybe two where I workout every day and avoided eating junk food and ate lots of fruit instead, and obviously, after a week, I stopped.

After I stopped doing it, I started feeling a bit low and realized I wasn’t feeling this way a week ago.

In fact, I felt confident.

Eventually, I decided to do the workout again and realized that It made me feel good.

Whenever I would do Zumba dance or any other at-home workouts – It boosts my mood and self-esteem.

With time – I started incorporating healthy meals into my day that were also tasty. I continued to eat junk food but now, in moderation.

It was when I discovered The Lavendaire channel and started doing some of her self-love journal prompts and activities.

I started following more people like these, which made me aware of self-love and Wellness. I began practicing affirmations, journaling, and hobbies and focusing on my passion!

Even though it’s been many years, I still feel like a beginner. There is so much more I want to add to my life!

So, this is how I started my wellness journey, and along the way, I made many mistakes and learned a few lessons.

  • Have patience; we aim to know to achieve something in a day but make It a part of our lifestyle.
  •  Wellness, as I said above, is about the balance of both sides – while I focus on implementing healthy eating habits, I do eat junk food once in a while in moderation.
  •  It’s normal to have breaks in between when you don’t feel like pushing, but always come back and start again.
  •  Everyone’s Journey is unique and different, so don’t compare yourself to others.
  •  Keep going, but Don’t be too hard on yourself.

How to start your wellness Journey

There are a few points and tips to know when starting your wellness journey

  • The First thing to keep in mind is, again- It’s going to take time, and you will start seeing results gradually
  • You have to start by focusing on one area at a time; once you have become comfortable with it, you can add another
  • Whenever you would like to give up – Think about your why. What is the reason for you starting this? It will keep you going!
  • Stay consistent in all the steps. It’s okay to take breaks in between and miss our Routine but get back on track from the next day onwards!

What are the steps to wellness?

wellness tips

Now I will be sharing step by step Guide!

  1. Know Your Why

The first step towards starting your wellness journey is first to know the motive behind it,

What is the real reason you want to start a wellness journey?

If your motive needs to be clarified, you will give up easily during challenging times; if you are starting it because of pressure or comparison, then again, you will not enjoy the process and will give up eventually.

Your why could be anything that is pushing you positively, that will keep you going

2. Identify your current wellness

Once you have identified why you need to know where you are currently in terms of Wellness.

How is your mental, physical, and emotional health? How would you rate your financial and social life?
Be 100% Honest.

It is not to demotivate you but to only make you aware of your current being; once you know, you will be clear about where to start and set goals!

3. Set realistic Goals

Once you know your current position, it is time to set goals and

It is imperative to be clear and realistic about your wellness goals! In this step, being patient is very important as it is very issued to get influenced and excited to go for quick hacks

Remember, Every Journey is different; for some, it may take a while, and some may have to put in a little extra work.

Take an empty notebook and write down where you want to reach in all areas of Wellness and by when.

For example – you may feel you have been feeling down, and your emotions have a roller coaster; you can try to set goals to help you.

If you feel tired and out of energy, you need to give more attention to your health. All this will help you set CLEAT AND SMART GOALS!


  • Getting a total of 8 hours of sleep
  •  Reading ‘n’ of books in a month
  •  Make time for “this side.”
  •  Drink water
  •  Seek Therapy
  •  Workout Challenge
  •  Take Break
  •  Walk more
  •  Join a Class

4. Choose one Goal

Setting various goals for all 7 areas may feel overwhelming and too much.

Do not make the mistake of starting with all areas altogether

Choose One Goal from any of the areas of Wellness first, think carefully and see which requires your attention first.

Once you focus on one and get the hang of it, you can add one more area.

Likewise, one by one, you can focus on all of them!

Remember, we are here for the long run, so start slow and effective!

5. Develop Habits for the same

After Choosing your goals, you need to list all the habits you can start to accomplish them!

There are many ways to achieve a goal

for example- if your Goal was to get fit, then walking more, at-home workout for ‘n’ no of minutes, or joining a gym or dance class are some of the few ways to choose from

Set your Habits


  • Self-care Habits
  •  Money Habits

READ 70 List of Good Habits To Make Your Life Better!

11 Healthy Morning Habits You Need To Start Now

6. Break it down and add to your Routine

You should further break it down more simpler and add it to your Routine.
The more you break it down into small steps, the easier they will look!

For example- you choose to work out 3 times a week at home to start your wellness journey to get fit. You further break it down to all the workouts you are going to and set a time for it, maybe morning 20 minutes after waking up.

7. Be adjustable

Even though being a disciple is ideal and great, there are times when life gets in the way, but there is a festival or early meeting, you are not well, and so on.

Changing your years of habits and lifestyle is no joke; it comes with challenges.
Don’t get disheartened.

Be Flexible and set another time for it, or start again tomorrow!

8. Learn daily

Learning every day about your goals and various effective ways can help you get deeper and faster in your wellness journey.

I started learning about it daily when I decided to focus on self-love. I would watch videos on Youtube of people sharing how they overcame insecurities, listen to podcasts, read books, and apply those methods in my life.

9. Track Your Journey

Tracking your whole Journey is terrific and meaningful; not only can you look back and see how much you have grown ( which is such a beautiful feeling), but you also set new goals.

Take pictures, and write down in a journal your before and after. Practice journal prompts before you start your Journey and answer the same question every few months.

When you look back at all the answers, you can see how much you have changed over a period

10. Make It Fun

Last and most important, to make your Journey Fun and enjoy the whole process
Like I said in the beginning, It is not a one-time thing but instead a Lifestyle.
You have to enjoy it every day to continue and see actual results!

Wellness Journey resources and Essentials

To help you in your wellness Journey, I want to share some of the resources that have helped me!

Wellness blogs


is a blog started by Aileen related to everything from passion to self-discovery and creating a meaningful life

  • She also has a Youtube Channel regarding the same. She has helped me tremendously in my self-growth Journey and in creating a meaningful life.

Wellness books

Atomic Habits

Atomic habits are my no 1 recommendation for those wondering how to start your Wellness Journey! This Book is gold-filled with habits and a guide on how to get better every day! This will be your sole guide in developing habits to pursue your wellness goals!

Food Babe

When It comes to eating mindfully and learning about sound and harmful ingredients, I Consider VANI HARI – The food babe Owner, to be the best! She is a professional and has all the best recommendations for products you swipe for over the counter.

Wellness Podcasts

I have a Full post on all the podcasts I started listening to in my 20s when I began my wellness Journey!

Wellness Resources

The Five Minute Journal

You must have seen this journal on TikTok or Instagram. It’s trendy and for the right reason! I have known about this journal since I was 16. This journal was created by Mimi and Alex ikon.

Mimi Ikonn has been highly inspirational in my wellness journey; not only this but The five-minute journal is recommended by Tim Ferris, who is a #1 life coach!


What are at least 3 strategies you will utilize to maintain your high-level wellness journey?

To help you Summarize this, I want you to focus on just 3 things throughout your Wellness Journey

  1. To be consistent: Many people give up just before they start to see the result! So, stay consistent and keep moving forward
  2.  To Keep Pushing: Your Goal should be to keep pushing yourself to the next level and to move up in your Journey. As much important it is to not go back, it is important to stay still
  3.  Please don’t be hard on yourself: Don’t be too fixated on getting it right or perfect; give yourself grace and go with the flow!


This was My guide on how to start a Wellness Journey! I have Put down all the key steps and points to help you begin your Journey!

Make sure to let me know in the comments. What are some areas you want to start focusing on?

Good Luck!

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How To Start A Wellness Journey


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