13 Valid reasons why breakfast is important for You

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Have you been skipping breakfast for a while? Or wondering if breakfast is really important or not. In this post, I will share 13 Valid reasons why breakfast is important for you.

13 Valid reasons why breakfast is important for You

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Many people tend to skip their breakfast, I remember back in school, I would hear so many students telling me that they did not have anything in the morning

and my teacher always told us to eat something and then come to school!

Although I never skipped breakfast growing up, but a few years back, I meant to try different diets like intermittent fasting

I did try skipping my breakfast, and it did not work out.

I am sure many of you may have your reasons for skipping breakfast as well, like getting up later, not wanting to cook, or something else,

but regardless of these reasons, it is important to know!

Is breakfast truly important?

Now that I am studying holistic health and learning more about health and nutrition

I realized that breakfast is indeed essential for you! here are reasons why breakfast is important-

reasons why breakfast is important

10 reasons why breakfast is important

1. All three meals are essential

While studying nutrition and holistic health and being in touch with my health coach, I came to the realization-

that all 3 meals are essential for our lives! There is a reason three meals are formed.

We cannot say that breakfast is needed and not lunch or dinner

All 3 meals are essential. If there is one that is not, it would be snacks!

2. Start your day with energy.

Each meal that we take needs to be providing us with energy and nutrients to stay healthy.

So, if you consume your breakfast, it also helps you provide an energy source in the morning to start your day!

Whereas if you skip your breakfast, you may not feel as energetic as you should be

3. Help in boosting your metabolism

Starving yourself does not help with metabolism, but eating at the right time can! Having food between 8- 11 a.m. is the ideal time for breakfast.

However, for boosting your metabolism, what you eat at this time is equally important.

Eating nutritious food is the key to all 3 meals. At the end of the post, I will share guidelines for eating your breakfast right!

4. Start your day with healthy nutrient intake

Breakfast opens the opportunity for us to take healthy nutrients in our bodies. Starting your day with whole foods that enrich your health will help you throughout the day.

If you do end up consuming an unhealthy breakfast in the morning, it will negatively affect your body.

So it is important, that the first meal of your day, after 10-12 hours of fasting at night, what you eat should be nourishing for your health

5. Helps improve concentration

I remember, when I tried skipping my breakfast, my whole concentration was on the clock, waiting for lunch because I was hungry and wanted to eat.

An empty stomach will indeed affect your concentration and will make it hard for you to focus!

6. Controls Appetite

Eating breakfast can help control hunger and cravings throughout the day, making it easier to maintain a healthy diet and avoid snacking on unhealthy foods.

7. Affects your mood

Food affects you and so not eating too. When you are already hungry, and work is getting stressful. You will have more anxiety and stress.

Not eating will impact your mood negatively and make you feel grumpy or irritated.

A nutritious breakfast can positively impact your mood, reducing feelings of irritability and stress that can result from low blood sugar level

8. Helps avoid eating unhealthy snacks

When you are hungry and skip a meal, you are gonna eat more, Every time, I have skipped a meal, by the time I get hungry,

I do not feel like cooking, and I end up eating something unhealthy or eating a LOT.

Skipping meals will lead to binge eating, whereas having all your 3 meals in a proper plating manner will reduce chances of eating unhealthy snacks

9. Helps manage weight

If you skip your breakfast thinking you will lose healthy weight, it is not really true because, for lunch, you are most likely to eat something heavy or unhealthy.

However, if you switch to eating protein-rich food in the morning, it will ensure the feeling of fullness, which leads to no overeating or unhealthy snacks.

This will indeed help you manage your weight well.

10. Regulated blood sugar for the day

A balanced breakfast can help regulate blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of sudden drops in blood sugar that can lead to irritability, fatigue, and overeating later in the day.

During fasting, our blood sugar levels drop, and if you eat something light, and healthy, it can help you maintain a stable blood sugar level without dropping it too low!

11. It helps in being productive.

As I mentioned in one of the points above, whenever I skipped my breakfast, my whole attention was waiting for lunch.

This will make me unproductive as I would not get anything done until I have my lunch, so if you end up eating your healthy breakfast,

you will be more productive than if you skip it! However, Don’t eat a heavy breakfast as it will again make you feel sleepy

Fewer carbs, more protein, and fiber!

12. Hormone health: Mood and emotional well-being:

My health coach told me that our hormones need morning breakfast, especially with protein, before 10 a.m.

If the mind is already overthinking and anxious, and on top of that, there is no food, the body will hold on to stress hormones, causing you to stay in a state of fatigue and low motivation.

So continue to have your breakfast for your hormone health as well

13. Food is our fuel

Lastly, it is essential to realize that it is the food that gives us energy, and life – food is our medicine.

So, there is no valid reason for skipping your morning fuel! There are only more reasons to consume holistic foods.

Guidelines for eating your breakfast right

Now that I have mentioned the reasons to consume your breakfast, it will also be essential to know how to eat your breakfast.

With each reason mentioned above, the intent and focus were always on nutrients!

So, when you are eating breakfast, you shouldn’t eat anything and expect healthy results!

Eating the right foods is the key here

  1. Have liquids before lunch like smoothies, juices, and chia pudding, as they are easy to digest and are hydrating
  2.  Breakfast should be 3 hours apart from lunch and should be consumed by 11 am
  3.  Avoid hard-to-digest food in the morning
  4.  Avoid eating too much carbs as it can make you feel lazy right in the morning
  5.  Avoid coffee on an empty stomach
reasons why breakfast is important

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