70 Ideas on How to simplify your life and be happy

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Are you also Wondering how to simplify life and be happy? Life can get so messy and too much to handle at times! Here are 70 Ideas to help you simplify your life!

how to simplify life and be happy

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The drive for success has taken over the life of people at the cost of peace and happiness.

We are constantly overworking to reach certain numbers, thinking our life will be awesome, once we get that

this is a very tricky hole, even I fell into

It is so easy to prioritize other things over your real happiness. Once I make this much money, then I will do this! Once I do this much work, then I will rest.

We are constantly postponing our happiness and making it more Cluttered.

On top of that, there are so much drama, gossip, and toxic relationships that add to the mess.

So, How to simplify your life and be happy? Keep reading!

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How do you really simplify your life?

To really simplify your life, you need to take a moment and think about your life from a different perspective

All that rushing and postponing your joy, is it really worth all the mess?

Then, you need to sort out and eliminate things that are not adding any value to your life.

This will instantly make you feel better and lighter.

Next, you need to add essential things to your life, whether it is changing your habits or routine, that make your life easier.

In this post, I share 70 ideas on How to simplify your life and be happy, let’s explore!

how to simplify life and be happy

Ideas on How to simplify your life and be happy

1 Tidy as you go

This is such a small part of our life, yet it often causes the most hassle. When we don’t pick up things at that moment. Things keep cluttering up

Then it becomes a hassle and takes a huge amount of time to clean up your space.

A little change of tidying your space as you go in that moment will only take a few seconds and will save so much energy and time in the long run!

2. Form one habit at a time

Every year we set a resolution for new habits, losing weight or hitting the gym or learning a new skill, eating healthy, and so on

The motivation and excitement, in the beginning, lead us to start 2-3 new habits at a time

I am gonna do this and this and this…

but do you really end up doing it all? or even one consistently?

No right?

Focus on forming one habit at a time! At least, you will end up building one habit.

Then you can work on the second and so on. Do not rush, and be patient when forming a new habit.

3. Be intentional with your life

I remember when I was young, my life was a mess, and the reason, typically was that I was not intentional with my life.

I was busy with gossip and drama, and when I look back, I regret it and feel I should have focused on my life more.

Being intentional with your life will automatically simplify your life to the core.

You are mindful of what you are doing and if it is worth your energy and time.

Asking yourself this every time will help you make better choices in the end.

4. Choose Quality over quantity

There are some places in life where quality is much more important than quality.

For example: instead of the number of friends in your circle, the quality of friendships you have

Instead of the number of things you own, the value or worth of those things in your life matters,

Even if it is expensive, is it adding any value to your life?

5. Embrace Empty space

If there are spaces in your home, don’t go, trying to figure out how to fill them up with something.
You don’t need to always fill empty spaces, try to embrace the empty space and let it be a place that calms you.

6. Make your bed everyday

Make it a habit to make your bed every day as soon as you wake up, then you don’t have to feel frustrated when you come back home and look at your messy bad

7. Take rest without feeling guilty

If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur who works on your own, this can be very challenging, I know!

Every time, I try to take rest, guilt takes over. It is due to how we are always taught to work only, then we can be successful.

It will take some time for this feeling to go away, and nowadays, I take a rest and tell myself that it is okay for me to do this.

8. Don’t buy into your trends

Trends are changing rapidly in fashion, beauty, and skincare. On top of that social media, really gets you to buy things again and again.

While it is easy to fall into the trends, you have to make an effort to not shop

You are only going to waste your money and still not end up using it.

Take a minute to think it over before you shop!

9. Start managing your finances early

In every finance video, I have watched. The person always says, ” I wish I had started managing my finances early”

I am still young and don’t know much about finances, but I feel this is an area we all should start to look into it.

There is obviously must a reason why everyone says the same thing.

10. Organize different categories of your life

Another simple, yet great way to simplify your life is by organizing different areas of your life,

Certain areas in our life easily get clustered and take so much of our energy.

Keeping them organized will naturally make your life easygoing.

Here are 23 Categories to organize your life

11. Learn to manage your time

Do you often wonder, If only I had more time, I could do this, my life would be so much smoother.

Well, there are only 24 hours in a day, so we cannot get more time, but we can learn to manage our time well.

This can help you eliminate things that are just taking your time and not worth it and focus on important things!

Read This Post for Best Time Management Tips for Women to do Everything without Stress

12. Cut down on number of goals

Are you creating too many goals for a week, month, or year? Setting too many goals to achieve in a short period is not realistic.

Maybe cutting down on your goals will help you increase your focus and increase your growth.

Also, it can be exhausting to focus on too many different things at a time.

13. Focus on systems instead of Goals

I recently read the book, The atomic habits, the book shares that focusing on the system is more important than focusing on your goals.

Goals are more of a motivating factor, but systems are what will help you achieve them.

Motivation will not last long, so you need to focus on the systems that help you easily.

Read this Post, where I share systems that have helped me achieve my goals

14. Always Make lists

I am always making lists, on my notes app, notebook, or laptop.

There is only so much your brain can remember, so you need to make lists to help you remember

Trust me, this small habit has a profound effect on simplifying your life!

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15. Declutter your home regularly

Your space has a circular effect on your mind. If your mind is cluttered, it reflects on your space.

Similarly, the moment you declutter and simplify your home, Your mind is at ease.

Make it a habit to declutter your home every now and then

16. Decide your priorities

Maybe the time and effort you are spending right now are on the wrong thing. You need to prioritize the right to experience simple living.

Maybe you are making money and doing normal in your financial life, but your health is suffering because you have not prioritized it yet

You feel burned out, exhausted, and feel like escaping

The reason is your personal life or health is suffering, and now you need to shift your focus to that.

17. Focus on Clearing your mind

Do regular brain dump exercises, journal, or meditation to clear your mind whenever you get sucked into the hole of overthinking.

Clearing your mind is important, and brain-dumping all your thoughts or meditation can instantly help you!

18. Limit social media consumption

It is so easy to forget about time and get consumed by distraction because of social media,

While I love social media, I have to say that it is important to limit its consumption.

You don’t realize how many hours went by and you did not move your eyes even for a second.

Something that has helped me, is deleting all my apps for at least a day, every now and then when I find myself using them too much.

I know many people who take 1 week off every month from social media and love it. many who have scheduled Monday or Tuesday as no social media day every week

These are simple and great ways to take down time.

19. Don’t compare

Comparison is another factor, we don’t realize, but we are subconsciously doing. Even though I make a conscious choice to not compare and focus on mine

At times, Without realizing it, I keep comparing my life to others, and then once it has reached an extreme point.

My mental has started to go worse, and I realize what I am doing. One thing that helped me was

Realizing everyone has their own timeline. Social media also plays a huge role in comparison.

We are looking at everyone’s best highlight, and it makes us compare to the worst that we are feeling right now.

So, then how to simplify life and be happy? If we keep comparing?

Make a note of times, you end up comparing and find a way to let it go.

20. Leave the rat race

The rat race is a way of life where we are stuck in competition, for wealth and power.

How has this way of living life made you any better? Looks like everyone is going for the same thing but

Is it even worth it? If your health, peace, and happiness are at stake?’

How about you leave this rate race and focus on all areas of life

There is no rush or competition. You are doing your thing.

Yes, making money, building relationships, focusing on your health, and taking time to enjoy life.

Isn’t this how one can simplify life and be happy?

Take a moment to think about it and see for yourself. Do you really need to be a part of this rat race?

21. Learn to say no

I used to struggle with saying no in the past, and my life felt miserable, the moment I started to say no, it wasn’t easy.

I came off as rude, and selfish for a long time, but eventually, now, I am happy that I said “no”

Now, I am in a better place because of this, start saying no and do what you want.

22. Build an emergency fund

Building an emergency fund can help you feel secure and stable. Clearly, everyone needs to have one

Start building an emergency fund now

23. Adopt the pace of nature

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” 

Nature is patient and empathic, it is constantly growing slowly and providing us the most value in life.

It is what brings us calm, food and energy.

Adopting the pace of nature is the best way to slow down and simplify your life

24. Declutter you phone apps

Too many apps on your phone, means you are more likely to open and spend your time scrolling through.

Keeping only minimal apps will help you limit your screen time and avoid disturbance.

25. Keep your notifications off

Another thing that keeps causing us to go out of focus is the constant notification bell.

You are so focused on your work, and suddenly “pop” there is a notification, and you feel the urge to look at it.

In a split second, your focus is gone, and it is now hard to back into the grove.

Which is why I keep ALL my notifications off. If there is anything urgent,

I will get a call, and I check my emails and messages a few times throughout the day.

26. Allow yourself to feel discomfort

Many of us are unable to take action toward changing our life, because of the discomfort we feel.

Changing your life often, requires, courage, risk, and uncertainty. this is not a comfortable state to be in and can often lead us to give up

Instead of giving up, start to embrace the discomfort that comes with changing your life.

27. Do less

“The more work you do, the more productive you will be, hence the more successful” . We all have heard this right?

This is a clear sign of toxic productivity, and it will only make you exhausted.

Doing less or just enough is okay. You are not born to work as a slave

That is not the purpose, so do less and enjoy!

28. Create a daily routine

Pay attention to your daily routine. How is it helping you every day? is it helping you achieve your goals?

A simple change in your daily routine can change your life in a year. There is so much, you can do if you create an effective daily routine!

I know because it happened to me as well, when my routine is not set, I tend to procrastinate and waste my time watching reels or a show

Creating a daily routine has helped me use my time effectively and achieve my goals!

29. let go of things you don’t enjoy

What are some things that are not necessary and you don’t enjoy doing but still do? How does it make you feel?

If they are not needed, then don’t do it. Or you can get help for it and then find someone who can do it for you.

30. Limit your tabs

It is hard for me, but limit the tabs that open on your browser, it is a tiny area that you can simplify.

31. Read

Reading is powerful, whether it is blogs, books, or quotes. All of these are educational, and you can use these to improve your life.

32. Learn about gut health and nutrition

For the past few months, learning about gut health and nutrition has made me realize how much it affects our life.

I used to eat mindlessly too, and not knowing what is right, for my body, I feel learning about gut health and nutrition.

Will automatically push you to do better in terms of health.

33. Don’t aim for perfection

I remember being hard on myself or not taking any step to do what I want because I wanted to do the best.

Aiming for perfection can be a myth. And most importantly it stops you from making mistakes or even taking the first step.

Remember, done is better than perfect, and you will grow as long as you are putting the effort

34. Adopt minimalist habits

Adopting minimalist habits is a great way to simplify life and be happy. You don’t have to become a minimalist altogether.

But just adopt a few habits that make your life simpler.

35. Quit multi-tasking

A Big myth that has been going on for years is that multitasking is good! I have heard from so many people around me that one should be a multi-tasker to achieve success!

Ironically this is an area I have always struggled with- no matter how much I try, I can never multitask, due to which people would always consider me stupid.

Only in the last few years have I learned from some successful people that multitasking could be better!

In fact, it is scientifically proven that multitasking is not designed for our brains and can affect our brains negatively!

36. Have a sacred space

Create a sacred space for yourself that you love. You can enjoy spending your me-time and energize yourself when feeling low.

37. Diversify your income

Maybe diversifying your income can help you simplify your life. You have different sources of income and not one thing that is all your bread and butter!

This can help you feel stable and focus on doing other things that you enjoy without worrying about money.

38. Redefine Success

Take a moment and think about what success means to you. Is it what you were taught in childhood, or do you need to find and redefine your meaning of success? A meaning, that makes your life simpler and happier

39. Learn to live debt free

I don’t have any debt, but there are people around me, who are living in debt, and I have seen it has given them stress!

They take some debt to get something, spend years stressing to pay, and once it is done, another is already added!

Living below our means is essential. If we keep spending more money than we actually make, we spend more time working in stress, exhaustion, and fear than peace.

Hence, living in debt is one of the crucial things to get rid of to simplify life!

40. Never stop learning

Always putting yourself to learning something can open the way to make your life exciting and simple.

What you learn eventually helps you every day. You learn about life most importantly!

So keep the spirit of learning going always!

41. Allow yourself to be a beginner

It is important to allow yourself to be a beginner at everything you do

When you have a dream, You usually think of yourself as doing perfectly at it, and when trying for the first time

It does not go how you imagine, you instantly feel discouraged or never try again

Allowing yourself to be a beginner at everything you start will help you make mistakes and actually learn.

42. Follow MIT

MIT is a productivity technique called ( most important task ) in this, you start your day by doing the most important task first and give all your focus to

The most important task usually requires the most amount of time, and yields the maximum result in growth.

this can simplify your life as you know exactly what you need to focus on to grow

43. Learn to do nothing

Doing nothing does not include phones or Netflix. It simply means becoming comfortable in silence.

With yourself, not having any distractions around. This is extremely good to have a dopamine detox

44. Feed your mind intentionally

Be intentional about what you are consuming in your mind, the kind of tv, videos, and content on the Internet has a huge impact on your brain and thought process

45. Stop doing things to please other

I swear, once you stop doing things to please others and for your happiness, you will naturally simplify your life and be happy to the core!

It will live more exciting and meaningful when you do things for yourself.

46. Make time for things you enjoy

Make time to explore things you enjoy, a hobby?, a cafe? , restaurants?, orfood?

Things that make you alive, make time for them! It will help in nurturing the relationship you have with yourself

47. Make food at home

To be honest, there are very less, places that have good quality food in the world and very few brands that actually provide what is written on the package.

That’s why, making food at home is the only option to have REAL FOOD! that is healthy

48. Embrace slow living

Act of slow living is the best way to live a simple life! Life is not meant to be rushed, rather lived, and enjoyed each moment!

If you are constantly rushing over life, in the end, you will find yourself with no memories of truly enjoying your life!

Take things slow and live each moment!

49. Do things for your happiness

To Simplify your life and be happy, you need to do something that makes you happy.

You can expect to experience happiness without making effort for yourself.

If you don’t make that effort, nobody else will either. Hence, Start doing things for your happiness

50. Fill your day with simple pleasures

Instead of chasing big accomplishments in life, how about filling your day with simple pleasures?

Wouldn’t that make life a lot simpler and happier?

51. Be authentic

Stay true to yourself no matter what you do,

You don’t need to fake yourself to be someone to blend.

By being your authentic self, you are more aligned and more likely to grow in life, the right people will cherish you for who you are

52. Don’t force connections

Honestly, Connections, in the end, cannot be forced for a long time. One of you will always get hurt and disappointed.

When you vibe with some, connection naturally builds. So don’t try to force a connection, when it is not working. It will waste your energy and leave you disappointed.

53. Create something of your own

Creating something entirely of your own is a beautiful feeling. It helps your creativity flow in, and more than that boosts your confidence

It is yours, and nobody can take it away from you.

54. Commit to personal relationships

Don’t spend all your time working and neglecting your personal relationships.

Relationships help you feel whole, and as humans, we are bound to socialize and build connections. Without you feel incomplete even if you have billions of dollars

Make time and effort for personal relationships.

55. Simplify your closets

As a woman, Our closets can really take all the energy we have. Choosing an outfit ends up making your whole closet a mess

And a messy closet makes, the process of choosing an outfit full of anxiety, doesn’t it?

Simplifying your closet can make a huge change in making your life a little stress-free!

56. Keep your inner child alive

While being mature is essential and good, so is keeping your inner child alive.

Keeping your inner child alive adds fun to life and makes it more exciting. You can be mature and have fun in life

57. Make a habit to journal

Making a habit to journal every day can simplify our life massively! There are so many benefits of journaling.

Journaling can help you feel light, remember your dreams and goals, and find clarity when confused. All of this can contribute to a simpler life.

58. Write down your passwords somewhere

Remembering passwords is a bit stressful, and even if you have put your devices on auto-save passwords,

You should still have a place where you write down all your passwords and be easily accessible.

59. Keep your life private

As we are transitioning more and more to social media and sharing our life, which is good in terms of building a connection

We should aim to keep our life as much private as possible. Not just because you can feel safe but

So you can enjoy your life more in the present without feeling the need to share your highs and lows with other.

60. Stop Complaining

Have your ever noticed, the moment you start complaining about the little things, you already start to feel down

And in no time, it becomes a Bad day!

Take a challenge to not complain for a day and see for yourself, how much better your day gets!

61. Listen to your intuition

Trust me, you will be able to simplify life and be happy even more when you start listening to your intuition.

Your intuition always knows the right answer and can guide you where you are meant to be. Listen to it, and do not let limiting beliefs or fears take over

62. Spend mindful me-time

If your whole life revolves around work or other people, you might already be feeling burnt out, stressed, or just drained.

That’s why prioritizing me-time is essential! Take downtime and be with yourself as much as you can. Do things you love or what help you relax.

63. Cancel subscriptions

There are so many apps nowadays, and almost everything requires a subscription. Apart from a few things we use every day.

There are so many places, we tend to subscribe to but never actually use. Unsubscribe from everything that you no longer use or need!

64. Reduce your need for “more”

The reason we tend to feel s stressed about life because we are constantly looking for more

I need more money but do you? I need more clothes, more fame and so on.

This constant need for more can make your life dreadful.

65 Have a place for everything

A simple habit of creating a place for all your things and putting them once used can simplify your home.

A simplified home creates a simple and peaceful life

66 Leave people who add stress to life

Toxic relationships add the most stress, and anxiety in life. The moment you start distancing or eliminating people from your life, that add stress and make it full of drama.

You will feel at peace and happy. There will be more room, time, and energy to add relationships that bring you happiness instead!

67 Don’t let your thoughts complicate life

Maybe your life is fine, you are making enough money and actually have people who add laughter and meaning to your life.

But the constant overthinking pattern and the need to overanalyze everything is what complicates your life.

Trust me, our thoughts add 90% of the stress that we already have in our present life.
Become aware of your thoughts, and do not let them complicate your life.

68 Fill your day with more present moments

Continuing with the point above, Filling your day with more moments that keep you present will not make space for overthinking.

Hence you will have more movements of enjoying life and being at peace. Instead of thinking constantly, about the past or future.

69. Simplify different areas of your life

A great way to simplify your life is to simplify different areas of your life.

Note down all the areas of your life, from work, home, digital life, relationships, and so on.

Look at what are the things you can simplify in them to make your life simple overall.

Little difference in all of them can contribute to overall happiness and fulfillment.

70. Practice gratitude

Lastly, on how to simplify life and be happy, Practicing gratitude is one thing you can start adding to your life to be more optimistic, and happier and make life more meaningful!

Gratitude is proven to improve mental health, and if it is something you have been wishing to add, then.

Take up the Best 21 Day Journaling Challenge to start journaling


So these were 70 Ideas on How to simplify your life and be happy! I hope you found some of the ideas, from above that you can start implementing in your life and make simple!

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how to simplify life and be happy

This post is all about how to simplify life and be happy

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