30 Days Daily Challenge for Self Improvement!

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If you clicked on this post, most likely, you are trying to turn your life around, Get your shit together, or achieve a goal! Hence we can see why DAILY CHALLENGE FOR SELF IMPROVEMENT are so popular but as exciting as they look, it can be hard to maintain!

daily challenge for self improvement

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Do 30-Day Self-improvement Challenge work for real?

Doing Daily challenge for self improvement helps: 
– Build discipline
– makes into our habit
– Push us out of our comfort zone
– Helps us in moving towards achieving a particular goal

We may not achieve the goal or success 100%, but it helps us get closer to it than in no place at all.

For example: Losing 6kgs of weight in a month! Let’s say after 30 days, you have lost 4 kgs instead of 6kgs, even though you did not lose the desired number, the challenge helped you in getting to the track, building dedication, habit, and most importantly, being closer to the goal!

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How can they be easy to Accomplish?

As I mentioned above, 30-day self-improvement plan are exciting to do, yet hard to achieve! Hence, what can we do to make them easier for us?

  1. – It’s essential to know the “why” behind your goal? If the vision or purpose is not clear, being consistent will be difficult!
  2. – Negative motivation! If you are doing it because of peer pressure or wrong purpose, you will be easily discouraged!
  3. – You are too hard on yourself! You should be patient & the goal should be to enjoy the process!

This Challenge is not for you if-

  • you are looking for a quick hack
  • If you don’t want to improve or change
  • you want to stay in your comfort zone
  • You are not serious about it

Let’s start!

30 – Day Daily challenge for self improvement

Day 1 – Declutter

It may feel hard but that is the purpose! Get over the difficult part in the start by cleaning your space! Messy space leads to a “messy” mind!

Let’s start by cleaning out all the items and junk you don’t need anymore, then clean them and put the belongings you need back into your place!

Take one day out and clean as much as you can! Start with the dirtiest area you have not touched for a while, then move forward to the spaces you use every day!

It will help you feel relaxed in the end! I promise!

Day 2: Redecorate Your Space

When was the last time you redecorated your space? If it’s been a hot minute! Then it’s time to change things around and welcome new vibes!

You don’t have to change everything and renovate! Instead, change small things around your house that are budget-friendly! Rugs, planters, lamps, pillows, coffee table, and so on!

Day 3: Social media Detox

I know another tough one! BUT since we are cleaning the physical space around us and removing the unwanted things, getting rid of negative people and accounts are a must!

Look into your social media account: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, etc., and check the kind of people and content you are following!

If you end up feeling negative or don’t resonate with the life you want! REMOVE!

Remember, it’s not rude to cut people out of your life who are toxic!

We cannot grow in an unhealthy environment, being surrounded by people who are consciously or subconsciously putting us down!

Day 4: Exercise

If you haven’t been doing much physical activity, it’s a good time to do something today! It can be anything that you enjoy!

At-home workout, yoga, dance, swimming, and more!

Just find some good workout activity and do it for at least 30 mins!

Day 5: Time for Some Pampering

After some workout for your body, it’s time to give it some relaxing love by pampering!

Put on a face mask, hair mask, or body mask! Do some exfoliation or take a long bath! Get a new haircut or new nails? Anything that comes up to your mind!

Doing some self-care activities will help you feel relaxed! there are tons of benefits and self-care activities you can do-read here

Day 6: Eat Healthy Food

Once we have taken care of our body from the outside, It’s time to give it some nutrition!

Take time today to eat as healthy as possible! Make morning smoothie, salad, juice, etc

I would recommend if you know how to cook, make everything homemade! It’s a lot healthy to eat homecooked food than from outside!

Also, Make sure to hydrate your body by drinking lots of water!

Day 7: Stay Still

We spend all day doing something, even when we are procrastinating! Scrolling through social media mindlessly or busy in our work!

When was the last time you just sat down still not doing anything you and your thoughts!

Take a few mins of your day today, and just stay still! You can meditate if you want or be alone with no distractions around you!

It is crucial to connect with yourself! It will help you listen to your intuition and give clarity!

Day 8: Journal

Now that you have cleansed physical parts in your life, It’s time to take inside of you out! What I mean by that is the emotions, thoughts, and traumas!

You can take a notebook and open up your heart! Just start talking to yourself either in the form of writing or verbally!

It is getting popular where now people like to open up by recording!

It will help clear your mind! All the problems or the confusion you are going through will be out, and you will be light and relaxed!

I like to use few journals and sometimes even a plain notebook to write down my thoughts!

My Favourite Journal of all time is this five-minute journal that takes less than 5 minutes and consists of affirmations, gratitude, and self-reflection!

This is an everyday journal to practice both in the morning at night

The Five Minute Journal is definitely the one to go if you are a beginner! It is all in one! from affirmations to gratitude to checking up on yourself day to day and takes on 5 minutes of your entire day!

Day 9: Gratitude

Finally, to my favorite one: Practicing Gratitude!

Now once you have spent a day letting out your emotions, most likely negative emotions, It’s time to bring back some positivity, and we do that by writing and thinking of the good things we already have in our life!

Usually, we spend our lives thinking about the lack in our life, working towards- how we can fulfill things we don’t have, making us feel sad.

Take out your notebook again and write at least ’10’ things you are grateful for, from eyes, hands to home it can be anything!


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Day 10: Make Vision Board

Making a vision Board is my favorite activity!
If you are unfamiliar with what a vision board is?

A Vision Board is a visual way to present your life! We usually write down our goals or dreams in our head, but with making a vision board, we bring them into a physical visual format that we can see anytime we want!

You can make Vision Board in a physical or digital format as well! All you have to do is take out all the dreams into pictures through magazines or the internet and make its collage! Here is my full guide on how to make a vision board that works

Day 11: Read a Book

Before you move to plan your dream life, start with educating first!

Reading books is a great way to improve your life.

All successful people recommend reading books daily to achieve success!

What book should I read?

If you are confused about what kind of books you should start with, I would recommend first examining the problems and

areas in your life that you are struggling in then, finding a book that helps in understanding it could be a work-related book or personal life!

Some Of My Favorite Books

  • THE ALCHEMIST – is the first book I ever read and instantly fell in love with! If you are a beginner, definitely start from that book! A fictional story, it takes us to some of the amazing lessons in life!

Day 12: Go Out Alone

Spending time with yourself at home is easier, as compared to going out alone, most of us struggle with enjoying our own company when exploring the city!

When was the last time you went out and had fun? Was it uncomfortable? or exciting? If you don’t know the answer, don’t worry! Because we will find that out today!

Go out exploring your neighborhood, in cafes and store’s around you, and see how that makes you feel? It’s okay to feel uncomfortable at the start!

With time I promise you will have the best time!

Day 13: Give Back

It’s time to give back to the universe for all the beautiful things we have in our life! All of us are ‘blessed’ in life.

If you are reading this post, you probably have eyes to read, the device you are using, a home shelter, and so much more!

We practiced gratitude on day 9 for these things! Today we will give back to show our ‘gratitude’ again!

Ways you help and serve!

  1. – Give charity to someone in need! Through organizations or strangers around you!
  2. – Provide food and water to people in the streets!
  3. – Provide food to animals in shelters or parks!
  4. – Donate your old items to someone in need!

Day 14: Make a List

Now it’s time to make a list! Take your notebook and write it down on one page

  1. financial to-do
  2. In this, you are going to take time and find where you are lacking in finance, what needs to be improved?
  3. and then wrote down the steps needed to achieve them!

For example: In finance, maybe you need to save more, invest somewhere, or need to find a side hustle! Once you know, note down the steps you need to achieve them!

No need to feel overwhelmed! We will take it one by one!

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Day 15: Make Another List

Now it’s time to focus on the personal aspect!

Take your notebook and write it down on another page

  1. personal to-do

Write down things that you need to improve in this sector!

For example: In personal life, maybe you need to make new friends, spend alone time, find a new hobby!

Day 16L Mental Health

Mental health check-in is as crucial as other parts! Ask yourself how are you feeling? What’s your mental state like? What has been troubling you? Then, try to find things to work on them!

Day 17: Physical Health

From 1-10, How would you rate your health? See what you can do to improve it? Whether it’s exercising more, hydrating yourself, or focusing on eating healthy!

Day 18: Spiritual Health

In case you have thought about spirituality! Today is a great time to discover what spirituality means to you! Asking yourself questions and getting to know from other people’s experiences is a great way, to begin with!

Day 19: Spend Time with Family

We all get busy with our work and the internet hence we no longer spend quality time with our family members! Call them up, or take time to meet them personally and have fun!

There are so many activities you can do with them!





I recently discovered this deck card game called LET’s GET CLOSER from the same brand and it is awesome! Absolute intentional way to get deeper with your family and friends and have conversations!

Day 20: Listen To Podcast

Apart from reading books, Listening to Podcasts has been one of the most effective ways to learn! They have started to get a lot of attention and love from listeners!

There is a podcast about literally everything now!

You could listen while cooking, going for a walk and so more! They are available on all the apps now, You tube, Apple, Spotify, and Anchor

Here are 12 Best Podcasts For Women In Their 20s

Day 21: Go out of your Comfort Zone

Today is the day to push yourself and do something you have always wanted to do but were too afraid to try!

Fear rules over us as long as we let it! I know it’s challenging to do something new and worrying how people would reach what if I fail?

Trust me when I tell you that it’s all in our head! Once you go out and try it! You would be like…wait is this what I was so scared to try??

I have had multiple situations as well, and they all have helped me grow as a person, whether it’s dancing in front of people, gaining the courage to do what I love, and so on!

Day 22: No Internet

Another social media detox but one level up! It may sound hard at the start, but trust me, it is the best thing you could do to yourself!

Today is the time you will turn your internet off! No electric devices to use: games, you tube, Instagram, Twitter ( basically all social media apps), and tv

If your job requires you to use your smartphone or pc, then you can just use it for work only and make sure to delete all the other apps!

It will in dopamine detox and help in being present in the moment!

Day 23: Journal Again

Take out your journal and write 5 features you like about yourself!

Write 5 qualities that you love about yourself!

If you would like to practice deep journal prompts, then check out these posts

Day 24: Develop A New Skill

Similar to getting out of your comfort zone, Its time to push ourselves and learn a new skill!

Learning a new skill is really beneficial in today’s time! It opens gates for new opportunities and success! whether it’s learning a dance form, new language, or software!

15 Essential Ways to Pursue Personal Growth in Your 20s

Day 25: Cook Something By Yourself

Eating out is fun! But how about cooking or even baking with your hands? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to cook! or you don’t cook the tastiest dish! Just experiment!

Day 26: Catch up on Friends

It’s time to catch up and check on your friends! What was the last time you messaged your friend, had deep conversations? or check on them if they are doing fine?

If it’s been a while then do it now! It will make their day and you will end up feeling so good!

You can do various activities with your bestfriends and have just at home!

Day 27: Go to Bed Early

At what time do you go to your bed to sleep? If it’s past 11 pm then, Try to sleep today by 10;30 at least!
Make sure to keep your phone away from your bed, so you don’t get distracted and avoid harmful radiation!

Day 28: Spend Time In Nature

Nature is one of the powerful ways to heel yourself! the more time you spend in nature the better your soul will feel!

You can take a nature walk, hiking or spend time near the beach!

Day 29: Treat Yourself

It’s Day 29! You have done lots of work for yourself and so ist time to treat yourself to something good! You can do anything that you want and take it easy! If you want to stay in bed all day, eat your favorite food then do it!

Day 30: Reflect

It’s the last day! And if you have reached here then, I want to tell you that I am so proud of you all for working hard consistently to grow yourself as a person!

Today, sit and reflect on the past month and ask yourself

  1. how did you feel throughout the month?
  2. What was the most challenging task?
  3. What did you learn from the 30 DAY SELF-IMPROVEMENT CHALLENGE?
  4. How did it help you in improving yourself!


After completing the Daily Challenge for Self improvement, I hope you learned something new in your life and, it helped you grow as a person!

If you want to continue to another level, Try looking for a task from above that was helpful and challenging! Take that task as your personal development challenge and do this for a month!

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