How to correctly rest : An authentic guide

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This post is about how to correctly rest that makes you feel relaxed and recharged

How to correctly rest  An authentic guide

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Resting,, typically refers to the act of taking a break, relaxing, or engaging in a period of inactivity to restore one’s energy and well-being.

Resting is an essential part of maintaining physical and mental health, as it allows the body and mind to recover from the stresses and demands of daily life.

However, in today. ‘s fast-paced world, we are always expected to do something productive and not sit idle. Rest is considered a waste of time and life.

We tend to hear it from teachers, parents, and society that you are waiting your time by sitting idly.

Do something productive, and keep working.

Moreover, when we do try to rest after coming home, we spend time using our devices for hours for some entertainment.

Although it may seem like you are resting it is not a true form of resting.

Resting, if anything, needs to be relaxing to the overall body and mind. While you use your screen, your body might be relaxed but not your brain because you are taking in so much information and dopamine while also straining your eyes.

I hate to admit this because even I tend to do this as a form of resting and later on regretting it.

Yes, this activity is a form of rest, but not the authentic way that will help you recharge and increase your health.

How to correctly rest

Authentically Resting: How to correctly rest

One of the things, many of us try to do is sleep as late as possible due to the need to get time for ourselves before going to bed.

There is not much privacy or quiet time that we get, and we try to avoid sleeping because of this.

While it may feel like you are resting, you are not, because you sleep late you don’t get enough sleep.

Your body is tired, and so is your mind, you are somewhere exhausted because you need to sleep for a good 7 hours and feel rested, but you don’t!

I remember doing this a lot and then feeling tired whole, next day because I did not get proper sleep and rest. I was too busy scrolling or watching a show!

But when I get my sleep instead, of tiering myself with so much screen time at night, I wake up feeling refreshed and energetic!

This is how true rest should be that is relaxing for both body and mind!

How to correctly rest everyday :

1. Spending time together.

One of the things that makes you feel truly rested is spending time with loved ones. Every day when I come home from work, I get to spend 15-30 minutes with my family members

it helps me feel at peace as we laugh, and talk about our day!

When the company around is comforting, you can feel relaxed around them! it can be your pet, your friends, your partner, or a family member!

2. Lie down with your eyes closed

It is typically like a nap, but you are not sleep all the time. I feel that we try to struggle with lying down without screens

the only time we can, close our eyes and rest in bed is when we are going to sleep. Otherwise, you feel the constant need to use your device.

Which is exactly what comes with your rest. If you want to rest after work. Spend a few minutes lying down without a device and do nothing.

Your body and mind both will be in a restful position.

3. Meditate

The best and most accurate way to rest by relaxing your whole body and mind is through meditation and yoga.

In meditation, you sit or lie down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. It is a powerful practice, both in meditation and yoga, that helps in recharging your body

Spending only 5-10 minutes doing this can give you amazing results and make you feel truly relaxed.

4. Spend downtime while drinking tea/coffee.

An ideal relaxing visual for me is when I sip on coffee or tea while sitting cozily and enjoying my time, whether talking to someone reading, journaling, or simply embracing the silence.

It’s so therapeutic, and I can pay more attention to my drink as I take each sip and enjoy its flavors.

5. Live in a restful environment

To feel relaxed and rested, you also need to create the environment around you like that!

Our home, where we come back to after a hectic day, is essential for us to be at rest.

If our environment is not designed in a way that helps us relax, then we will struggle!

I have a post sharing 11 Tips for Creating a Peaceful and Relaxing Home Environment

6. Indulge in Leisure activities:

Leisure activities can also contribute to a feeling of restfulness and happiness as they revolve around doing something out of joy.

Working all day and doing your chores is a part of the responsibility, which can be quite hectic. But when you indulge in an activity you love out of pure joy.

It makes you feel relaxed, alive, and happy in life. It could be dancing, painting, baking, or anything to have fun!

Check out –

Summary on How to correctly rest

Prioritizing mindful rest it the best way to rest and enjoy its benefits.

I hope through this post you can change your perspective around rest and make it a part of your life!

How to correctly rest

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