17 Ways to be a more positive person in 2024

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Tired of living a life where you are low and negative all the time? If you want to be positive and bright again, then This post is for you! – here are 17 Ways to be a more positive person

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For the last 2 years of my life, I noticed being extremely negative, and little to no positive.

I was filled with fear and anxious thoughts that life was not going my way and what if the worst happened, I struggled to stay positive most time, but after a while, I was fed up with feeling this way

I knew if there was anyone who could change this, then it was only me. So for 2023, my main aim was to start being happy and become a positive person again!

No matter what happens in life, Of course, keep in mind that you cannot be positive all 24.7 (that’s not real)

But coming from a place of extreme negativity and having mental breakdowns almost every day, I think becoming a more positive person is good and essential!

In this post, I will share all the things I learned and implemented in my life, that have helped me come out of that dark place and be more positive!

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Ways to be a more positive person

17 Ways to be a more positive person

1. Count your blessing

One of the things I kept pushing away was the good things that were happening in my life already.

When you desperately want to achieve something, and it keeps going away from you. You start to feel all kinds of negative thoughts and emotions.

You forget about the little blessing the universe has showered on you because your eyes are stuck on that 1 – 2 thing you could not get.

For me, that was the case, and Only once I sit down and realized and explained to myself that it is okay if 1-2 things did not work out.

There are so many little great things that happened! Count them!

Since then, every time my brain starts to compare things with things I don’t have, I try to replace them by counting my blessings.

Genuine good things happened in a year or so!

2. Focus on the good side

Ways to be a more positive person

Even though it is hard to believe and accept, indeed, there is always something good that comes out of a bad experience.

If some things did not work out, it is because other good things were waiting for you.

There is always a good side to things, it is just that we feel anxious as we have not experienced the good yet

But it is there! If you did not get the job you wanted, it could be because something good has been waiting for you or the universe is telling you that this is not what you are meant to do

When I was 19 and had just completed school, I was struggling to get into college and pursue what everyone was doing.

In the end, I felt disheartened that I could get accepted into universities, but now I am doing completely different things in my life and making money through something I feel passionate about.

Whereas, my friends at that time who got accepted were still struggling to find what they wanted to do.

I am not saying that they are in the wrong place, because they are on their journey to find what they are meant to do.

What I am saying is, that if something does not work out for you, there is a good side to it! If I had gotten, accepted into that university back then

I would not have had these different business experiences and will to start my things!

Once you focus on the good side of where life is taking

3. Learn to navigate your emotions

Emotions can get the best out of us, we lose a sense of control and sometimes let emotions take over.

A lot of times, this results, in making things worse for ourselves, later on, when we look back, we realize that the situation was so small and we overreacted.

Even though we need to express ourselves and our emotions, we need to find a better way to do them.

We don’t need to control our emotions but learn to navigate them most healthily, we can

Maybe be opening a journal and letting everything out instead of taking an action you might regret.

Pause for a moment and take a few breaths, before you start writing a text. Small things like that can help you in the long term whenever you are faced with emotional rollercoasters

4. Perspective is huge

From my personal experience, I have learned that how we look at things all the time either makes us a positive or negative person.

If in any given situation we look at all the negative sides first, we obviously will become negative.

Observe for yourself, for small day-to-day things, what kind of thoughts or perspective occurs for you first?

Are these negative or positive?

5. Start your day on a positive note.

Ways to be a more positive person

A small habit that you can implement in your everyday life to be a more positive person, is starting your day on a positive note!

If you start your day with anxious and negative feelings, there is no way you will feel all happy and positive throughout the day unless something great happens

But if you consciously take control of your morning and start it on a positive note, you will be able to have a much better day.

This is where a healthy morning routine comes where you spend time nourishing your mind, body, and soul.

Including, affirmations, meditation, breath work, exercise, yoga, and other self-care activities in your morning routine

6. Leave the habit of complaining

For me, a huge negative burden was lifted when I consciously tried to leave this habit of complaining.

Instead of feeling like a victim and wondering why everything is going wrong, I simply decided to focus on what I can control.

Leaving this habit made me feel super light and happier! Trust me

7. Practice Mindfulness

We all have different triggers and unique habits that might be making us negative or challenging for us to be positive.

I can only point out things I experienced in a post, but you might be going through something else.

This is where practicing mindfulness will help you. Be mindful of your thoughts, what you consume, and your triggers throughout the day.

Knowing what is causing you to feel this way is the first step to being a positive person!

Once you know what is causing it, then you will be able to eliminate that from your life and be happy

8. Pause and reflect instead of reacting

I think growing up, I used to react a lot and later on, regret thinking it was not big of a thing or my reaction was extreme.

It leads to ruining many friendships and causing poor friendship dynamics.

Over time I realized this, And I started to make an effort to change it.

When something would happen, instead of immediately reacting to it, I would sit and reflect.

Since then, issues like that never occurred, and I was able to have healthy friendships again.

9. Push and overcome your limiting beliefs.

A lot of negativity in our life is actually our limiting beliefs that turn into self-doubt and fear,

For example: I struggled with being rebellious and standing up for what I wanted.

For me, it felt difficult to rebel, and easier to do what others wanted, even if it made me feel terrible, as long as it maintained a peaceful environment.

But over a long time, I eventually started, to feel miserable because I could never get up and do what my heart wanted.

Once I was hit with this realization, I decided to rebel, and of course, it was not easy.

It was emotionally challenging, but later on, I felt happy on my own at least. I was able to grow as a person and stay true to my heart.

Now, The fear I used to feel when I had to rebel or stand up for myself, I don’t feel it as much anymore because I got used to this feeling of rebelling, and it was not as scary as I thought in my head.

10. Focus on your healthy lifestyle

A lot of times, we struggle to be calm and positive because of poor health.

Pain or discomfort in our body, which sometimes we know but sometimes we are unaware of results, in poor mental health as well.

Deficiencies and poor food habits affect how we feel and react to things.

You must focus your energy on living a healthy lifestyle as a healthy body, mind, and soul is what makes you positive

11. Consume right content

Our environment plays a crucial role in making us either a positive or negative person.

What we read, hear, listen, and watch all day adds up, to our personality and thought process.

You must reflect and be mindful of the type of thing you are consuming every day

12. Enjoy life more and worry less

Don’t spend all your time thinking and worrying about work, the future, and life.

Overthinking or negative thinking is the easiest thing to do, just one negative thought, you start thinking about it and get yourself under the hole of negativity.

Enjoying life is so much more important! Let yourself be free, from time to time, and do things that make you happy!

When you are having fun and enjoying, you are naturally in a positive spirit

13. Don’t be fixated on the future, instead live in the moment

The key to being happy and positive in life is to live in the moment and be completely present in the moment you are in.

Don’t be fixated on a perfect future and worry about things, bring yourself back to where you are right now.

The moment right now is precious. If you are constantly thinking about the next thing when something good does happen in the future

Even that time, you will end up thinking, about the next best thing out of habit.

Learn to embrace the moment and experience you have now!

14. Create a positive environment

A positive mindset comes from being surrounded by a positive environment as well!

The energy in your home, the people you spend most of your time

All of it has a great effect on your mental health as well.

Try to consciously make an effort to create a positive environment and be surrounded by positive people

15. Embrace discomfort

A lot of time, the struggle becomes positive lies in feeling discomfort for change.

When we have to try new things or do things out of our comfort zone, we feel discomfort.

Because it’s new and it’s challenging, and it requires overcoming a lot of limiting beliefs and building a strong mindset

We tend to feel afraid of this discomfort, that we feel at the beginning of doing something new, and it leads us to never try anything.

We feel disheartened and afraid to do anything.

You must realize, that a little bit of discomfort will provide long-lasting happiness in the long run.

Whereas avoiding it to feel safe right now will make you feel unhappy in the long run

16. Don’t try to be too positive, let yourself express how you feel

Over the years, there have been so many books, podcasts, and videos on being positive and implementing positive thinking in life.

Even though it is good that people are spreading the awareness to be positive in life, it can result in toxic positivity.

We need to realize that it is unrealistic to be positive at everything.

You simply cannot. When you are faced with something extreme or not, you tend to feel all kinds of emotions!

It is okay to feel that and express yourself! But afterward, try not to stay in the same dark place for too long.

Come out of it once you are done feeling it

17. Journal

Lastly, Journal!

Nothing a journal cannot fix!

Journaling and expressing your feelings and thoughts can help you, be lighter and positive.

Every time I journal, I always end up feeling positive later on, it makes a huge difference in my mood.

And help me get clarity in my thoughts. Try it yourself!


So these were my best 17 Ways to be a more positive person in life.

After implementing these things, I am sure you will be in a much better place than you were before!

Hop you have a great day ahead!

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Ways to be a more positive person

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