How to be more fun and less boring! – 10 easy ways

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This post is all about How to be more fun and less boring! Enjoy life by having more fun and being a fun person yourself!

How to be more fun

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As an introvert who does not talk a lot, I have realized that at the end of the day, no matter how much I might feel uncomfortable with extroverts.

Most extroverts are truly the life of a party or any gathering. If it were not for them, everything would be boring

Not saying that introverts are boring, not at all! They are fun too, but when you get to know them and get close to them.

But the challenging part is that it takes time for introvert to show their fun side.
Well, this post is not about introverts or extroverts. it is about being a fun person.

Being an introvert myself, I have realized that being a fun person is an essential character that can help you enjoy life and share that with others.

When you meet new people, you can also share the happy energy with them using small tricks.

If you have been thinking, that you are boring, or how can you be a more fun person.
This post is for you!

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How to be more fun

10 Easy ways to be more fun and enjoy life

1. Challenge yourself

First thing- first, if you want to be more fun, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Not thinking about what others will think of you or I feel judged.

You have to take on challenges that will eventually help you enjoy life. it can be going for a fun hobby class to challenge yourself or spontaneous travel plans

Whatever you can do to push yourself out and explore new things, will build you new experiences and have fun along the way!

2. Say yes to plans.

how to be more fun

The reason, maybe everybody says you are boring or you feel like you are not fun at all, is because you are always saying no to those exciting plans!

If someone invites you for a movie or any healthy and fun type of plan, say yes to them!

Once you go there, most likely you will end up having fun and in case you don’t – at least you know what did not excite you there, is the activity or people!

3. Be yourself

Being more fun does not mean you have to alter your personality! Nope!

You have to be yourself to be fun and enjoy! Be carefree of negative thoughts and truly acknowledge who you are

Again, I remember as an introvert, whenever I had any plans, I would stay quiet, thinking people might judge or I was not as fun as them

but once I opened up and showed my authentic self, I started building more connections and having fun!

4. Embrace your fun side

Continuing with the above point of being yourself, we all have a fun side.

Instead of doubting yourself, whether you are a fun person or not, believe in yourself and embrace that fun side.

Let yourself enjoy and open your heart to what you like!

You will meet the right people who will vibe with you and have fun, in the same way as you do!

5. Let yourself enjoy and have fun.

It might seem like I am repeating this ( because I am)

One of the main reasons, a person struggles to be more fun is because they don’t let themselves have fun in the first place!

Lots of self-doubt, mindset, and limitation stops you from going out and having the time of your life

and even if you reach the destination, you keep worrying about the negative parts

I remember when I used to be out at night, and my parents would be strict, even though I made it to the plans, I would just not enjoy and constantly worry and overthink getting scolded!

I would go home and often would not get scolded, and sometimes I would, but I learned that it is better to have fun and get scolded than worry and then get scolded! ( if you know what I mean)

6. Explore new hobbies

Having fun by yourself and of course, with others can be done beautifully through hobbies.

Finding a hobby you enjoy, or maybe trying out many, will make your life more and unlock your creative side.

Going to workshops or classes of maybe dance, pottery, pain. All these are fun ways to engage with others and be present in the moment.

It is a safe space to push yourself and enjoy

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7. let go of fear and self doubt

The reason why we stop being lively, as we grow older, is because fears and self-doubt enter our minds.

Fear, of so many things like – Am I wasting my time by having fun? What if I fail? What if other people judge me for this, and the list goes on!

Ask yourself, what is stopping you from having fun?

There will be many reasons that might pop up, and you will realize a lot of them consist of fears and self-doubt!

At the end of the day, to TRULY enjoy and be lively is by letting go of these fears and doubts or challenge them

8. Learn to enjoy your own company

100 solo date ideas

Being fun or having fun is not always about having a company around you!

You can enjoy your company, in fact, if you can enjoy your own company, others will enjoy yours too!

Going to a cafe alone and enjoying your meal, going to a park, or travel.

There are plenty of things you can try and to enjoy being with yourself!

– If you are looking for ideas here are 100 solo date ideas to help you enjoy your own company

9. Focus on building stress-free habits!

Implement Stress-free habits to enjoy life more. There can be plenty of things you do every day that might make your life hard and boring.

Adding some stress-free habits in your life that help you relax can be a game changer!

Here are 17 habits to never get stressed

10. Be the Initiator

As an introvert, one thing I have come to learn is that not always other people will be there to initiate things, we cannot keep waiting.

We gotta challenge ourselves and be the initiator at times! Whether it is starting the conversation, hosting something, or coming up with a plan to enjoy!

At the end of the day, someone has to take the initiative, so why not you?

I hope you found these tips helpful. Make sure to try these out and enjoy!

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How to be more fun

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