17 Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free

What are some Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free?

Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free

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As women, we feel stressed a lot more! We don’t only stress, about our career and life, but also so much stress is coming from our bodies too~

After all, we go through so many changes in our bodies! However, this post is not about body changes but

How can we live stress-free or at least minimize our stress!?!

In this post, I will share 17 Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free! These habits are a must for women to apply,

But are also relevant to men too.

Intentional Habits of women who will stress-free

Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free

1. They Prioritize healthy eating

Food affects our stress levels so much! As women, as I said, we go through so many body or hormone changes, most of which are also a result of stress!

Food is a great way to manage those changes in your body and your stress too!

Food affects our mood a lot! The more unhealthy we tend to eat, the more mood swings we encounter, and that also include stress.

How does food affect stress?

A balanced diet can support a healthy immune system and the repair of damaged cells. It provides the extra energy needed to cope with stressful events

Prioritize eating healthy and foods like-

  • Oatmeal.
  •  Berries
  •  Dark chocolate
  •  Turmeric
  •  Chamomile tea.

They help manage stress levels!

2. They Focus on being present

Stress mostly comes from thinking about the past or future. Isn’t it? 90% of the stress, is what will happen in the future and if things will go your way or not

Over the years, One thing that has helped me in feeling less stressed than anything is focusing on being present at the moment.

Focusing more on now, the moment I have, throughout the day definitely helps, in making me less stressed over time.

Shift your mind every time it starts to think or worry and come to the present activity you are doing now.

Whether it is working, cooking, or eating

Focus on now!

3. They focus on their body

Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free

Apart from eating healthy, focusing on your body is also important for a better lifestyle that keeps you stress-free

By that, I don’t mean how you look or our body share, which we, as women tend to be extremely worried about most of the time.

But trying to move daily and shifting your focus to building strength, core, and toning your body

I have found, I tend to be less stressed when I move my body every day, either by walking or doing a few workouts in the morning.

It truly shifts your focus to a healthy mindset and outlook toward your body.

Apart from that, from the inside, noticing and understanding your body is extremely important.

Do you feel any discomfort? Is your body telling you to rest or avoid something? Do you feel tired all the time? We all are so unique, and our body reacts to different foods differently.

Especially, as women, we tend to go through vast hormonal changes that require us to pay more attention to our body and its need!

4. They Prioritize their Sleep

The sleep cycle is extremely important and plays a huge role in your stress.

During sleep, our body goes through many functions to help it rejuvenate and heal from the inside.

It is very important to sleep enough and on time for your body to go through the healing process

if you don’t sleep well, you tend to feel more stressed and tired. It affects your mood and energy throughout and eventually leads to an unhappy or unproductive day

Adults who sleep fewer than eight hours a night report higher stress levels than those who sleep at least eight hours a night“(source)

If that continues for a long time, the stress also affects different health areas in your body

5. They set Boundaries

As women, Don’t we all struggle with setting boundaries? Because that’s how we were taught from the beginning!

We struggle to say no, we tend to please more, apologize more, and give more.

By sacrificing our happiness and doing things we truly, did not want to in the first place

When it happens once or twice in a lifetime, it still may not affect you that drastically, but if it’s a constant, part of your life.

It can be very stressful and mentally draining!

We must start building those walls around us and take charge of our life

Learning when and how to set boundaries, in the beginning, may feel challenging, but over time it will add more meaning to your life and make it less stressful!

Start saying no to things you don’t want to, and limit your content with people who tend to push your boundaries repeatedly.

Shift the focus to yourself, and as yourself- does this make me happy? Do I feel the need to do this?

It all started from there!

6. They know how to enjoy life

An important aspect of Living a stress-free life is to truly make time and effort to enjoy life indeed.

While making money, building financial stability, and doing all responsibilities are important in life, taking time to enjoy life can make it stressful and boring.

Years down the line, you will look back and wonder, “When did I even live and enjoyed my life at all?”, All I did was worry and work non-stop.

We should strive for a balance in moving forward and growing in our careers but also take a few steps back at times to enjoy life.

7. They keep their passion alive

Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free

There is always so much controversy going on about whether one should follow their passion or not.

I find that doing what you love is extremely important! When I was working every day at a place where I did not like the workplace and the work brought me no joy or passion.

My life felt meaningless, and I was constantly feeling stressed and irritated.

The stress is not entirely because of the work I used to do but other problems going through life.

But when I left it and started focusing on something brought me joy, It was what helped me get through some tough and low periods of my life.

I could just focus on my work and shut everything else, I was able to feel less stressed when I was working because my work brought me peace.

Keep in mind that we spend the most time in a day, working from morning to evening.

This is time, if you spend doing what you are passionate about you, will feel less stressed.

Apart from the work topic, Passion can still be pursued as a hobby! In fact, It should be

There are so many things that can bring you joy, Make time for hobbies, make time for doing what you love.

It is a major stress buster!

8. They focus on their life

Another Intentional Habit of women who live stress-free is they are focused on their life instead of constantly comparing it to others

Comparing ourselves is definitely so natural for us, we are constantly comparing everything in our life with people around us, people on social media, and everywhere else!

However, this comparison is what makes us stressed the most, we compare our success, looks, finances, and happiness with those around us.

From the outside, it makes us feel that the other person is doing better than us and we are not.

This can leave us in a negative space of mind.

Understand that everyone is going through just like us, you cannot see it, but the suffering is there in everyone’s life

Once you shift the focus to your own life and happiness, the stress becomes nil.

So start focusing on your life and doing your thing instead of comparing yourself to others constantly, and you will live stress-free!

9. They prioritize mental wellbeing

Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free

If mental health is ignored, it can add so much stress and other sufferings, we may experience, anxiety, burned out, exhaustion, or unhealed

Because Our mental health has not been paid attention to. Once you start taking care of your mental well-being.

Your stress will not only reduce but also other things with it. When our mind is constantly worried and suffering, it affects everything else in our life.

So it’s highly important to start prioritizing mental well-being from now on!

10. They are Optimistic about life

To be away from stress, being optimistic is the key, When we look at everything in life from a negative point of view or,

Easily feel negative about new things, and we tend to feel stressed more.

Whereas by being optimistic, you are welco9ming positive wings and looking at things from a different perspective

It is true, that it is not easy to be optimistic in every situation in life

not at all

but striving for it is the only best way to get through and not feel too stressed that you cannot function properly

At the end of the day, you need to tell yourself that everything will be okay!

11. They stand up for themselves

Standing up for yourself may feel difficult and troublesome for some, but it is not until you start building self-respect and standing up for your right and value that you will live a beautiful life!

In life, so many people push our boundaries, criticize or do not value us and the choices we make

They can be strangers, colleagues, family, and even friends.

They push you to listen to them and do things according to them, and all of this leads to neglecting your thinking, your dreams, and your happiness

It is important to take our own stand whether we have someone with us or not. Because if we don’t, nothing else will change

You may have to go through a rough patch in the start but later on, you will be the master of your own life and living stress-free!

12. They never stop learning

Learning is the only that stays with you at the end after memories, The more we learn the more ways we find that help us live a better life

Not only that learning something new brings new passion and excitement into everyday life!

There is no end destination, and realizing that you are meant to constantly learn and grow will keep the stress of feeling like you are running behind or you have done much away

13. They fill their own cup

you must have this phrase a lot “Filling your own cup or bucket”

this is a phrase that implies, as an individual human being

The first and most important part of life is filling your life with joy, knowledge, and everything to share with others

You cannot give others love if you do not fill yourself with love

You can’t give others knowledge if you don’t have any

You cannot make others happy when you are not happy on your own

You need to fill your cup every day with everything first before you share it with family or friends!

14. They practice Mindfulness in everything

Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free

An essential Intentional Habit of women who live stress-free is that they practice mindfulness in everything.

They are mindful of what they put their energy into, they are mindful of the choices they make, and what they are feeling

Practicing mindfulness in every life is the only way to better yourself every day! As you start to pay attention to what is making you feel stressed, what is triggering you

You will be able to eliminate those triggers and find a solution!

A great way to begin mindfulness is to start to spend mindful me-time by yourself

Here is a post where I share 23 ideas for spending mindful me-time

15. They know when to stop

If you ever notice you will find yourself, whenever you have a goal or a project you desperately need to complete

You put everything in your life from happiness, and enjoyment to daily rituals aside, and only focus on the task.

While it may look like a good dedication but once this goal is completed, another is already formed

like this, you are always neglecting your health and personal life for a career or monetary goals

“When I reach there then I will focus on my health, I don’t have time right now”

“Once I complete this project then I will go out to enjoy”

This goes on forever, and you are still stuck in this vicious cycle

This is why creating a daily routine and promising yourself to put a stop when It is time to work out or sleep or have dinner or go out will keep you stress-free

Don’t rush the process and mindfully make time for everything to have a wholesome day that is filled with many more things other than just work

Knowing when to stop working, when to stop spending meaninglessly, and knowing when to stop having fun, all of these stress-free people follow.

16. They have a daily ritual, and they enjoy

Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free

Self-care is an essential part of living a life that you enjoy and distress yourself at the end of the day.

Having a daily ritual that helps you stay present in the moments and distresses yourself is all you need!

Indulge in daily hobbies,

Take a few moments in your day to rest

Read a book or watch a show that helps you wind down

Create that daily ritual for a few moments of joy every day!

17. They focus on their timeline

The last Intentional Habit of women who live stress-free is that they focus on their timeline.

We all compare ourselves with others and most importantly age.

that person achieved this at such a young age whereas, I did not.

When we look at people around us reaching somewhere before us, we feel discouraged and stressed about our life.

This has been a very important learning for me this year that has helped put my stress away.

After I saw a reel on Instagram of women sharing this beautiful message about focusing on your timeline

Click here to watch

This was the message in case you want to read:

New York is three hours ahead of California, but that doesn’t make California slow. Someone graduated at the age of 22 but waited five years before securing a good job. Someone became a CEO at 25 and died at 50. While Another became a CEO at 50 and lived to 90 years.

People around you might seem ahead of you and some seem behind you. but everyone is running their race, in their own time. do not envy them do not mock them. They are in their time zone and you are in yours.

Life is about waiting for the right moment to act. So relax. you are not late, you note early. you are very much on time.

This is such a powerful message! Each of us is living in our timeline instead of feeling good or bad about other. We must focus on our own and live on own timeline


So these were 17 Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free, Stress is such a major part of everyone’s life

We are stressed everyday for something or the other

If you are feeling stressed right now, I want to let you know that You are not alone

and by implementing some of these habits. You will start to see a major difference!

Good Luck!

Intentional Habits of women who will stress-free

This Post was all about Intentional Habits of women who live stress-free

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