11 realistic tips on How to take a mental break

Are you feeling overwhelmed or exhausted lately? It could be a sign that you need a mental break! Here is how to take a mental break in life!

How to take a mental break

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Nowadays, we all want to reach the top, work hard, and be successful fast
Even if that is not the case for you, you are still somewhere stuck in the cycle that society has created

Work, work, and work till the point you reach burnout

Leave everything aside, your emotions, and what is happening in life, and just look ahead! It has reached a point where we have neglected our mental too much.

This is not just for work, our society has trained us to always to put our mental health back and focus on other things.

However, for the past few years, mental health has been taken seriously among youngsters, and they realize how essential it is

Our mental health is as important as physical health,

We all, at some point in our lives, have to take a mental break and let our minds be at rest, instead of thinking, planning working, and suffering

It needs to breathe, it needs to heal so we can enjoy life and grow

So we can stop feeling exhausted, tired, and unhappy in life! In this post, I will share with you how you can take a mental break by not changing a lot of your lifestyle!

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How to take a mental break

How to take a mental break – 11 simple ways

1. Take a day off

As I mentioned in the beginning, for most people today, work has been the biggest reason for feeling burned out, not taking even a day off to relax and prioritize their mental health.

I think each one of us, no matter where we are, can take just one day off and let our mind rest, heal, and recharge.

Our brain deserves it, and we need to give it that.

Take a day off, and rest your mind, no thoughts about the future, no planning, and just simply letting your mind be at rest.

Sleep, nap, journal to dump everything out, be in nature

Do anything on that off day that rests your mind!

I make sure to take one day off from work and studies to let my mind rest and enjoy life, and it just makes my week more productive!

2. Do deep breathing meditation every morning and night.

As I have started to do more yoga and learn in school about the nervous system. I have learned how magical breathing meditation is

Breathing in a certain way can truly heal your whole body, it is an amazing way to rest your mind and boost mental health.

It is not difficult, and one can do this literally every day, no matter how busy you are

Just 10 mins a day, 5 mins in the morning, and 5 at night

Closing your eyes, sitting in a comfortable position, and focusing on your breathing

Breathing in for 5 seconds, holding for 0 seconds, and breathing out slowly for 7 seconds

Breathing out in more time than you take in breathing in helps in setting your mind in the PNS system, which calms your mind and de-stresses yourself

Here Is a video to help you follow through! It is similar to what I mentioned.

3. Connect with nature

The environment that we live in has a lot of effect on our mental health. When we live in a messy space, our minds do not be at rest.

When there is so much noise and traffic where you live, it can make it challenging to rest and feel peace.

Being in nature can instantly do that for you! Even if you go to the park with the crowd, you will still feel 100% time better.

That is the power and energy of nature, it is so healing, and peaceful.

Here is an article explaining How connecting with nature benefits our mental health. 

4. Unplug from internet

As of today, over 80% of the population, kids, adults, and old people are constantly stimulated because of the internet.

We are on our phones, laptops, pads, or TVs most of the time, and even though we may not realize this, it is taking a toll on our mental health.

Unplugging, from the internet, I believe, is one of the amazing ways to take a mental break.

My work involves the internet, and I constantly find myself being attached to the screen all the time.

And I have noticed on days, I step out of the house to hang out with my friends or do something offline.

I don’t touch my phone or the internet most of the day, and the whole feels so calming, and I feel at peace.

My mind feels refreshed and happy.

Try it for yourself! You will notice how lighter and calmer you feel!

5. Practice self-care

Practicing self-care activities can also help you take a mental break and feed your soul, warmth, and love.

Self-care is honestly a nonnegotiable in my life, and I make sure to take time to take off my mental health whenever needed!

Here are self-care ideas for you to choose from!

6. Express your emotions out

How to take a mental break

A lot of people like to keep things to themselves, their feelings, and their suffering especially

they feel they should not share their suffering and pretend to be fine for various reasons

  • Do not want to burden other
  •  They will judge me
  •  I will look weak
  •  They are scared

Whatever the reason is, sharing is essential, and letting out your emotions is key to healthy mental well-being.

People who keep this suffering to themselves keep adding the burden, and one day, it all comes out in a negative form.

You reach a point where you cannot hold it in anymore

Expressing yourself is a natural way of feeling emotions

Trust me, the moment you let out and share with your loved ones what you are going through even if it’s just 1 person

You are gonna feel so much better!

If you think you cannot tell someone, then even just talk it out alone, writing in a notebook, or taking it to a therapist can be so life-changing for your mental health.

Express whatever you are feeling

7. Journal out everything

It is related to the point mentioned earlier, I have found journaling to be one of the ways that helped me express my emotions and let them out of my system.

I would feel so much better every time I write down, what I am feeling.

Not only because it gives me a space to vent out, but journaling has helped several times giving me clarity of thoughts.

For things that were cluttered in my head and were worsening my mental health, journaling helped me put them down and make sense of it all.

Journaling for Mental Health: How to Start Journaling and stick to it

8. Indulge in a hobby

How to take a mental break

Hobby is one of those things that are so overlooked among adults, and for me, it is one of the essential things in life.

No matter what happens in my life, hobbies, are something I am never letting go of. It is my mental health or happiness fuel.

It is a way I can enjoy life on my own without needing a particular person, and forgetting what is happening in the world, and times just pass away.

I can connect with myself and others too, and do something solely out of joy.

Those 2 hours of my day are what I look forward to, and I call it my happy zone!

Find something you love to do that does not involve a job, and you do it only out of joy, and hours pass by without realizing it because you enjoy it so much!

67 Insanely Great Hobbies for 20 somethings adults

9. Do mental detox

Do mental detox where you spend a whole day or maybe an hour if that is all you have to clear your mind

  • Take a journal dump, down all your thoughts, and clear your head.
  • Do mediation to help you focus on the present moment

10. Build habits that boost mental health

Our day-to-day activities, which we call ” habits” are what affect our mental health.

Things we do every day can either boost or make our mental health worse!

So if we start building habits that nourish our mental health, we can make so much difference and feel less tired in life.

Here are 35 Tiny positive mental health habits to naturally boost your mood

11. Spend time with loved ones who make you feel happy

Lastly, step out from work and busy life to spend time instead with your loved ones that make you laugh.

People who make you feel at home and relaxed in their presence!

It is a type of mental break because it helps you feel relaxed and not think about anything!

How to take a mental break

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