15 Borderline Genius Habits to become mentally strong for all women!

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This post is all about building habits to become mentally strong for all women

Habits to become mentally strong

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Life can get the worst out of us at times, things happen that we never expected, and our emotions take over.

We go through so many such phases in our lives and emotions. Often, things that happen are usually out of our control, but our emotions make it way worse.

We might be going through 1 problem but end up making 99 problems in our which makes our mental health worse.

Over the years of going through such experiences where I struggled and felt that pain, but most of all the pain became 10x fold ruining my mental health.

It was due to many unhealthy habits that are not good for mental health

But it made me realize, that by being mentally strong, we can handle this experience way better and not make things for our sanity!

Here are 15 habits I have started to implement that have made me mentally stronger than before and not make things worse by letting my mind and emotions take over.

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Habits to become mentally strong

15 Habits to become mentally strong

1. Focus on being present

I have realized most of my worries and depression in life came from the constant thinking of the future.

What will happen? What if I cannot achieve this?

Instead of being in the moment, being always focused on the future really made things worse.

Our mind always looks out for threats, it is to protect us, but what happens is that when we constantly think of the future, our mind starts making up threats

They may not happen, but our mind dugs us in the hole of negative thinking

Being in the present helps us not think at all, it helps, us savor the good times we have right now, and this helps us stay calm

No matter what happens, it can be tough, but finding moments in your day to be fully present and immersing yourself in doing what makes you happy

will help you get through anything in life. Every time you find yourself thinking about the future or past, shift your focus back to the present

Indulge in activities that make you not think and be present as well!

2. Make mindfulness part of life.

Habits to become mentally strong

Being mindful in life, helps you realize things that are draining our energy, and we should not pay attention.

We can easily catch these activities that might be ruining our mental health by implementing, mindfulness in life.

Doing everything with intention and constantly asking yourself, why i am doing this? How is this serving my life? How do I feel after doing XYZ

and things like that, constantly ask yourself questions!

3. Spend alone time with yourself

Becoming mentally strong does not mean that you need to hide your feelings and pretend to be happy.

It actually, means that you face your emotions and overcome them as quickly as possible.

And that happens when you spend time with yourself alone.

Without any distractions, you sit and face your emotions, you let yourself feel what you are going through

Acknowledge your emotions and regulate them through healing activities.

The more alone time you spend with yourself in silence, you get to learn about who you are and what you truly want.

Your intuitions tell what needs to be done, and you can come out, stronger than ever!

4. Focus on getting all your nutrients.

In case you may not know, food has a profound effect on emotional health as well.

For example: often feeling depressed and low is a symptom of vitamin D or B12 deficiency,

When our body, is lacking in some nutrients, it also affects certain aspects of our mental health, for some, it might be feeling anxious, exhausted, stressed, or low mood, and so on.

Have a healthy diet, and get your blood/ lab tests done to see if everything is going well!

5. Learn the art of letting go

One of the main Habits to become mentally strong is learning the art of letting go.

Often, what makes us feel weak, depressed, or mentally disturbed is that we are obsessed with something.

A dream, a goal, or an idea of what we want

 when things do not go our way, we feel disappointed and let our emotions take over.

I have realized that when I was obsessed with wanting something and for a reason, it was not in my control, and yet, I was trying really hard to control everything related to it.

It made me feel exhausted and unhappy.

Only when I let go of the idea, the dream (temporality) into the universe that if it was meant to be, then it will happen one day

I will not let it ruin my mental health! And I will move to focus on better things.

I started to feel happy and content in my life!

6. Be optimistic

Many of us think negatively faster than we think positively, we instantly think of the worst scenario than we do of good.

It again comes from our mind trying to protect us, but we also need to be mindful and recognize that this is just our mind playing tricks.

Why always think about the worst things? Optimism is essential in life

Yes, be cautious and alert, but also be optimistic that things will work out

Look at the brighter side of things more instead of thinking about negative

7. Understand that discomfort lies in growth

One of the life-changing lessons I learned more than a year ago was that discomfort lies in growth.

Whenever we are going through something that is bringing us discomfort, that is making us step outside of our comfort zone.

It is for us to grow in life.

We need to shed our limiting beliefs that,t feel uncomfortable and take steps towards growth and change in our lives.

That discomfort could be – building discipline and working hard, standing up for yourself against the world, Taking charge of your life, or doing things that others may not like, but your heart says so!

All these things can cause discomfort to some people, and this is exactly what will help them grow and take a step above in their lives.

Recognize the discomfort or challenge in life you are feeling right now, do you need to feel it, and face it so you can grow in life?

8. Set healthy boundaries

Another essential habit to become mentally strong is setting boundaries with people.

Yes, imagine you are constantly working to better your mental health, and that one person keeps ruining it and coming between your healing process.

Making things tough for you and creating a toxic environment. Your energy is low after meeting them

You must set boundaries with such people who push you to the extreme, you do not deserve to entertain their behavior.

Maintain distance and say no!

9. Develop a healthy coping mechanism.

You truly become a mentally strong person, when you start finding healthy ways to cope with pain.

Pain is something you can hide and wash away when something happens, you feel the pain of what has happened.

Coping with it is wh. at will help you heal, but You need to find healthy ways to do that.

Ways that help you heal and provide a better life and not the other way around!

10. Surround yourself with the right people.

When going through a rough time in our lives, being around the right people makes a huge difference.

In fact, whether you are going through a rough time or not, try to always surround yourself with the right people

people who genuinely want your best, people who are positive and are there for you when you need them.

It helps you get through these times better and easier!

11. Focus on personal growth.

Life happens, it does not mean we must stop living

Shift your focus on your personal growth, in fact, you must always focus on your personal development

How can you be better in life? How can you better your mental, physical, financial, spiritual aspects of life

This will help you actually grow in life and take away the obstacles you are facing right now.

12. Create a healthy lifestyle

For me, one of the most essential parts of life is living healthy, as long as I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Life is good

There is nothing more important than health – A healthy mind, body, and soul!

Creating a healthy lifestyle helps me feel that I am living a better life, I am healthy and fit.

That helps me stay centered to things things in life that matter, it shifts away my focus from worries to being a healthy person

13. Seek professional help

It is always better and essential to reach out to a professional who can help you, and guide you to better your health.

If you are struggling and finding it difficult to heal or cope with these tips or anything else

Reach out to a professional who can help you

14. Vent out

Venting out which is expressing everything you are feeling and thinking, helps you get your weight off and Feel lighter and calm.

When we build up all the pain inside and do not let it out, it keeps adding up, and one day, all emotions explode.

We don’t want that to happen, we don’t want to hurt ourselves or make our situation worse by keeping all our pain to ourselves.

Vent out all that you feel out of your system.

  • Talk to someone
  •  Journal everything you are feeling
  •  Talk to a therapist
  •  cry when you feel like that

15. Get new perspectives

Lastly, one of the best Habits to become mentally strong is often getting a new perspective on the same situation.

It is not always what we think it is, sometimes we need to shift our minds and think about the situation from a different point of view

and realize that maybe things, are happening, it is for us to grow, it is for us to be strong, and it is not as deep as we think

and the list goes, I am not saying that you must believe all other perspectives

But be open to them, get to know these points of view, and then believe, what you feel is best!

Because the new perspectives can often be right and help us turn around our mindset to a happy healthy life!

This Post was all about Habits to become mentally strong

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Habits to become mentally strong

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