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30 Mental health goals for a peaceful life in 2024

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Struggling with poor mental health? Here are 30 mental health goals you must for happy and peaceful life!

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We set all kinds of goals everywhere but hardly ever think about setting mental health goals, even though we need them the most!

Somewhere, all of us struggle with our mental health because life happens. However, we have always been conditioned to make it our least priority.

Thanks to the world, we live in now, and the internet, the importance of mental health has increased many people have started prioritizing it.

A year back, I struggled with the most poor mental health ever. Since then, I have made a commitment and priority to set and accomplish my mental health goals.

And I must say this year went so easily, and peacefully, I did go through rough times this year as well, but my mental health was stable throughout the year because of these mental health goals!

In this post i will be sharing those goals with you!

Mental health goals

What are mental health goals?  

Mental health goals are specific, achievable objectives that you set for yourself to promote and maintain good mental health.

These goals are designed to improve your emotional well-being, reduce stress, and enhance your, overall psychological and emotional state.

Setting and working towards mental health goals can help you address specific challenges, build resilience, and foster a more positive mindset.

Why we must set mental health goals?

The reason we all must set mental health goals is, firstly, that we all go through challenging times in our life that affects our mental health.

As yourself, are you not struggling with your mental health in some way right now? I am sure the answer would be yes for some places in your life.

Moreover, mental health is something that is pushed away from our lives, we prioritize our careers, relationships, and other things more than our sanity, don’t we?

This is why it becomes even more essential to set mental health goals so we can prioritize them equally.

In the past, I had overcome my mental health struggles many times in some or the other way, but since I never made my mental health a legitimate priority, the struggles would keep recurring.

But after last year, I made sure to keep my mental health goals in check, and I was able to have a peaceful year

hence, we must set mental health goals, no matter what!

How to Set Mental Health Goals

In this post, although i will be sharing with you goal ideas that have personally worked for me and helped me improve my mental health

but there can be other thing that may work for you. So to set mental health goals..

1. Know what you are struggling from

Knowing the root cause of what is bothering you is the first you must take to improve your mental health.

For example, when I was struggling with mental health many years back, my root issue was low self-esteem and negative body image.

So, to improve my mental health, my goals were surrounded improving my self-esteem and body image

like practicing affirmation, positive self-talk, etc

2. Give yourself time to improve

You cannot expect results in a day or even a week.

Depending on the scale of your mental health and your reason, it may be time to boost your mental well-being.

It is a must for you to accept that and keep working every day on bettering yourself

3. Create lifestyle-based goals

Set such mental health goals that you can add to your daily life.

I know a lot of people opt for trips and long getaways to improve their mental health when they are struggling.

While this 100% helps in improving your mental well-being, once you get back to your normal life.

The struggles from your daily life lead to affecting your mental health again.

So, if you set goals that can also be practiced every day and stick with your lifestyle forever

it will help you prevent and maintain stable mental health!

30 Mental health goals for a healthy mind and peaceful life

1. Get enough Sleep

Notice, when you don’t get enough sleep, you feel irritated the whole day, and easily get short-tempered.

Sleep has a massive effect on our both mental and emotional health, as it can lead to stress.

Getting enough sleep makes you feel rested and a fresh new day!

Focus on improving your sleep cycle

2. Move your body daily

One of the most significant changes in my mental health came from this!

Moving my body daily and having a sweat session helps me boost my mental health.

Studies have shown as well, that to improve your mental health, you must involve 15-30 minutes of physical activity in your life.

Currently, I have been indulging in dance and yoga, which has helped me maintain a peaceful mental health.

3. Get out of the house daily.

Last year, as I shared, my mental health was the worst it had ever been! The whole year was rough due to some personal reasons,

but guess what? I made them worse by not stepping out of the house at all.

I stayed at home most of the year and hardly went out, which affected my mental health negatively.

Since then, I have noticed that going out of the house every day even, for 10-15 minutes, to run errands or just for fun helps in keeping my mental health great.

Check for yourself and see!

4. Find a hobby

A huge boost in your mental health is possible when you indulge yourself in a hobby.

The thing is that life does not always go the way we want. Sometimes work will be stressful, sometimes family life will be, or something else.

None of these stay the same every day, so today’s work might be, making you happy, but tomorrow it may not be the same, and that goes for other things as well!

But one thing that can stay consistent every day in your life to enjoy and have fun is your hobby.

No matter how rough your day is, it gets better when you do your favorite activity!

That’s why hobbies are a powerful source of happiness and peace that each person, should prioritize!

5. Learn to enjoy alone time

A lot of people struggle with mental health either because they don’t get time at all to relax and be with themselves or they find it hard to be alone in their own company.

When you are dependent on other people’s company to feel good all the time and never spend alone time

If you get in a situation where you have to be by yourself, your mental health gets affected, and you struggle.

You must learn, to enjoy alone time. Be okay with being alone, and have fun!

It will help you build a connection with yourself and get to know yourself. This will help you improve your mental health, as you will find the root cause of why you are feeling this way.

6. Go on solo dates.

Solo dates are crucial for enjoying alone time and restoring your mental health. It is added to the mental health goals because it can be prioritized in your lifestyle.

Making time for yourself to step out and have fun, if this isn’t the most fun thing, then what?

Here are 100 solo dates to enjoy your company

7. Create a routine

Create routines to help you feel at ease, and get better every time you go through something.

Of course, having a routine does not heal your problems, but it works as a supporting system to go on with your life while protecting your peace

whether it is a morning routine, self-care routine, or wind-down routine at night.

Build an everyday routine that eases you back to your life.

Here are some posts to help you build a routine

8. Journal your feelings

Expressing yourself and letting out your feelings as much as you can, is crucial for good mental well-being.

Many people struggle to express themselves and talk to others about what they are going through, and some even feel they don’t have anyone to talk to.

This is why journaling is the best way to build a habit of expressing yourself without depending on someone else.

Let out your emotions, and while journaling, you can sometimes even find a way to overcome your problem,

Most importantly, you feel lighter and better after journaling!

9. Spend less time on screen.

With the rise of the internet and its usage, many people have shared on the internet their concerns about how it has taken a toll on their mental health

the more they spend time on screen, they seem to struggle with their mental health.

If you are struggling as well, check your screen time first! Are you spending way too much time on your phone?

Then you get your answer, it may not be the main reason, but for sure contributes to your poor mental health.

The good news is, you may not be able to find a solution right for your other reason, but for this, you sure can!

You, sure can spend less time on screen and do other things that help you stay present and boost your mental health!

10. Practice gratitude

When things are not going your way, it is okay and expected to feel low and disheartened.

Suddenly, we think everything is going wrong in our lives, even though many things are beautiful, but we take it for granted.

It can be small joys that we experience, but we neglect them for wanting that one big thing.

The feeling is the most important at this moment because that is when we are struggling and feel like it is the end of the world, but it’s not!

Here are a-z – 300 things to be grateful for

11. Stop complaining

I remember being in a phase where I used to complain so much, I was not aware of this at all, but I had a habit of complaining about every small thing.

I would complain about everything, and eventually, it would lead me to feel bad because, for me, it’s like, nothing is going away.

“Oh my life is so miserable”

Thankfully, I was able to realize this habit and leave it. It was after leaving this habit of complaining and switching my focus to doing what I could control.

I saw a huge change in my mental health.

If you are in this place right now, where everything that is going on in your life seems to feel wrong.

I know even though it may seem hard, push yourself to focus and take action for things you have control over and feel good

It only takes one second to complain and ruin your day. Don’t let it happen

12. Get daily sunlight

Getting daily Sunlight is an essential part of our mental health, which is why you would see people living in cold areas complain a lot about winter depression

Sunlight releases serotonin which is a happy hormone responsible for making us feel great!

So if you are lucky to have good sunlight in your city, take as much as you can! (but make sure to wear sunscreen)

13. Check your vitamin D and

Several vitamins play important roles in supporting mental health. Checking your vitamin levels is also essential if you are feeling low for a prolonged time

Vitamin B Complex:

  • B1 (Thiamine): Supports nerve function.
  •  B3 (Niacin): Essential for energy production and DNA repair.
  •  B6 (Pyridoxine): Involved in neurotransmitter synthesis, including serotonin and dopamine.
  •  Vitamin D:
  •  Plays a role in brain development and function.
  •  Helps regulate neurotransmitters, including serotonin.

14. Practice positive self-talk

Many of us have no idea that the way we talk to ourselves is so harsh and negative when I was struggling with body image, which was affecting my mental health.

It was truly the negative self-talk keeping me trapped in this cycle and not feeling good about myself.

Because we are conditioned to always criticize ourselves, we build this habit even as an adult and constantly say mean things to ourselves!

Be mindful and spot yourself each time you say something mean, stop it and replace my pouring some kind words instead,

do this and see the magic happen.

15. Do less thinking and more doing

Thinking is huge in everyone’s life nowadays, those who think more before doing tend to always, struggle with stress and anxiety.

So much time and energy is spent on thinking rather than doing which results in poor mental health as not only you have created so many negative possibilities that will never happen, but

also, you have not taken any action, if you had taken the action y, you would realize that all that thinking was for nothing.

I am sure you must have gone through a time like this in your life where you spent days and weeks thinking about something, and when it happened.

You were like – that’s all? What was I worried about? This teeny tiny thing?

So keep in mind and add to your mental health goal lists to do more and think less

16. Set boundaries

Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries is crucial for maintaining good mental health and overall well-being.

Boundaries help define the limits of acceptable behavior, protect your mental and emotional space, and establish a sense of self-respect.

Understand your own needs, emotions, and limitations. Being aware of your own well-being is the first step in setting effective boundaries.

It’s okay to say no when you need to. You don’t have to overcommit yourself or take on responsibilities that will negatively impact your mental health.

Protect your peace first!

17. Do what makes you happy.

Do not refrain from the thing you wish to do. I know there will always be people, telling you to do something else and suppress your liking.

Listen to your heart and keep doing what makes you happy!

I spent many years trying to be understanding and sacrifice little to big joys in life, and it all led me to an unhappy road.

But, once I realized, I started to stand up and do more things that make me happy, it was difficult but worth it!

18. Eat nutritional food

Nutrition plays a crucial role in mental health. The food we eat provides the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the brain

and influences various biochemical processes that can impact mood, cognition, and overall mental well-being.

Eat a balanced and nutritional diet that helps support your mental health

19. Create a positive home environment

I truly believe that our home is the sacred place where we come to relax and feel better.

After working and hustling all day. Our home is a safe place for us.

However, if the environment in your home is also chaotic and messy.

It would not be safe, and relaxing but more burdening.

The good thing is that you can change your home environment!

Here are 11 Tips for Creating a Peaceful and relaxing home environment

20. Be around healthy relationships more

Relationships are a source of happiness in our lives. Although you can be happy in your own company.

Having people to share this happiness with is the best thing world.

A person can either add to your own happiness or remove it. This is why it is really essential to be mindful of the people you surround yourself with

If they are adding more misery to your life than happiness, you need to quit your relationship with them.

20. Create a relaxing night routine.

A good nighttime routine is important not only to sleep better, but also to have a great start to your next morning.

Your day could be hectic and full of stress, but nighttime is the perfect time to unwind and truly relax yourself.

Create a night routine for yourself, that helps you release all your worries and feel great.

It could be a few minutes of breathwork at night to keep yourself grounded, journaling a few pages at night to release all your emotions and stress.

Anything that better your mental health!

22. Take rest

Nowadays, we see most adults or even children overworking themselves, which leads to burnout.

Resting is considered a waste of time when, in fact, it should be a top priority!

Rest is essential to recharge and work better. If you keep working or overworking yourself without rest at all

You will affect your mental health, which can further affect your physical health too.

Make rest a priority, in your life, and notice how your mental well-being will improve.

23. Focus on yourself

One of the main goals you should set for your mental health is to focus on yourself.

The reason your mental health is not great right is that you are not focusing on yourself – your wellbeing. A part of you needs care and attention.

When it is left unnoticed, it starts to build up, It could be anything, but once you make it a priority to always focus on your well-being firsthand, your mental health will naturally improve.

One of the main culprits of our poor mental health is truly our mind, which is constantly thinking about either the past or future.

24. Focus on being in the present moment.

If you think about what is worrying you right now that is affecting your mental health, I am sure it’s something that happened in the post or what will happen in the future.

We spend most of our life not living in the present and only worrying about the other two,

If you switch your focus from these to solely on what is in the moment

here and now!

You will experience so much goodness in your life!

25. Don’t be afraid to take risks

I wanted to make this point because I feel that risks are something we feel anxious to take, and most of the time, we don’t even take risks and think, we are protecting our peace.

But it’s truly what we need to do to improve our health. Risks help us grow in life. They are also important for mental health

When we take any risk there is a sense of confidence that is built once we achieve what we want, but if we never take any step because we are too afraid to take risks

that fear will grow with time, leading us to a much scary path for us that is afraid to do anything and change our reality.

Start by taking small risks and build your confidence, you will realize how freeing it feels when you step out of your boundaries for something good for yourself!

25. Be yourself unapologetically

BE yourself, don’t be afraid to show who you are, and don’t let other’s words get to you!

There are so many noises around us, always making us feel like we are not good enough, and that we should be like everyone else.

You are amazing the way you are and don’t need to change yourself for anyone.

So be yourself unapologetically

26. Ask for help if needed

Asking for help when you are struggling is essential, don’t keep things to yourself.

Talk to your friends or family and share your struggles with them, if you feel like you cannot share something with your family or friends

you must reach out to a professional who can help you!

27. Make lifestyle changes

Maybe you need to change your lifestyle. It has become monotonous, and you crave change, which is the reason you have been feeling this way.

I have always noticed that changing my lifestyle even a little bit helps improve my mental health, It creates more room for growth and not stuck

29. Don’t let other’s words get to you

Most of our mental health is compromised by the harsh words society or our loved ones throw at us, we feel insecure and depressed from their taunts or mean words.

Especially now, with access to social media, we can see people being mean to anyone for no reason.

While we do not have control over these people, who feel the need to share anything they want, we can control how we feel toward them.

Creating a mental boundary and not letting their words get to us

30. Mindfulness and meditation:

Lastly, Incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices into your daily routine to promote self-awareness, reduce stress, and enhance emotional resilience.

So these were 30 mental health goals you can set

Start one goal at a time and see the difference it makes in your mental health.

I hope you can reach the goals you set and attain healthy mental well-being.

Stay consistent in whatever you do!

Good luck

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 Mental health goals for a peaceful life

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