how to improve self-discipline as a beginner in small ways

Are you a beginner who wants to become more disciplined, but unsure how to? Here is a complete guide on how to improve self-discipline as a beginner in small ways

how to improve self-discipline as a beginner in small ways

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Self-discipline in the dictionary means “the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weakness”

It is definitely such a deep and powerful thing. We, as humans, have both feelings and weaknesses in life.

Some are more profound than others, and yes, there are things in which you cannot control your feelings, and some weaknesses are hard to overcome

But not all!

It becomes important, or much needed, for us to control our feelings and overcome weakness when they start troubling our life

in short, they become a toxic or unhealthy pattern

Then you have to be self-disciplined

For example, Some of the most common and everyday things we struggle to control are

  • eating junk food
  •  Avoiding our phones
  •  Either sleeping too much or not on time

These things even though, they might be challenging but becomes an essential area to be disciplined in our life starts getting affected

for example, too much junk food causes health problems

-being stuck on the phone leading to procrastination and not getting anything done for hours

– Sleep causing health problems or disrupting our daily routine

In short, if you want to improve your life, there are areas you need to get disciplined in!

Just like you, I used to struggle in many areas of life, It was only after I started focusing on becoming self-disciplined in those areas, Things started to change.

In this post, I will share my experience and tips that have helped me build a little discipline in life!

how to improve self-discipline as a beginner in small ways

how to improve self-discipline as a beginner in small ways

1. Find an area where you need to improve

When you are a beginner, you cannot become disciplined in everything just like that, in fact, there will always be a few areas that you will find yourself struggling with

This is okay because we are humans, and everything takes time

Don’t beat yourself to it

As a beginner, what you need to do is find one area that you need to improve your life in as of now

It could be your health- eating healthy, exercising, finances, and so on

Which area do you want to improve urgently? You have been thinking of it for a long time?

As for me, When I started becoming a bit disciplined, it was either when I highly wanted to lose weight and get fit

Or when I had gotten glasses because of my using a screen too much as a kid, and I want to eliminate that,

or I wanted to improve my work

It was always something that I badly want to change or improve at that particular time.

So, I need you to find THAT ONE AREA for yourself you badly want to improve in

2. Find a driving force a.k.a motivation

The reason I said BADLY multiple times is because unless you are highly motivated for something, it can be challenging to become disciplined too

if you have ever heard any person sharing their story, they always said they reached their limit, and they had no option but to improve and become a super discipline

Whatever area you have decided on, it is important to look for motivation, something that will keep you going throughout

For me, When I ended up working out consistently and eating healthy after struggling for many years, it was because I had gained weight or my birthday was near (LOL)

It worked as a motivation for me, and I always kept going!

List down why you want to improve, and you will feel and change that will happen if you do or don’t improve yourself now

3. Look for small things

An Area that you may have decided to become disciplined in, could be broad and may require time

For example: When you are living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle of eating lots of junk food for years and want to switch to a healthy one

Switching to eating clean is a long process, and if you try to reach that extreme from day 1

You will give up

Because It takes time to let yourself adjust and get used to it

there are so many things that go on when trying to live a healthy lifestyle

It is a long journey indeed

This is why finding small things to improve your discipline is the best way to improve and become self-disciplined in the long run.

For example: When I decided to start a healthy lifestyle

I also used to eat junk food all the time and had a swath tooth, I would pour tons of white sugar into everything!

Eating chocolates every day and chips

If I decided to give up on sugar and junk food altogether from day 1, I would have given up and failed (I did many times in the past)

But this time I started by focusing on small things like
  • First, cutting down from 3 sugar spoons I put on my coffee to 1 to now, many years later no sugar at all! Because my taste birds have adjusted
  •  From having at least one meal of the day that is healthy and does not include junk food to 2-3 meals now!

Becoming self-disciplined in small things in that area is the best way that lasts a lifetime.

So take some time and think about one small change you can make to become self-disciplined in the area you have chosen.

4. Remove distractions

When you are trying to eat healthily, and there is a packet of chips in the same room as you, It is hard to control that temptation because you are a beginner.

For you taste birds to get used to not eating and craving junk food, it is also important to remove this distraction or temptations that come your way as much as possible.

This is for everything else too, There are some other distractions and temptations in everything we struggle with

Make sure to keep them away.

5. Show up every day

Even while you are doing your best, there will be days you may indulge in all those things.

It is okay and a part of your journey.

But remember to show up and do it every day.

If you had set a goal to work out to eat healthily. Make the effort for doing it every day. Some days you may do less, but as long as you keep showing up because you are getting better!

If you wanted to exercise every day, even if you are not feeling it, just wear your shoes, change into clothes, and start moving.

Even if it is for a few minutes, do it regardless!

There is a chance you may end up getting into the workout zone and completing it further.

Or even if you don’t, it is a win because you did something at least, and that count

6. Focus on the after feeling

The only struggle in doing this is before, not after we have done

You feel all the mood swings, pain, or discomfort before or a tiny bit while doing it

Mostly before, because our minds keep resisting, but once you are done, the after feeling is so beautiful!

No matter how much I cry about exercising but once I am done, there is an instant happy and gratifying feeling that lasts long

If you focus on the after-feeling and tell yourself when your mind is resisting

That after you will feel happy and rewarded, you can push through!

7. Make it a habit

Self-discipline is built and even increased over time, you may start with the small thing now, but once you keep doing it every day your willpower will increase.

This way you can create discipline in more things! So focus on making it a habit!

A habit is something we do as a part of our daily lifestyle. Take those actions and make them into a habit

8. Keep getting back on track

While you are becoming self-disciplined or even have achieved it. You still will have days you will miss out and do all those things you have been controlling for a while

You will indulge in your junk food, maybe when you went on a trip, You will end up sleeping more in days or not feeling like sleeping because you are stressed about something.

Because Life happens,

The goal is to keep getting back on track even after you have missed it. It does not matter if you missed a day, a week, or a month.

You have to keep getting on track to maintain your discipline in all those things

9. Be Patient

Lastly, how to improve self-discipline as a beginner in small ways is to be patient.

Depending on how broad your goal is, it can take longer for you to reach a place where you will start seeing changes.

Do not rush the process because you will give up, or feel demotivated if you set the expectation to achieve faster.

Because it does not happen like that

Remember, your goal is to make it a habit that becomes easy for you to maintain for a lifetime and build your willpower.

So be patient!


So these were my 9 tips on how to improve self-discipline as a beginner in small ways.

These are some of the things I have learned through my

how to improve self-discipline as a beginner in small ways

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