Importance of Being Consistent with Goals – Here is Exactly How to

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What is the value of consistency? Do you have goals that you always wanted to achieve? We all do, but how many of us are actually able to achieve them? If you struggle with making things come to life, chances are you lack consistency. In this post, I will share the Importance of being consistent in life and how to achieve your goals that way.

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How does being consistent help a person?

 Out of the many lessons I have learned so far. There were two that have been the most helpful in achieving my goals

 1. Learning the Importance of being consistent

 2. To Focus on one thing at a time

 Both of these go hand in hand, without having one, you cannot achieve what you truly want.

 I first experienced the power of Consistency when I lost 7 kgs. 

All my school life, I felt insecure about my body even though I was slim but felt fat. I would work out and try many quick diets because I struggled with being Consistent.

Then Fast forward to when I finished school, I gained a lot of weight. That’s when I started to work out again and became consistent for the first. I gave all my focus to eating healthy and moving my body and after some time lost 7 kgs even though My goal was to just lose 4-5kgs in total.

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Importance of being consistent (3)

It all happened because I was Consistent.

Then fast forward to 2022, This year My goal was to start a blog and grow it enough to make money.

Before Blogging, I had done many jobs/ started a small business and struggled until this year. When I decided to give all my focus to blogging and staying consistent, I was able to achieve my goal within one year.

Importance of being consistent

If you are still wondering why Consistency is key to Success, Here is an Explanation to understand the importance of being consistent

Once you are clear about your goals or dream life and know what you want to achieve, you cannot expect it to come true just like that.

You need to put in the work every day because Action is what brings results.

Everything In life has a time period and that’s just how our bodies and world work.

When we eat something, some foods take less time to digest and some more but regardless of it all, they all take time

If you work out today for 2-4 hours expecting to see the results in one day, it won’t work because you need time to relax and for body to make changes inside. It requires constant work.

But If you work out for 30 minutes every day for 3 – 6 months, you will start seeing visible results.

More than anything, when you start exercising for the first time, you will probably suck at it, with postures and following it through to the end.

But as you keep on doing it every day, you will get better at it, your postures will be better, you will know what you are doing, and that’s when you will most likely to start seeing results.

This goes for everything.

When you are starting out, you will struggle, but as you keep putting in the work, you will get better.

Everything in life requires Consistent work.

This is why when starting something from scratch, we need to put effort into it every day, and slowly we start seeing the magic of consistency…

Importance of being consistent-

  •  Builds trust
  •  Creates Accountability
  •  Is Easier to Measure your progress and growth
  •  Creates Momentum
  •  Builds Discipline
  •  Makes your task easier
  •  Better your skills

When You are consistent every day, you make it into a Habit, then you make it into a routine, and hence you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Here is How to become Consistent in life and achieve your goals

1. Set One Goal

I mentioned above that being consistent and giving focus on one thing at a time go hand in hand, that is why you need to start with setting Just one goal, That’s it.

As said by Esther Jno-Charles, What you focus on Expands

Giving you focus on just one thing every day will help you get better at it with time.

When we focus on too many things, our mind gets clustered and confused. It is simply hard for us to focus on too many things. And you grow very little in all directions.

Moreover, being consistent in all of them is challenging

Set One Goal for yourself for a specific time, once you start seeing results, you slowly add more.

For Example

  • Eating Healthy Everyday
  •  Getting 10 mInute workout done
  •  Making $300 a month

When I started My Fitness journey back then, I set a goal to do an everyday 7-minute workout.

It felt easy because it was just 7 minutes, I kept doing it every day as time passed. I started loving it and eventually moved to doing it for 20 minutes, and then the lockdown happened.

I started working out for 40 minutes by dividing – 20minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

Not only did I get better at working out and started enjoying it, but started to lose weight slowly

2. Do Not have a Plan B

Some of you may have goals that are more broadly related to your career and going after your dreams instead of getting healthy.

This is for you

I find that your purpose or why you want to do something gets stronger when you don’t have a backup Plan.

I always believed that one should have a backup plan to stay safe but, I also find it to be the reason, many do not achieve their true passion.

When you have something to lean on, your mind gets lazy, which leads to a lack of motivation.

You are not as hungry or desperate to go after it as you would be if you had nothing in the backhand.

Before I started my blog, I had started a small business and done work here and there, but somewhere I always lacked motivation and eventually struggled with being consistent.

It was easy to take a break, especially when things gets challenging

But when I reached a point where I had nothing, I was desperate as if my life depends on this, it was only then that I was able to stay motivated through tough times.

Similarly, It is important to make your WHY strong

If the purpose of what you are doing is strong and clear enough, so will be the motivation to do.

3. Micro your Goal

When you are starting out, it is easier to get discouraged if you set a tough goal.

Whatever Goal you have set, Go further and micro it in terms of Planning.

For Example – Getting Fit is Your ultimate Goal. You can micro it by setting the goal to work out for just 10 minutes every day. This feels easy and achievable.

It will help you stay Consistent.

When I started this Blog, My Micro goal was to write 5 posts in a month. and then as I got better it reached 10 posts in a month now

Above all I gave all m focus to writing first, that’s it. No other social media app to promote – just write until it gets easy and I have enough posts on my website.

4. Set A timeline

Setting a timeline for your goals will push you to keep working towards them. If you want to achieve the result within a certain period or before an important date.

This will push you to work every day to get better results faster. But Make sure to set realistic goals per timeline. Don go overboard

For example – Reaching the goal of $1000 in 30 days is possible to achieve if you work consistently for 3-6 months and is way more realistic than making $6000 when you are starting out

Make sure to not set less than 3-6 months of timeline in anything, to see results in anything it takes a minimum of 3-6 months of consistent effort!

5. Done is better than Perfect

I have seen many people who are perfectionists and who put out the best work which is amazing but it can lead to no progress at all

When you are starting something new for the first time, you will not be the best in it most importantly, it may require tons of practice to upgrade your skill.

If with the hope of putting your best just when you are starting out, you will never be able to execute it

There will always be something to improve, something to change because

Perfection does not exist

6. Enjoy the process

The best way to stay consistent is to enjoy the process, do not dread it because it will not keep you motivated.

When you start romanticizing your goals and enjoying the process, you will feel more inclined to work towards them than ever.

7. Create Systems to help you

Using tools and systems that keep you on track is essential in being consistent.
When I started Blogging, I struggled with posting consistently as it was too much. I did know how to simplify it

Then I started using a planner where I schedule all the posts I am going to write for the whole month and by when

Once I used it, it eased my task, and I was consistently more than ever.

8. Effective Planning

Apart from setting systems, one thing that helped was being clear about my goals and what I am going to do

In my Planner, I had written What those 10-15 posts will that I will post every month, so I Don’t Have to waste my time figuring it out every day.

The moment I open my planner, I know what I need to write about today and I just do it.
Whatever your goals, find systems and set a clear schedule to ease your work

If you want to get fit, then plan out what time you will work out, what workout you will start with, and what day. Keep your clothes ready.

Make things easier for yourself by planning them effectively

9. Get back on track again

Of course, there will be days you may not be able to do the work, maybe there is an important event or you are sick or you don’t have the mental capacity that day.

It is okay to lose track. It happens to every single person. So do not be hard on yourself and feel guilty. Instead, take it as a rest day and get back on it again.

Do not lose the will and get back on track again and again…

Quotes about Being Consistent

~ Trust is built with consistency. ~  - Lincoln Chafee 

~  The more work you put in, and the more you constantly and consistently give good performances against good opponents and constantly exceed people's expectations, the more you really endear yourself to the crowd. That's how your career takes off: it's just consistency and time. ~   Sami Zayn

~ Go Slow, but grow ~

~  Just when you will feel like giving up or things are not going your way, hold on to it a little longer, do the work and you will start to see the magic happen


So this was the Importance of being consistent and changes you can make starting today to become more consistent in your goals!

This Post was all about Importance of being consistent and how to get started

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Importance of being consistent (3)

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