23 ways to completely reset your life in 2024 (helpful tips)

How to reset your life

Are you thinking about resetting your life too?

We all go through this phase at least in our life

Where we feel stuck, unhappy, lost, or in desperate need to change

You may have entered a new place where you need to leave old ways of living and adapt to new

Or you have realized that how you have been living your years is pushing you awayfrom the life you always wanted

Now you want to change and take complete control of your life

Maybe you have a big goal or dream and don’t know how to achieve it

There are so many signs that can tell you that you need to reset your life! (click here)

Whatever it is that pushed you to get curious about resetting your life

I totally understand you and know what it feels like

All in all, it means that you want to start a fresh and new life

You want to upgrade your life and grow

Which is a beautiful thing!

In this post, I will share a full guide on how to reset your life with 22 helpful tips!

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Is it possible to reset your life?

Yes, It is Possible to reset your life and have a fresh start in your life!

No matter what age or circumstances you are in right now, it is possible to reset your life!

Some of you may require a small reset to better yourself whereas, for others, it may require working on a lot of things and completely starting from a clean slate.

It all depends on your situation and what you are expecting from resetting your life!

How to know When it’s time to reset your life?

The word reset your life can get a little confusing for some, and it’s normal to feel confused and wonder whether you need to reset

I have written a detailed post sharing 21 signs to help you know whether you need to reset your life or not! Click here to read!

But first, Pin it for later!

How to reset your life

How do I reset myself in life? – 22 ways to completely Reset Your life

1. Understand why you need to reset

First thing first, ask yourself why you need to rest your life

With the help of the signs, I share the link of the post, and understanding what made you want to reset your life is crucial


Because I am sure there much be some hard feelings that pushed you to want to reset your life,=

and you should not end up in the same situation again for the same reason in the future

Understand your reason deeply and encourage yourself to restart once and for all!

2. Let go and accept your past.

Whatever happened in the past, I am sorry, and I want you to know It was not your fault

Even if you made a few mistakes, it’s still fine and a part of growing in life

Accept your past, mistakes you made, and situations that led you here

and let it go

If you keep feeling hurt, angry, or guilty about what happened, you want to be able to reset your life and start a new beginning.

You will be going forward with the same mindset, and very soon, you will end up giving up, because you are still stuck on your past.

It’s a must that you let it go.

Now if that takes a day, two, or a whole week for you to process your past, accept and let it go

Do it!

3. Ask yourself questions

How to reset your life

Ask yourself questions so you can know yourself more

You are resetting your life, to make sure you stay true to what you truly want from inside

You must ask yourself the question

It can be journal prompts or self-reflection questions, that push you to think about all aspects of your life from a different perspective.

The more you will know about yourself, the clearer your goals will be, and the easier it will be for you to begin this fresh life!

4. Leave toxic habits behind

One of the major and transforming aspects of resetting your life includes leaving old habits behind.

Most of the time it is our old habits that made us reach this place where we started feeling stuck and now want to restart

It could be lifestyle habits mindset, or anything that is coming between your ideal life.

Its a part of you that is stopping you from becoming limitless

For many of us, it is taking risks and lazy habits that stop us from forming discipline and doing things that we need to

Take note of your toxic habits and make a conscious decision to leave them

5. Find your purpose and what makes you happy

How to reset your life

The bottom reason for all of us to reset our life is to do what makes us happy and feel fulfilled

This is why, discovering that purpose is an important step in resetting our life!

Find what makes you happy

What you feel drawn to constantly

Not only does it bring you happiness but a sort of purpose and fulfillment when you do it

for example: writing this blog not only makes me happy because I am talking about something I am passionate about it

But also the fact my posts help some people change something in their life is what helps me feel fulfilled

If there is one person who feels comforted, motivated, and educated by my post

It serves the purpose of what I do, and it also makes me happy

Try out different things for a while and see what is that one thing you feel drawn to!

And do it!

6. Get rid of things that serve no purpose

Resetting our life and getting it together also includes our environment

Things that are around us have a huge impact on our energy

If you live in a cluttered, messy house with most of the things that serve no purpose

Your life will be like that too

your mind will feel cluttered, and messy

You may not realize it, but every day it might be affecting your energy, taking more of your time to find things in your home, and so on.

Look around you, and get rid of anything that does not make you happy or serves no purpose.

Keep it clean, and minimal for you to breathe and relax!

Here are 30 things to get rid of to simplify your life

7. Find motivation

Finding something that motivates you to keep going is a great way to move your life to the next level.

You know resetting your life requires a lot of things, giving up lots of stuff and building new mindsets and habits.

You need to have a powerful motivating factor that pushes you to keep going even when it feels difficult.

Seek inspiration and find a driving force to keep going

8. Revaluate your goals

An important step of doing a life reset includes revaluating our life goals

Since you are starting a new chapter, a new life

You need to look at your old goals

Have they changed from before?

Do they still align with the life you want?

Such simple questions can help you understand if your goals should stay the same or if you need to let the go

In case you want to let your old goals go and find new

Here are a few goal ideas for you

9. Revaluate your core beliefs

We all have some beliefs in life

We learned growing up, and some we made our own

However, a lot of times some of these beliefs are what hold us back and stop us from living an amazing life.

We are stuck on those deep-rooted core values that make us fear change and new perspectives.

This is a real step that everyone must take when restarting their life

Take plenty of time and look at your core values and ask yourself if these values are helping you grow or doing the opposite

Are these beliefs making your potential limited?

Revaluate your core beliefs and explore different perspectives

Once you do that, You will form new beliefs, that are actually helping you stay connected to who you are and grow in life

10. Form Good habits

Habits are the most part when resetting your life

Your habits will determine your life in the long term

So if you have a goal then you need to build such habits that help you achieve that goal

If your goal was to take off your mental health then you need to build habits that focus on your mental wellbeing

One thing that is key when it comes to forming new habits is to not be afraid of it

We often think that it is going to be so hard, and what if we can from it

Forming good healthy habits is a good and important of our life that will stay constant

We need to keep building more as we grow older

Don’t be afraid and take it as a fun challenge!

Here are some tips and ideas for forming new habits!

11. Change your lifestyle

Maybe you moved to a different country or new workplace that is different from the way you used to live before

As you are entering this stage and place in life, you may need to amp up your lifestyle too.

Or maybe, you felt your lifestyle was really boring and not helping you live a meaningful life.

I remember feeling I have outgrown my lifestyle and needed a change

I need to do things differently

This was a major task I started to get into as a way of resetting my life

Trying new things, Buying good quality things, going out more, and so on

Changing your lifestyle can really be transforming in bettering yourself

Figure out what healthy changes you want to make in your lifestyle and get into doing it!

12. Start taking action

The whole idea of resetting our life to do something

It is to take action either for doing what we love or to change the course of our life

For a lot of us, not taking action is the major obstacle in leveling up our life

There might be a dream you had been dreaming about for years, and still, it is not a reality because you never took action

Now you can 100 reasons as to why you could not take action, I was busy, did not have the resources, or I was not ready…

They all are simply excuse me

Trust me

The only thing you need to do is start taking action, and everything else will work out for you

13. Get out of your comfort zone

Challenge yourself and step into trying new things

Do what you always feared, and think you cannot do

Welcome and embrace this discomfort and challenge yourself to do better

Stop overthinking about it and just get yourself into doing

Once you are done, you will feel so much better, and all the worries and fear you had would go away

Leaving our comfort is the only way to take control and change our life

14. Create an ideal routine for yourself

Routine is essentially the part that makes our day productive or lazy

The morning routine is the most important one out of all!

If your morning starts right, then your whole goes productively

Whereas if you start your day with a lot of distractions and not feeding yourself the right things

Not waking up with the intention

Then the whole day goes blah- and you feel like you did nothing

Notice by yourself how your morning routine shapes your day

Similarly, building an evening/ night routine to help distress yourself and prepare for the morning is another way to create an enriching lifestyle!

Here are some routine ideas for you

15. Disconnect from social media

Our smartphones/social media apps distract us and make us compare our life to others.

this can come as an obstacle in resetting our life and doing what we want

Don’t let yourself get distracted or influenced by social media

I highly suggest taking a detox during this period specifically.

16. Become Mindful

Life can get busy, and we can easily forget our goals purpose, and in general, the need to take care of ourself

One of the main reasons for resetting life is not taking care of your mental health and relaxing

Become mindful of these small things

Observing what you are feeling and what your body needs

And it will work out!

17. Connect with others

Connecting with others who are in the same place as you can act as a motivating factor in your journey

It will push you to stay consistent and keep working to better yourself

Apart from that, seeking support from your family, friends, or a professional can help you navigate some tough moments

Don’t be afraid to reach out to others and seek support!

18. Practice self-care

At the end of the day, the whole idea to start this fresh life to take care of all aspects of our life, and feel great

This is why self-care comes first

if you make it a promise or habit to practice self-care every day, you will stay in touch with yourself, and are most likely to keep going!

You feel better too

19. Give other areas of your life equal attention

I have experienced it myself and seen many others who fell into work mode and experienced burnout.

Eventually, this is why they feel the need to reset their life

We need to give equal priority and attention to other areas of our life apart from just work

Mental health, physical health, personal relationships, social life- all of it is equally important

Don’t get caught in just one and let others feel deprived

Give your attention to all and try to balance it out

20. Observe your negative and positive energy

How to reset your life

Not all day goes by feeling happy and positive

it is 100% true

however, we must also realize the need to make the change if we witness that we feel more negative throughout the day for not one day but months

This means that we need to pay attention to our mental health and energy

Understand why we are feeling so negative, than peaceful or happy

Thoughts are energy too

If you have negative thoughts throughout the day, then your energy will be down too

If you observe and find yourself experiencing this

You need to a conscious effort to shift your thinking, as well as make all the changes to feel better!

21. Leave toxicity Behind

You are starting a new life, new experiences, and new memories

You won’t let go of the past and heal yourself

However, if keep the same toxic environment, habits, and mindset and carry it to your new life

I am sorry to say, but nothing will change

You will again feel the same problem and the same feelings

If your gut tells you and a lot of people around you have warned you about a negative person, habit, or mindset

You must observe yourself and leave it all behind

22. Embrace making mistaking and not knowing

How to reset your life

Trying new things can feel stressful and full of anxiety, why?

Because we feel the fear of failing and not knowing what to do

If you move to a new country by yourself

You fear making a mistake like forgetting your wallet at home, keys, and stuff.

You feel scared because there is so much you don’t know in this new environment.

This goes for every new thing we try.

It is normal for us to feel this way, however, we don’t have to feel it all the time.

We can simply, take it as an exciting way to grow and learn by embracing mistakes and not knowing anything.

It will make life more interesting and gives more room to learn

23. Be Patient and Consistent

Lastly, Resetting our life completely is a whole journey, for most of us it won’t happen during the day

It may take weeks to a month for us to completely shift our life slowly

And that’s okay

be patient and stay consistent in making an effort every day to change and grow

Rest everything will fall into place!

Conclusion on How to reset your life

So these were my best 23 tips to help you reset your life!

It may seem like A LOT but trust me, as you begin to take each step, you will start feeling better and as if things have already started working.

Staying true to your purpose and making an effort is all you need to focus

I wish you the best and good luck with this fresh start and encourage you to restart once and for all!

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How to reset your life

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