15 essential things to do everyday for a better life

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Each day makes up for the good life we build. Here are 15 essential things to do every day for a better life!

things to do every day

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We live in a time right now where all of us are surrounded by distractions and lots of stimulation.

Some of us want to improve our lives, but others are addicted or distracted by Netflix, TV, movies, reels, and TikTok…

If you want to improve your life, then, you must try to improve each of your days.

I have realized, that every day, when I get up and show up for myself, in the long term, it makes a huge difference in my life.

When I am getting caught up in distractions, not only, do I end up feeling low, but in the long term, nothing in my life truly changes.

I am stuck in the same place.

In fact, every successful person I know right now, shares that getting up each day and showing up for themselves has made the biggest and impactful change in their life.

This is why, in this post, I want to share 15 essential things to do every day, if you want to better your life.

Doing these things every day will compound over time and make the best change in your life!

Find out what these things are and how will they bring change!

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things to do every day

Things to do every day for a better life

1. Have a morning routine

I always say that I never truly used to believe this because I was not a morning person. But ever since I learned to become a morning person, my life truly got better!

When I have a productive and nourishing start to my day, it always ends up productive as well, and not just, I tend to have a good mood throughout the day.

Whereas, when I have a lazy start to my day, the whole day goes like this, and I have not only not accomplished anything, but I end up feeling low by the end of the day for some reason.

Ever since I started having a morning routine, I saw a difference in the long term, in terms of my health, in terms of the results I witnessed in my work, and so on.

Make sure you have a morning routine, even if it is 30 minutes or 1 hour before you get to work, you need to have a healthy morning routine for yourself.

That is filled with nourishing activities you do for yourself.

Here are some posts on my morning routine to help you

2. Make daily goals or to-do list

This is essentially the most important thing that brings in action and a huge change over time.

Instead of trying to do everything in a day, I focus on setting an easy everyday goal list.

I only set 1-3 tasks for the day, that I will give my whole attention to.

The tasks that I usually set are the ones that bring 80% of the result in my work!

This actually helps me execute them, and in the long term, I get to reap its benefits!

If you don’t set a daily goal list right in the morning, you will be confused about what to do, and where to start.

But making it will immediately help you to kickstart your day doing all these things!

But, make sure, you only set 1-3 maximum goals for the day!

3. Do something to be happy.

Life is not just about being productive and focusing on long-term success, each day matters, and each day counts!

Be happy every day, your happiness should not depend on the long-term achievements of life!

Do something for yourself to be joyous, to feel happy!

It can be anything, going out at night with friends, attending a hobby class, or being with your loved ones.

Create a happy to do in your day to feel bliss!

  • I go to dance class every week, which makes me super happy!
  •  I also end up baking a cupcake, on days I don’t have any plans to go out.

Find small things that bring you joy every day.

4. Have at least one nourishing meals

Food is medicine, food is honestly the fuel in our life we need every day.

At this time, we are surrounded by so much junk food that it is nearly impossible to eat healthy for most people.

Even though it may seem impossible it is actually not so difficult! Make sure you have at least one nourishing meal every day!

You are not eating junk all three times of the day!

The right food will bring you energy, and honestly, we need good food to stay alive, live longer, and away from diseases!

Let that sink in! Make sure to eat nourishing meals every single day!

5. Spend quiet alone time.

Now that people are so much surrounded by distractions and society’s expectations. It is common to see them losing their identity

Not only that, but also being okay with spending alone time, and enjoying your company

The more quiet time you spend with yourself, you will be able to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings!

It will provide you with clarity and know what you truly are, like, and want to do!

6. Have a self-care routine.

things to do every day

Continuing on spending alone time, and getting to know yourself, self-care is a huge aspect!

Every day, you must have a self-care routine, something you do to take of yourself!

It can be anything per your mood, but you must have one.

When you spend each day and make it a priority, to take care of your overall well-being, you recharge yourself.

You can use that energy, on better things in life, without getting burned out and losing yourself completely!

Here are some self-care activities for you!

7. Show up and do the work

I feel a lot of us are filled with so many ideas and creativity, there is so much we want to do, and all we do.

We keep thinking about it and let fears take over. If you really want to make all these ideas come to life

Stop doubting yourself and show up every day, that is how you do it.

Once you start, you will learn along the way.

When I started this blog, 2 years back, I had no clue, but within a week of getting an idea of blogging in my head, I just started.

Without actually knowing anything about this world of blogging, my main focus was just to show up every day and do the work.

Along the way, I managed to learn the right tools and tried to stay consistent, which has helped me grow this idea into life!

I still have so many ideas in my head, and all I need to do is show up every single day and take action.

The same goes for you!

8. Learn through book and podcast.

As you show up every day, it is important to learn too! That will help you see growth because you are doing and learning together!

Take a few minutes every day and learn from books, courses, podcasts, whatever it is!

It can be related to the niche you are working on, or building a mindset and all the other things!

Learn and grow

9. Stay hydrated

things to do every day

The essential things to do every day, list are incomplete without putting hydration in them! You are doing so much for yourself every day.

You need energy and good health to achieve a better life and most importantly, enjoy it with good health!

And hydration is a top priority! Make sure you are drinking enough water and all the hydrating stuff!

if you struggle with being hydrated or drinking enough water

Read this – How to drink more water every day – 10 realistic tips

10. Get your mental health in check

Mental health, over the years, is getting a lot of attention, and I am happy that it is!

This is why, if you have been avoiding and neglecting your mental health, right now, I want to remind you ,

It is a must that you check in with yourself and do everything it takes to better your mental health!

Each day, have a small check-in with yourself on how you are feeling and what can make you feel better!

11. Move your body

things to do every day

Most mental health problems can also go away from just moving your body and not just physical health.

Which makes it even more important to move your body every day!

To have a healthy body and mind- physical movement is an essential need!

Whether it is getting 5-10k steps every day, stretching, or doing yoga

Move your body every day!

12. Talk to family and friends.

I know, people tend to get caught up in life and work, and taking time out for something else feels impossible.

But family and friends are the people who not only make us happy but, they are more precious than anything else in the world

talking to them every day is so important! A few minutes of a call with them will make both of your’s day, happy and loved!

They are always missing you, just like you miss them! So make it a point to talk to them every day!

13. Get rest

How to correctly rest An authentic guide

On the list of so many things to do every day, one that should not be left is rest!

Working, and stuff are essential, but I don’t want you to give all your energy to that and end up feeling exhausted!

Make sure, you also get rest every day when needed. Take a moment to sit and relax!

Here is how to correctly rest

14. Count your blessings.

We, humans, are always looking towards the future, and for things we want, we forget so many things, that we once wanted, we have them now.

But we forget about them, keep looking towards the future, and feel upset about not having them.

This lowers our energy and makes us feel miserable, doesn’t it?

For me, it has been, so true, and one of the essential things to do every day, on my list is to count my blessings.

Being grateful every day and counting all the blessings every day, that I get!

Because, deep down the truth, the more grateful you are, the more blessing the universe showers on you

15. Write down

Lastly, One small activity that I highly request you to do is writing down every day.

I have realized writing things down is a powerful thing that can better your life without realizing it.

Writing down your ideas when they come up, writing down your feelings every day,

Writing down your dreams every day sends a signal to the universe and your subconscious mind to bring them to life!


Adding these 15 things into my life, has overtime made me live a better life and live the life I once dreamed about!

I used to write down for years, and this has been one of the reasons I swear by it. The same goes for exercising, the changes it has brought me are priceless!

Just like that, all these 15 things will bring benefits in your life that eventually push you to create a better life for yourself!

Good luck~

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things to do every day

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