How to become a morning person with ease

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If you struggle with waking up early in the morning, this post will help you know how to become a morning person with ease.

how to become a morning person with ease

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I never thought I would be writing this post, just like many of you, I was never a morning person.

I always struggled with waking up early, and it was not just that because I did not even want to wake up early most days (I LOVE MY SLEEP )

but all of that has changed in a few months, I never thought I would find waking up early so easy!

Before I used to wake up around 8-9 am, which for many might be later or earlier, but in my household, it was pretty late.

But now I have managed to wake up by 6 every day and start my day early!

Hence, I thought, in this post, I share with you some things that helped me, become a morning person with ease!

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how to become a morning person with ease

how to become a morning person with ease

1. Find an interesting goal or activity to do in the morning

After waking up late for so many years, the reason I started waking up early all of a sudden,

without any problem was in fact because I wanted to learn something, that is how to drive,

It was something I was thinking of learning for a long time,

In short, I had a goal or any activity I desperately, was desperately interested in

that helped me wake up on time. I did not start waking up for any other reason at all,

However, before, I would try to wake up early, because I had heard it is a good thing and makes you productive

All of these benefits did not push me enough to wake up early,

they were not motivating enough for me to follow

however, learning to drive, for example, was something I wanted to do desperately, and it is not so much of a daunting task

Similarly, if you are curious about waking up early, find a goal or activity that you have been wanting to do which can be done in the morning mostly

This might help you wake up on time because you are genuinely interested from within in learning that! Nobody is forcing you

Secondly, a lot of people often say, that the reason they cannot wake up early is because they don’t have anything to do in the morning, they can’t think of doing anything

Finding an activity helps you remove such confusion and give you a reason to wake up

2. Don’t sit on the bed and get up

Once you wake up, of course, you are still sleepy, and if you make the mistake of sitting on the bed or anywhere, even for a few seconds.

You will fall asleep again, that’s why immediately just stand up and move around,

It can be to get your morning water, go to the balcony or window, or just washroom.

In a few minutes, your body will fully wake up, and you won’t feel that sleepy!

Doing this has helped me so much, from not going back to sleep and starting my day!

3. Keep your damn phone away

The most important thing you should do if you want to successfully wake up and get your day started is to not touch your phone

The moment you sit and open your phone in the morning,

trust me you won’t be doing anything except scrolling

I used to do this before which is why even if I did wake up early somehow,

but I started using the phone, I started feeling lazy all over again

I would not feel like doing anything else,

But this, time I kept my phone away and did not even use it for 1-2 hours

I would immediately get ready and go out of the house for my driving lessons

or doing some other activity without taking my phone

This one thing helped me enjoy waking up early because I was not busy on my phone and doing something in real life

Usually, whenever we take our phone with us, we are not fully present in doing anything,

half, of our mind, is on the phone, and we are so attached to it

But this way, I was able to let go of this attachment and be fully present in what I was doing and enjoy it!

So please keep your phone away!

4. Get fresh air and sunlight.

Another thing that really helps in not feeling sleepy or drained after waking up early, is getting fresh air and being out in the sun.

It takes away the sleepiness from you, and you feel refreshed!

5. Do it for a few days, and the rest will happen naturally.

Don’t follow this for just one day or two, and leave it

try to follow, it consistently for even 5 days, and I am sure, slowly it will get natural for you

For me, waking up even at 8 pm was a daunting thing, my eyes would just not open at all

But this time, when I woke up consistently for 5 days at the same time, my body got used to it!

Now, even if it is an off day or my alarm has not rang yet, My eyes, or even my mind, immediately open up at 6 sharp.

So, just focus on following it, and rest will happen naturally as your body will make it a habit

6. Don’t be hard on yourself

A lot of times, we fail at fulfilling our goals and making a habit or routine because we are too hard on ourselves.

Oh! I missed a day, and we give up or start being negative towards ourselves.

Be flexible about it and start again!

7. Get enough sleep

Now if you are waking early, you have to sleep early too so you can get enough 6 – 7 hours of sleep in a day.

Otherwise, after waking for the rest of the day, you will be sleepy, so make sure to full sleep by getting to bed early!

8. Enjoy the process

Lastly, the only way to become a morning person with ease is to enjoy what you do in the morning!

If you do enjoy your morning routine or whatever activity you do for the first 2-3 hours of waking up

You will give up eventually, but if it is making a positive difference in your life and you are enjoying it, then it will be easy for you.

So make sure to do something you will enjoy!


So these were the 8 things that helped me become a morning with ease and enjoy it!

I never thought I would say this, but I love waking up early now!

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how to become a morning person with ease

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