Simple and Realistic: Daily One-Hour Morning Routine

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How do you spend the first hour of your day? Here is a one-hour morning routine that is simple and realistic to make your mornings balanced and effective.

Simple and Realistic Daily One-Hour Morning Routine

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There has been so much importance on morning routine for years Like, many of you, I used to as well think it was a bluff,

I am not really a morning person by nature, I like to sleep and start my day slowly…

But over the years, I have found that when my morning routine is lazy and not functional for my life.

I feel lazy and sloppy all day…

But on days, I wake up and in one hour or more, get all my things done. I feel lighter and more energized!

In this post, I will share a One-hour morning routine guide that is quite inspired by my morning routine. It is simple and realistic to follow.

In one hour, you will wake up and get ready for your day!

PS: This one-morning routine is just a guide to help you create a balanced morning routine for yourself! You can make changes as you want!

One-hour morning routine

Easy Tips to create a one-hour morning routine 

Before we get into our 1-hour morning routine, Let’s look at a few ways and tips that can help you create a routine, that is doable and easy to stick to.

Otherwise, when trying to follow the routine, you may find it challenging to continue

1) Sleep Early

Okay, we all know this! If you sleep late, you are more likely to wake late too!

Even if you push yourself to wake up early ( you will feel tired or sleepy to do anything)! On top of that you are late for work

Sleeping early or on time is extremely important to create a morning routine that is not rushed, and you can enjoy it!

Especially if you have a timeline to reach work! You have to wake up one hour earlier to leave for work!

I used to sleep on sharp at 10pm in the past, but for the past 1 year, I struggle with sleeping early too, and most days.

I find myself waking up late and not getting my morning routine started the way I want

I either miss a workout or journaling time or rush through everything (which doesn’t make me feel satisfied)

Since I work by myself (self-employed), I can now start my day slow, but that is not the case for everyone right?

If you tend to sleep late, try making it a habit to sleep early from now on!

2 Prepare a night before

If you go to college/work, There are a lot of things you may need to do in the morning.

Like, Getting your clothes, bag ready, lunch, and other to-do’s

It’s better to prepare for such things the night before, so they don’t take up too much of your time in the morning

3 Put your phone on DND mode

I have been doing this for a while now, I put my phone on DND mode and then go to sleep. Though most of my notifications are always off. I still do it.

You can also put it on Airplane mode, because-

Cell phones pump out electromagnetic radiation when they’re on – which means sleeping with one nearby boosts your exposure all night long. Putting the phone on “airplane mode” shuts down the transceiver.

It also improves the quality of your sleep and avoids disturbances

4. Wake up on time

As I shared in the first point, Waking up on time or early, as they say! It is the key to having a morning routine that is not rushed, and you can enjoy it!

If you don’t wake up on time, then you will miss out on your me-time, or sacred activities that are important to do for your overall well-being!

I don’t believe you should wake up at 5 am, Choose a time that is enough for you!

I wake up around 8 am since it was winter, but now I am planning to wake up a little bit more early ( ~7ish)

5. Don’t touch your phone first thing in the morning

Please don’t touch your phone first thing in the morning, if you want to have a good one-hour morning routine!

Not only because it is not good for the eyes, but also because it can instantly lead you to distraction, and you will just sit and not move!

It’s also not good for your eyes to look at the screen as soon as you wake up. Give both your eyes and brain time to naturally wake up.

6. Don’t scroll through social media either

Even if you do then end up touching your phone, Please don’t scroll through social media!

It’s better to keep your phone aside after putting airplane mode off and following your morning routine.

If you end up touching your phone or any social media, then you are stuck with being in one place scrolling for hours! It’s a rabbit hole, so don’t touch it!

So these were a few tips to help you start a one-hour morning routine, these tips will make it smooth for you to follow through!

One-Hour Morning Routine Overview

One-hour morning routine

Here is an overview of what your one-hour morning routine would look like and consist of! These are all things you will be getting done in one hour!

  1. Wake up slowly
  2.  Tidy your bed
  3.  Warm Water
  4.  Get done with the business
  5.  Body movement
  6.  Me-time
  7.  Get ready
  8.  Make Coffee/matcha/tea and Breakfast
  9.  Plan your day
  10.  Get to work

So, as you can see, this is a rough overview of my one-hour morning routine. As all my days don’t go exactly like this!

Some days are a bit more slow and more time-consuming and other days are a bit rushed.

With That being said, Most of these steps are a part of my one-hour morning routine before I head to work!

Now, I would like to share a bit more about these steps…

My Simple and Realistic One-Hour Morning Routine

1 Wake up slowly ( 5 minutes )

Some people advise you to jump out into your routine as soon as you wake up, whereas, some don’t!

It is a highly controversial topic, and I believe one should do what works for them!

As I am not a morning person, I like to wake myself up slowly. I like to stay silent for while and let myself be awake slowly.

I know many people just wake up from bed and start their day heads on!

I like to take a moment and gather my thoughts and slowly wake up. This gives me a moment of calmness and mindfulness that I enjoy

In these few moments, I stay silent, or I sometimes think about things I am grateful for, or in my head think about what I need to do.

If you are not a morning person either, Wake up slowly and start your day! Don’t rush!

2 Tidy your bed (1 minute)

One-hour morning routine

The next thing I do is tidy your bed. Of course, a bed gets messy after sleeping, and I have realized if I don’t make my bed, then there

I don’t make it at all, and when I come home, I feel guilty or it does not make me feel calm or good.

My bed feels messy, and it seems like nothing really changed. It’s hard to explain the reason.

But I feel making my bed gives me a lighter feeling! ( of course, there are days I forget)

3 Warm Water (5 minutes)

The next thing, I do is go to the kitchen and have at least 1 cup of warm water. I have been drinking warm water for as long as I can remember!

Since I was a kid, it is one thing I cannot start my day without! I like to sip in my water and sit for a while and enjoy this time too

I know many people Like to have an espresso shot in the morning instead, and I feel that having coffee first thing in the morning is not really healthy.

It may wake your body up instantly, but still, in the long run, it affects your body in a much deeper way.

One should not drink coffee on an empty stomach!

One more reason to avoid this is that our body goes through water loss at night. This is why it is important to hydrate yourself instead of having coffee which is dehydrating!

This is also the reason, why many of you like me, may feel extremely thirsty when you wake up.

4 Get done with the business (5 minutes)

Now we all know the basic everyday part of our morning routine is to get fresh and get done with our business which also includes brushing your teeth.

5 Body movement (10 mins)

Doing some sort of body movement every day is extremely important. As I have to sit at a desk most of my day, I find it hard to make time for it.

This is why getting done with it in the morning has been amazing for me

Sometimes I like to go to the park and walk for a few minutes, and most of the time, I just workout at home

I put a workout on Youtube and follow through it as long as I can! For people who are usually busy, going to the gym or workout class outside in the morning can be tough

Working at home has been my favorite as it is convenient, and you can do it at your pace!

Sometimes I work out for only 10 minutes, and sometimes even longer than 30 minutes. it will be about how much time I get and how I feel

Listening to your body is extremely important

Here are some of my favorite at-home workout Youtube Channels I go to

6. Me-time (5 minutes)

One-hour morning routine

Spending a few minutes, by myself is what keeps me fulfilled throughout the day. I think it is extremely important to have mindful me-time with yourself without any distractions.

Sometimes I like to work out as a form of me-time and I prefer Journaling. Honestly, it all depends on how much time I get and what I feel

For me, Journaling is a way to spend Me-time to gather my thoughts and feelings. If I want to share some thoughts, pray, or practice prompts

I used to spend time reading a few pages as well instead of journaling in the past, and it used to help make time for reading on a hectic day.

Whatever me-time activities you prefer, do it. Make it personal to you, something that gives you that few moments to connect with yourself

Here are 23 Mindful Me Time Activities you will absolutely love

8. Get ready (10 minutes)

After My me-time routine is done and has been able to get a few sacred moments by myself. It is time to take shower and get ready for the day!

It includes everything from taking shower and doing skincare to dressing up and putting a little makeup on

It does not take that much time for me. At times When I struggle to find clothes it takes longer than 10 minutes to get ready.

7. Make Coffee/matcha/tea ( 2 minutes)

Finally, the most favorite part of my morning routine is making my coffee or matcha for the day.

I cannot express, but this is something I look forward to every day. I cannot wait to wake up every day and have my coffee!

From the process of making my drink, to having it. It is a very personal and favorite time of my day.

However, for the past few months, I have cut down on my coffee and switched to matcha for health reasons!

Although it tastes nothing near to how coffee did, it is good

You can make tea or some other drink in the morning which you like with your breakfast, and enjoy

8. Plan your day ( 2 minutes)

Planning my day actually takes me around 2 minutes only. I feel this because from the time wake up, already in my head I start thinking about my to-do’s

And My to-do list only consists of 1-3 tasks at most

I don’t add lists of more than 3 tasks because it helps me focus better, which I explain in this post

So in my notes app, I write 3 tasks I need to do today, and that’s all!

9. Get to work ( 1 minutes)

One-hour morning routine

So now the morning routine comes to an end, and I get to work. I work in our family home office which is actually a few minutes away from my home, and I just go, sit at my desk and start working!

I feel lighter after completing, all the things in my morning routine, and it gives me energy and excitement to work!

That’s my easy one-hour morning routine!

Obviously! My morning routine does changes, a little bit here and there as life happens, but this is all I try to include in my morning routine

and Sometimes my morning routine exceeds more than an hour, which is okay for me!

It’s simple and easy to follow, and I can add bits of everything from productivity, wellness, and me-time into my routine!

When making your own morning routine, Try experimenting and find things that work for you!


How long does it take to build a morning routine?

It can take up to 2 weeks to 21 days to build a morning routine for yourself, given you have experimented and found something that works for you!

But if you continue to do it every day for 21 days, you are most likely to do it for good!

How long does it take to do a routine?

In this post, I share a one-hour morning routine but your routine does not have to be one hour. It can be shorter or even much longer.

So that is subjective to what you prefer and how long your morning routine takes!

How much time does a person need to get ready in the morning?

Keeping aside, me-time and workouts. It can take approx 20 minutes get ready.

We have to consider everyone’s life is different. Some live alone and some with family and all that affects your morning routine and the time it takes to get ready!

What is your one-hour morning routine after waking up?

So now that you got an insight into my morning routine, What does your routine look like?

What are all things you do? Do you prefer waking up slowly or jumping to work?

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One-hour morning routine

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