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Ultimate glow up checklist 2024 you will love (realistic)

Ultimate glow up checklist 2023 you will love (realistic)

Ready to glow this year? Here is the only realistic and doable glow-up checklist you need to have the best glow ever

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What is a glow up anyway?

The term glow up has always been popular among girls, especially when summer is around the corner and or a new year begins.

We tend to see the term “glow up” on all social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Glow-up is considered a transformation, which can be physical, mental, or spiritual that helps you level up and grow in life.

It is a positive transformation in you that helps you level up or glow up in life.

I feel we tend to have our own definition of this term, looking pretty, or fit.

But if I have to say what glow-up means from my perspective

I think of a woman when you look at her, she is glowing like sunshine now, and I don’t mean her face.

But her aura, meeting someone, who is glowing from the inside out, you feel, naturally optimistic around because something in them is sparkling.

That’s why the term glow up for me, is not having a pretty face or body but having an overall spark that glows within

A positive change in short words

What is a glow-up checklist?

In this post, I will share with you the glow-up checklist to help you have a major transformation.

If you are wondering, what is a glow-up checklist? here is a little explanation

Just like its name, It is a checklist or list of all the tasks that will lead you to have a major glow-up!

This glow-up checklist will include realistic steps that encourage overall physical, mental, and spiritual positive transformation in you!

A step-by-step guide C=consisting habits, activities, mindset-related tasks you need to take to have the best transformation ever

PS: There are so many things I will put down in the checklist, however, you do not have to follow the things mentioned in the checklist

You can follow the ones you prefer and want to target.

Benefits of using a glow-up checklist

Using a glow-up checklist actually makes it easy for you to follow! It is a guide that you can use without any hassle.

Here are the things you can expect from a glow-up

  • Positive Mindset
  •  Feeling healthy in all aspects
  •  Increased Self-love
  •  Improve your overall wellbeing
  •  Learn self-care activities that work for you
  •  Improved lifestyle
  •  Develop new, healthy habits.
  •  Increased Self-confidence
  •  Feeling energetic and happier
  •  Achieving your goals

At what age do glow-ups happen?

The term glow is also commonly used around puberty, for many, when they hit puberty, they experience a glow-up as their body changes, and hormone and mental health also get impacted.

But for some, it can be either way around too.

There is no particular age at when you experience the glow but more on the time when you start making efforts and changes in your life,

The more you start focusing on yourself, the more transformation starts to happen!

How do I glow up in a week?

Realistically glow-up happens with consistency! and consistency

If you want to experience a positive physical transformation, then you would need to work towards it for at least 30 days to start seeing a glow-up

In any glow-up transformation, consistency is KEY!

Hence, it is not possible, to have a visible major glow-up in a week, but you can do a 7-day challenge to get an idea of what goes behind transforming yourself.

You could see a slight difference, but it is very subjective!

Here is a 7-day glow challenge to naturally glow up in a week, you can try to make it a habit and start following a routine.

But first, Pin this for later!

Ultimate glow up checklist 2023 you will love (realistic)

How to create a glow up checklist that works

As I mentioned above, A glow does not happen overnight, but rather, over some time of consistent work.

It takes anywhere from 21 days to even 6 months to see a major glow-up

It is also very subjective to your goals and where you are in the present moment

For example: If you were to lose 20kg of weight, then you cannot expect it achieve it in a month, depending on your body it can take even 6 months to achieve this

Which is normal and a healthy approach!

To make the glow-up checklist work for you, you have to be

  • Patient towards it and not give up in between
  •  Focus on building a lifestyle that can last a lifetime because once you start following the routine you can go back to where you were before
  •  Be Consistent! That is the only way to have a glow-up

Ultimate Glow Checklist 2024

Glow-up checklist: Physical

Glow-up checklist Physical

The first thing on the checklist is usually the most aimed for which is a physical glow-up! No Doubt,

Having a physical transformation in your body feels and looks so good. the aim is to not look like a certain shape but to be at your best fitness level.

1. Stay Hydrated!

It may feel tiring to constantly hear about drinking more water for every other problem, but this is truly something we need to be mindful of

The thing is most of us don’t drink hydrating drinks, we drink caffeine, soda, and carbonated beverages that further makes our body dehydrated

That’s why looking at healthy drinking options becomes even more important!

Of course, water is the best way to stay hydrated but for my folks who are not a fan of plain water you can also hydrate yourself in the form of

  • Vegetable juice
  •  Smoothies
  •  Fruit instilled water
2. Create a workout regime

While most of us think exercise is only to look slim….its not really true!

Of course, exercise can be great to help with physical glow-up as you get a fit body but apart from just our physics,

Body movements help with many health-related issues like acne, stress, heart, mental health, energy levels

All of this contributes to a transformation in our physical and internal appearance!

You have more glowy, clear skin, good mental health, and energy to do things!

That’s why I request you to create a workout regime and have the best glow-up!

Creating a workout routine is very personal and subjective, do what you prefer

Going to the gym? workout at home? Pilates? Dance? swimming? yoga? running? walking? Anything!

Just get your body moving every day and thank me later!

3. Add healthy and superfoods to your meals

Food food food!! The most important of all the points! No amount of skincare, makeup, exercise can change you than food

It is also the most ignorant at this age because we eat so much junk food!

Superfoods, that is nutritional- foods, that really heal your body, can give you the best glow-up out there.

Instead of relying on sugar, carbs, and all food outlets to keep your hunger full, Switch up your lifestyle and start with eating homecooked food that has nutrition in it

This is a very subjective topic, of course, because depending on our body we need different diets, but even if make a 1% effort to eat better, things will start happening.

Here are some generic things to keep in mind

  • Have a balanced meal ( Protein, starch, carbs, fats)
  •  Rainbow meals have colorful fruits and vegetables we have filled with goodness
  •  Less processed food and more home-cooked fresh meals
  •  Add supplements as per your body’s needs
4. Add movements to your day

Again, keeping our body active is very important, even if you are not able to hit the gym or have a workout session.

Finding different ways to move your body more and more so it stays active all day is a must to just live a healthy life!

Moving your body more also shows in your body, and you can notice these positive transformations!

Here are so many ways to add movements to your day

  • Walk more instead of taking a car or bus
  •  Use stairs instead of an elevator
  •  Walking 30 minutes after a meal helps with digestion
  •  10-minute yoga stretches every day

2. Glow-up checklist: Mental

While our physical transformation is the most common way to wish for a glow-up, our mental well-being is a key player as well.

And that is because we do not see but truly FEEL the positive transformation happening in us! The feeling is priceless!

At the end of the, it is important to feel the glow up for us to enjoy than to see but not feel any change!

Mental glow-up also shows outside, so it works vice-versa and becomes an important part of glow-up

Here are some things to include in your glow-up checklist to keep up mentally-

1. Focus on the present

If you want to be happy and improve your mental health, you must focus on the present.

All humans are either stuck in the past or worried about the future, this is the cause of 99% of our life and mental health problems.

Observe and check for yourself now, what is troubling you right now? It is something that happened in the past or something you think may or may not happen in the future.

How much of your problem is centered in the present moment?

Hardly 10% right?

I know it is easier to say that applies right? We have heard this since we were kids, but how many of us have been successful in applying?

I too suffered heavily from this until last year when I fell into a very low phase of my life,

I was miserable

As The new year started, I promised myself, that I would be anything but let my past or thoughts of the future affect my present

Ever since then, I have been extremely mindful of focusing on my present life, and I have seen so much improvement in my mental health.

Of course, I tend to have moments of worry again about the future, and I have to remind myself to be back in the moment, and everything will be fine!

2. Add a hobby in your life

To help you be happy, and focus on the present, hobbies are something you need. This is your safe place where you forget about the problems and immerse yourself in the NOW

That is what hobbies are for after all!

Join a hobby class or spend some hours doing an activity that relieves your stress and helps you stay present in the moment will help you be more mindful as well as boost your mental health.

Telling from my own experience that this has been the best thing I have done this year for myself

Add hobbies to your life and flourish!

In case you are looking for hobby ideas as an adult, Check my two posts on hobbies

3. Find a Therapist

Sometimes, our mental health problems and traumas go too deep, or we don’t know how to deal with them.

In this situation, it is always best to consult a professional who can guide you and help you overcome your issues!

Look for a therapist if needed!

4. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to help you regulate your emotions and mental health issues over.

It can help you give the energy and power to handle difficult situations, more than anything it provides a sense of calm/ peace in your life and improves your focus.

When your mind is at peace, you can make better decisions and take control of your life.

It is one of the best transformations you can experience!

5. Journal

If the above two methods feel too overwhelming for you, I have one of my favorite methods that is super easy and transforming for your mental health!

It provides a safe and private space to express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

This can lead to a greater sense of emotional relief and understanding. Journaling can help you stay present and mindful as you focus on your thoughts and feelings in the moment.

Here are some ways to begin your journaling journey for a glow-up!

6. Add self-care in your life

If you want to have a mental glow-up, you have to add self-care to your life! It is non-negotiable!

Self-care, we all know, means taking care of ourselves, especially mentally! Doing things that boost our well-being

We tend to do this for others or get caught up in the hustle world that we forget to prioritize our needs!

By implementing, self-care you will be able to prioritize things your body, mind, and soul need and create a balance in life.

Here are some posts to help you add self-care in your life

7. Read self-help books

Reading self-help books is another way to enter the path of long-lasting glow-up

Numerous self-help books can guide you on your journey, to a “glow up,” which obviously refers to personal growth and positive transformation.

Making a habit of reading such books can help you learn how to improve your life, which will contribute to your journey to a complete glow-up.

Here are some recommendations that cover various aspects of self-improvement:

  1. “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero:
  2.  “Atomic Habits” by James Clear:
  3.  “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol S. Dweck:
  4.  “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis:
  5.  “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz:

Remember that reading these books is just the first step. Applying the principles and strategies they offer, is what will truly help you achieve your glow-up goals.

3. Glow up checklist: Mindset & spiritual

Glow up checklist Mindset & spiritual

A spiritual glow-up has a huge effect on both your physical. as well as mental glow-up.

Spiritual; it can enlighten you and help you glow so much from within like nothing else!

A spiritual glow-up involves, deepening your connection with your inner self, discovering your purpose, and experiencing personal growth on a spiritual level.

Here are some ways to have a spiritual glow-up!

1. Find a spiritual outlet

First thing first, to have a spiritual transformation, you need to have a spiritual outlet you believe in!

It can be god, the universe, your higher self, or Your inner self. Something positive and powerful that goes beyond human form

For me, I believe in god as well as a higher self. Once we start getting connected to this higher power we can find more clarity in our life.

More than anything, we feel a sense of fulfillment!

You don’t have to follow and believe in what others believe in, instead find your own spiritual outlet you feel most connected to, IS it god? Universe? What is it?

2. Read books on mindset and spirituality every day.

Once you have a spiritual outlet that you are drawn to or interested in, learn more about it.

Read and educate yourself on that topic, as you learn more about it, you will understand if it is something you would like to believe in

You will learn ways to improve your life through spirituality!

3. Practice daily positive affirmations.

If we look at ancient times, we know how valuable words were back then, things that people would say would be so deep and meaningful.

They would abide by their words and be mindful of what and how they say

That is because words are powerful! They have energy, and they directly affect our mind, in short, our reality

Start practicing daily affirmations to help yourself shift your mindset and feel positive

Here are 170 Life-changing Affirmations for glow-up

4. Get in touch with your inner self

As I have spent more years finding and learning about spirituality whether it is through god, the universe, or a higher self

All of it talks about only one thing, and that is our inner self

The solution to everything lies in ourselves, and we have to look within, if we want to seek god, it also begins with exploring your inner self

Your inner self is the answer to everything, and so, all of us need to be in tune and connect to our inner being!

So how do you get in touch with yourself? Here are some ways to start

  • Spending more time with yourself alone without any distractions
  •  Journaling and understanding your thoughts
  •  Meditation
  •  Closing your eyes and connecting with your inner being for a few minutes every day
5. Practice manifestation techniques

Manifestation is a huge part of spirituality that helps us design our dream life, whether it is a glow-up or something else.

With manifestation, one can achieve anything. This term has become quite popular now, and there have been many manifestation techniques that can be helpful.

You can learn more about manifestation from themanifestationbabe

6. Explore your personal values and spiritual beliefs

Lastly, understand and explore your personal values and spiritual beliefs because they shape your reality.

What do you believe in? Is your belief truly yours? How has your belief, and values impacted your life.

This can help you get more clarity on your

4. Glow up checklist: Face, body & Hair

Glow up checklist Face, body & Hair

Now that we are done with more crucial aspects of glow that come from within and last longer, let’s move on to some, lighter and more topical glow-up checklist aspects!

1. Create a skincare routine.

A good skincare routine can help you give a glowy-looking and healthy skin!

Create a skincare routine that suits your skin type and helps you deal with your problematic areas!

2. Pamper yourself

Taking care of yourself will help you not only feel good but look good too! Treat yourself and pamper the way you love to!

Whether it is going for a spa, massage, or shopping! Do it!

3. Get your eyebrows done.

Small glow-up things you can do includes, getting your eyebrows done!

The right eyebrow shape that suits your face can make a huge difference and help in giving a structure to your face

4. Look after your lips

Make sure your lip is hydrated and moisturized! Wear lip sunscreen to avoid pigmentation!

5. Get a new haircut or hair color.

A new haircut or hair color can have a huge impact on your physical transformation and help you achieve a glow-up from the outside!

6. Nourish your hair

While haircuts and color can give you a huge glow up, they also have bad effects on the health of your skin!

Nourishing your hair, and making sure they are healthy can also make you look good!

7. Wear Sunscreen

Avoid dullness and dark spots on your skin by wearing sunscreen every day! Sunscreen is the only way to prevent sun damage and delay skin aging!

5. Glow up checklist: Wardrobe

Apart from skin and body care, your wardrobe and grooming also can help you achieve a physical/topical glow-up! Here are some ways –

1. Find your personal style

Finding your personal style means, wearing clothes that suit your body and color, it enhances your look even further and makes you look good.

There are colors and style that looks more beautiful on us than other, they could be more feminine, street style, formal, or casual.

You can get a color analysis done to know what colors look best on your skin type!

2. Get rid of old, unwanted clothes

Upgrade your wardrobe by removing clothes that have faded or are not needed anymore.

Replace them with more timeless quality pieces that can be styled often and look good on you as well

3. Accessories your look

Apart from the clothes, you wear, your whole look will be completed and elevated by accessories! They play a key role in dressing up

Always wear an accessory with your outfit!

4. Create a makeup routine.

Right, the makeup look, that goes with your features can truly transform your look!

Learn the right techniques and do makeup according to your face!

5. Invest in a few key pieces.

I don’t suggest shopping a lot, but I can surely tell you to invest in a few key pieces that last long and can be worn with different styles.

It gives you more options without buying new things

6. Clean up your shoes

If you are like me, who forgets to clean their white shows often, Make sure your shoes are clean because that makes a huge difference!


PSSST! So these were the glow-up checklists you needed to glow up in your life! I know it was LONG, but I included everything you may need to have a full-blown glow-up!

Download or save the complete glow up checklist here
glow up checklist
Ultimate glow up checklist 2023 you will love (realistic)

This post was all about the glow up checklist

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