11 Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself

Want to know some easy and simple daily self-care ideas that don require much effort or bills and that you can do without any hassle? Keep reading!

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The more I move on with my life, I am able to realize the importance of self-care. Whenever I miss out on doing self-care

I tend to get stuck in a mess, filled with either confusion or feeling lost or unhappy.

Practicing self-care every day can be such a booster to help you not only feel good but, at times, enough to help you get through a tough day!

While there are so many self-care activities one can do, here are a few that I find easy to do without any hassle.

Without any inconvenience of finding time, money, or anything else, these can be done easily!

Why is self-care the most important way to take care of yourself?

Before I jump into sharing the activities, it is important to know why is only self-care the most important way to take care of your overall well-being.

Well, just by the name, we know self-care means taking care of yourself ( as in you), whether it is your mental health, physical, emotional, and so on.

We constantly try to take care of people around us or try to live how the world wants to

In the midst of doing everything for others, we sometimes, end up neglecting to take care of ourselves.

We end up getting hurt emotionally or feel burned out from all the work, or get physically sick because we don’t take care of our lifestyle.

We also cannot rely on others to take care of us because it is first our responsibility to take care of our own body, mind, and overall well-being.

This is why self-care is the most important way to take care of yourself, and we all must prioritize it!

Want to make self-care a part of your daily life without any hassle?

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A must-have for helping yourself in taking extra care of yourself

Here are 11 Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself every day, with small efforts!

Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself

1. Writing a gratitude list when feeling negative

Finding an urge to write something you are grateful or blessed with is very difficult when you are feeling negative but really important at the same time.

This is something I have been struggling with recently

When faced with negative things going on in life, the mind gets so equipped and spiraled around the negativity that is going on

It feels like your life is falling apart, and there is nothing good or right going on in your life

We become more negative, and sulky and complain much more

I found myself feeling this lately and felt like there is nothing left to be grateful for

However, I realized later on that I am in a much better place than I was last year and felt a sign of relief

For you, it can be something else

I know it must be extremely challenging to find something to be grateful for, but I promise you that there is

just think and write down anything that you are grateful to have

it will put you at ease and give you hope that it is not the end of the world and there are still blessings in your life, and you will continue to receive more

The best thing is to write something you are grateful to have received or experienced in the recent few years

It can be something that happened a few months back or a few years,

because something happened, recently you feel grateful for that feel relaxed and positive about future

2. Journaling out your feelings when overwhelmed with thoughts

Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself

As much amazing as it is to talk and vent to someone when feeling low or equipped with thoughts, we may not always have someone to talk to

or may struggle to share with others due to many reasons.

whether it is writing a few lines daily or pouring your heart out in a journal, it will make you feel good

You will feel lighter and many times even, end up finding clarity

I just take my notes app out and start writing down how I feel, and stuff

I do end up feeling better afterward!

If you are new to journaling, I have also written many how-to guides on journaling-

3. Doing a hobby when you need a boost in your mood

On many occasions, it is not negativity or overthinking that makes me feel low, I am sure that might be the case with you too

sometimes you just have a bad day or need a little push, in boosting your mood after a hectic or boring day perhaps

I simply open my laptop and follow a dance video and dance for as long as I can

It gives me an instant boost and helps me feel better!

Hobbies are key to feeling happy on your own and making life more than just work and fitting in society

Look for hobbies for yourself? Check these 67 hobby ideas for adults 

4. Lying down in your bed for a few minutes with lights off and the lighted candle

If you live alone or have enough personal quiet space, switch off your lights and light up a candle instead

lying down for a while can help your body as well as mind feel rested

You could be exhausted from the work, or your body may not be feeling the very best, it happens at times

Lying down to rest your body and mind like this is a really therapeutic way to take care of yourself

5. Going outside to feel fresh and rested

Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself

Going outside for a few minutes for a breath of fresh air can help you feel fresh and rested any time of the day.

Especially, if you work from home, mostly or usually go out for work, and do not enjoy that often

you must go out more,

when we are out to relax, we are actively engaged in the present moment, either in walking, meeting up with a friend, and talking

our mind is not thinking for a while, and it helps us feel at ease

Especially being around nature can help you feel so much calmer later on

Go outside for a few minutes whether, in a nearby store or park, you will feel better

6. Exercise or stretch

My favorite self-care activity lately has been exercising at home, I try to do at least a 10-minute beginner workout every morning or sometimes evening when I get time.

It helps me feel instantly good and positive about taking care of my body

Due to my desk job, I sit most of the day, which is not good for my body, so exercising has been what I focus on nowadays the most

If you are a beginner like me, You can do these Beginner workouts by MADFIT!

I have been doing this every day, and it is so easy to do!

7. Doing a 10-minute guided meditation

If you are looking to do one self-care activity every day to get life-changing results in helping you stay more present, give clarity and manage your emotions too

Meditation is what you must get yourself into. We usually get scared from this term as it feels like the most challenging thing to do

However, given its mind-blowing benefits like

  • Creates awareness
  •  Gives new perspective
  •  Strengthens your memory and focus
  •  Reduces stress and helps manage anxiety
  •  Improves mental health

Meditation indeed takes a few months of consistent work before you start seeing all these results, but later on, the results are really great!

You can just do a simple 10-minute beginner-guided meditation with headphones to keep you focused.

I personally prefer, Headspace, a guided meditation app to help you meditate every day, for a few minutes!

8. Talking with a loved one for a few minutes

Connecting with your loved ones on a daily basis is also another wholesome way to take care of yourself.

While enjoying your own company is extremely important, connecting and building a strong relationship is too.

Having a fun chat with your friends and family can help you feel reset and energized again!

9. Practicing affirmation to fight self-sabotaging thoughts and noises

Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself

There are so many instances when we feel confused and underconfident, or maybe someone said something to us, and we feel like a failure.

This is so common, and we all experience it in almost everyday life

Sometimes it is other people’s words that leave a deep impact, and sometimes our own mind thinks negatively!

Affirmations can be really helpful if you practice them every day to resist and overcome those thoughts!

Affirmations are basically the positive words you will speak to yourself

If your mind tells you, – it’s difficult, and you will not be able to do it

To fight back and not let your mind overpower this thought,

You must say – It is easy to do, I can learn and teach myself how to do it! I can!

Reassure yourself, again and again, to be the positive, noise for yourself every day

10. Eating something healthy to give your body a boost!

Self-care is not just about feeling good and giving positive mental health. Taking care of yourself also includes taking care of your physical health and overall having a healthy living body.

As we all know: it is 80% nutrition that contributes to a healthy fit body and only 20% exercise.

This is why you must make an effort every day to eat healthy nutritious food to stay healthy!

Even if it means, starting with one healthy meal a day or cutting down on sugar or junk food

You must make an effort every day to eat a healthy diet!

11. Unplug from social media to rest your mind

Lastly, an important self-care activity we must aim to do every day is to unplug from social media.

We have gotten so invested in social media every day for hours and sometimes all day that it is affecting our life on a daily basis, and we don’t even realize it.

We spend most of the time scrolling down than doing anything real,

Affecting our mental health because, subconsciously our mind is constantly comparing us to the people we see on social media

It decreases our productivity, and we procrastinate all-day

We feel like we are running behind seeing other people’s success or our life is not as fun as theirs…

and the list goes on!

Take the step for better health and unplug from social media and spend limited time there!


So these were 11 Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself! I personally find these to be really helpful and easy to implement self-care in our daily routine!

These are some of the common things we all go through almost every day, and simple activities like these can help us manage our lives better and truly take care of ourselves!

Good Luck!

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Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself
Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself

This Post was all about Simple Daily self-care ideas to take care of yourself

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