71 Calming Journal prompts for feeling overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed? Want to feel calmer and more peaceful? Here are 71 Journal prompts for feeling overwhelmed

You feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. Where to direct these strong emotions and calm yourself? We all go through this feeling multiple times,

So what can we do to channel this feeling in a better way? Feeling Anxious and overwhelmed often comes out in a form of a mental breakdown or anger, which is definitely not the ideal way.

One thing that can be helpful is Practicing Journal prompts for feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

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As someone who overthinks easily and feels anxious at the most little things, I can totally relate to you! Feelings of confusion, stressed, anxiety, and scared all at once are extremely overwhelming and hard to bear!

One thought leads to another, and the next thing you know, you are trapped in a spiral of overthinking.

Last month, I got caught up in this spiral, with thoughts like

What is going to be my future? I have so much work and there is so much that I want to achieve and not just in my career but in life. I cannot do this and that.

Next thing you know, I was having a mental breakdown…

Here is what I did, and I am already feeling better ever since

I took a break from everything as I was rushing and comparing myself. What I needed to do, was to take a break from all the Information about other people’s lives and just focus on mine.

I felt difficult to share this with others, and that is why I love Journaling!

Spending this time journaling, helped me express my emotions and feel Calm!

I also started to shift my mindset and look at things from a different perspective. I changed up my routine a little bit and had a reset day. Now I feel so much better!

Does Writing Journal Prompts help you calm when Overwhelm?

Letting Out your emotions is important. This is what helps you calm down and feel light. If you keep these emotions stored up then they built overtime and come out in a much stronger and unhealthy way

Writing Journal prompts for feeling overwhelmed, anxious or any other emotions helps in letting it out from the inside.

It helps you identify your triggers and emotions and thought patterns If a thought or an emotion is felt repeatedly, it is essential that you make a note of it.

Once you are aware of these emotions and where they are coming from, it can help you deal with the cause efficiently,

By taking these thoughts, out of your head. You can feel clarity and organize these thoughts in a better way.

How do you Journal for feeling overwhelmed

I totally understand, it is not easy for everyone when feeling overwhelmed to just sit and start writing their answers.

Honestly, You should listen to your body, Does it want to journal out randomly and brain dump all thoughts and emotions? Or does it want to sit and take time to write answers?

Maybe you don’t feel like doing any of these when you are feeling this. That’s okay too! Do not force yourself.

These are some tips to help you get into the flow of journaling when overwhelm.

  • Find a quiet space: If there is so much going on outside, it will be hard to focus within. Make sure to sit in a quiet place, alone!
  •  Get a Notebook: The reason for the journal is to take this out of your head because it is already cluttered with so many thoughts. A journal where you can write down is essential!
  •  Do it consistently: It is not a one-time thing. If you make it a habit, only then you will start to see its results!
  •  Be honest: Be honest about your feeling and thoughts, That is what is going to help you find the root cause and solve the issues!
journal prompts for overwhelm

Let’s Now read journal prompts for overwhelm and anxiety!

25 Journal Prompts for Overwhelm

  1. What is going on in your mind? Brain dump everything.
  2.  Which emotion do you feel the strongest right now?
  3.  Is it the first time you have felt this or there has been many times in the past?
  4.  How did you deal with these feelings before?
  5.  Is there someone who wishes to share this with you?
  6.  Are you feeling overwhelmed due to one area of your life or all combined?
  7.  Take a long breath and repeat it five times
  8.  is there something you can do to make yourself feel better? Like making a cup of coffee or tea? talking long bath?
  9.  When was the last time you felt overwhelmed?
  10.  Write a list of Positive affirmations you can practice every time you feel overwhelmed
  11.  Write down one thing that happened well today. Even the smallest.
  12.  Describe what you are feeling in your body right now? Are there any sensations?
  13.  Are your thoughts realistic? or is it just imaginary about what could happen in the future?
  14.  What made you feel this way?
  15.  What do you need the most right now?
  16.  What can make you feel peaceful?
  17.  Are there any activities that make you feel joyful or at peace?
  18.  How is your routine daily? What can you change to make it better?
  19.  How often do you exercise? What physical movements can you make every day to feel better?
  20.  Write 10 things you are grateful for
  21.  What is one thing you can do to make tomorrow feel easier?
  22.  Will your biggest concern right now can affect your life in a year or more? If not then let go of t.
  23.  Is your worry in your hand? Is it something you can control?
  24.  Are these emotions emerging because of someone else’s words or is it really your own?
  25.  What values are important to you?

26 Journal prompts for feeling overwhelmed

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love yourself?
  2.  When was the last time you said no to something?
  3.  Is your mind stuck in a rut? How can you simplify your goals?
  4.  What is one thing you wish you could change?
  5.  What resources can you take to help yourself?
  6.  Are you constantly comparing your life to others? Be honest with yourself.
  7.  What are you consuming lately? How does it make you feel?
  8.  If I could make one promise to myself, It would be…
  9.  Have you had any bad dreams lately? Write down in detail.
  10.  Who are you closest to? Have you shared your feeling with the person?
  11.  Is there any affirmation or mantra that makes you feel better?
  12.  What can you let go of to feel better right now?
  13.  How can you cope better when feeling overwhelmed?
  14.  How is your work making you feel nowadays?
  15.  What and How can you treat yourself to feel better?
  16.  Is there something you look forward to every day? What is it?
  17.  What one activity can you do daily to immerse yourself fully at the moment?
  18.  Are you being too hard on yourself? How can you be kinder today?
  19.  What habits can you implement to better yourself?
  20.  How can you treat yourself with love and compassion every day?
  21.  Write down your top three worries of the week, what steps can you take to manage them well?
  22.  How can you simplify your daily routine and make it less overwhelming?
  23.  Do you live more in the past or in the future?
  24.  How can you detach from this overwhelming feeling?
  25.  How much do you take out for yourself? How can you make time today?
  26.  Describe a time when you felt fulfilled, What you did do back then?

Journal prompts for anxiety

  1. What is the most difficult experience you went through and how did you overcome it?
  2.  Name 3 things that scare you the most and why?
  3.  Have you ever taken therapy? How was it?
  4.  On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your anxiety?
  5.  When was the first time you remember feeling anxious?
  6.  What is one thing you can do in the morning to experience less anxiety throughout the day?
  7.  What habit can you stop to avoid worsening your anxiety?
  8.  Do you experience social anxiety?
  9.  Name one thing that makes you feel anxious the most
  10.  Is it something you can control? If yes what changes can you make?
  11.  If not, how can you let it go? Why are you holding onto it?
  12.  Is being anxious helping you resolve the issue? What if you could spend the time enjoying instead?
  13.  Do you need to set boundaries with someone? Who is it? why?
  14.  Have you tried meditation?
  15.  Schedule a day to spend time in nature. Observe how it makes you feel.
  16.  Do you need to shift your mindset? Try looking at the thing from another point of view.
  17.  Describe an ideal anxiety-free day, What would you do?
  18.  What are some people you can spend time with to raise your vibration?
  19.  My Unhappiness comes from…..
  20.  Write a letter to your anxiety to tell it to go away.

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journal prompts for overwhelm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I journal my frustrations? Is it good to write out your frustrations?

There are no rules to journaling, you just need to start writing everything that is going on in your heart, everything you are thinking constantly, just write it down!

This way, you can journal out your frustration.

Yes, Writing down your frustration can help you feel lighter. Once all thoughts are out of your head. You will find many thoughts, that were just meaningless and adding to the clutter

Can journaling Stop overthinking?

Journaling cannot stop fully Overthinking, It can navigate your thinking to the right place. If you want to learn how to stop overthinking and understand it deeply

I highly recommend the book Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Why Your Thinking Is The Beginning & End Of Suffering (Beyond Suffering) 

This is the only book that helps me understand thoughts and think deeply. The book talks about how our thinking is the root cause of most of our suffering and how once we understand it, we can overcome it. It has a practical guide to help you overcome overthinking.

This Post was all about Journal prompts for feeling overwhelmed

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