13 Best Time Management Tips for Women to do Everything without Stress

Wondering how you can get everything done in 24 hours without feeling exhausted?! Here are the 13 Best Time Management Tips for Women to do Everything without Stress!

time management tips for women

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Do you ever feel like there is So much to do that 24 hours does not seem enough? Prioritizing your mental health, physical health with work or even studies for some and on top of that household chores.

The work seems never-ending, and finding the time to do everything and still make time for self-care feels impossible!

I have been through that too!

I was never someone who could get everything done in one day. Working out, eating healthy while socializing, and also working. There were always 1-2 things that would be compromised.

A few months back I was talking to my friend and having a meltdown.- I have so much that I want to get done and don’t how to! Thanks to my friend for saving me from going into a mental health rut.

Here is what she wrote –

See we have 24 hours there in a day, If we focus on one thing and add little things with time it can be possible. Honestly, I have learned from my friends, is when they can get their morning routine done and go to the office and socialize with friends on top of that focus on studying and adding more skills and also make time for their hobbies in a single day. Why can’t we?

When I read it, The words got stuck with me, I have known people who would manage all their work and still enjoy it. But always that I cannot.

After reading this, It definitely left me thinking, I need to shift my mindset. If I think I can manage then I will certainly be able to!

I then spent my time researching and creating ways I can Manage everything without feeling exhausted!

Now I can make time for

  • Reading daily
  •  Eating Healthy
  •  Walk
  •  work on my blog everyday
  • Study
  •  Spend time learning new things
  •  Go out with my friends
  •  And even watch shows on Netflix in between
time management tips for women

In this post, I will share with you everything that helped me aka, the best time management tips for women.

13 Best Time Management Tips for Women to do Everything without Stress

But first!

1. Shift your Mindset

As you read above, The first I needed to take was to shift my mindset. Once I realized that I can Make time for everything. I felt motivated and inspired to do it!

I started to research and Put effort into doing it. But before I would not even try because I thought it was impossible to get everything done!

Our mindset plays a huge role in turning this from a dream into reality. So if you want to get something done, First believe that you can and you will!

2. Make a list

Now that you have decided to take matters into your hand and work towards your goals. It is time to make a list of everything.

Sit and think carefully,

What are the things you want to focus on in a day? There is only so much you can do in a day, but by making a list of everything, You can then prioritize them effectively.

Add one thing at a time into your day. Do not start with everything on your list, it will get overwhelming.

Add one habit or activity. Once you are comfortable with it, add one more!

This way you can make a daily to-do list to add your activities on the list!

3. Do the Bare Minimum

When you have made all the lists of activities you want to do, It can be exciting and overwhelming too! It is easy to set high targets and slip into disappointment when you are able to meet them.

For example, You may have set a habit to exercise every day and do 30-minute exercises consistently.

Even if it is good, There might be times you may not be able to have 30 minutes for your daily workout. This is why it is essential to focus on the bare minimum.

Doing a minimum of 30-minute exercise is great but doing a minimum of even 5 minutes of daily exercise is amazing and easily achievable!

Do not get discouraged by the timeline and for the bare minimum, especially as you are starting a new habit.

If you want to read every day. Focus on the bare minimum of reading1 1- 2 pages every day.
Start from there and see how easily you will slip in all your tasks in a day!

4. Utilize a Planner

Planners really simplify you tasks. Ever since I started using planner and planning ahead. I found my work to be so simple and achievable. I write daily tasks that are simple to-do and I know exactly what I will be doing.

Productivity Planner

5. Create a Realistic Plan

One of the reasons we procrastinate or struggle to get tasks done is that we feel too much. When you are using a Planner, it is important to create a simple realistic plan.

For example: If you make Youtube Videos, Instead of writing in your planner list – Film a video and Upload it. which every time you will look at it, it will feel heavy, and you are most likely to avoid it!

You Divide it into a few parts.

  1. Brainstorm Video Ideas and write detail: In this, you brainstorm 2-3 video Ideas together and even create headlines like intro and topics you will cover
  2.  You film the video and focus on filming
  3.  Editing.

You have these 3 parts of work you can even divide between days, so You are giving your focus on one thing at a time. This feels simple and achievable!

One of the reasons people fail to get tasks done is because the Plan is unrealistic. You are expecting to do and achieve so much in a short time. In fact, it takes months to increase speed in your work. So you cannot expect to get everything done in a short time.

6. Batch Your work

Batching My work has been the Best Hack I have implemented in my work so far.

Batching your work simply means grouping similar tasks together and completing them all at once. It saves your energy and helps in avoiding Multi-tasking!

For example, if you want to reply to emails and also edit a video, then you do it in one sitting. Because you are in the flow of work. Whereas if you had an appointment where you need to head out and also run an errand, then you do it together.

Instead of doing an email, then running errands, then coming back to your desk, and then again going out for an appointment. This affects your flow of work.

When you are filming a Youtube video, you can film 1-2 videos together. And then edit them. Because you will be in the flow of filming.

Batching your tasks saves so much commute time and energy!

13 time management tips for women

7. Observe your Energy

Our energy changes throughout the day, so it is essential to do asks as per your energy levels.

For example, mornings are usually high-energy days, provided you had a good sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed.

Then, morning is the best time to give for work that may require less energy, for example – workouts or getting in your deep work is best in the morning ( if your energy is high)

Whereas by evening, 12-3 pm our energy starts decreasing. This is time you can spend doing relaxed or low-energy required tasks!

8. Be firm in your decision

When I say be Firm in your decision, I mean when you have decided to set a time for self-care, Instead of keeping yourself dwelling on work. BE FIRM and take down time for yourself.

Yes, you may have so much ( work from your job) to complete, but if you had added other activities to your list of work. Then take that time for it. Do not let work come between different areas. There is no excuse.

9. Do one thing at a time

I have seen many posts and people talking about doing Multi-tasking. Let me tell you, multi-tasking is a myth and not good for your health. It only decreases your productivity and slows growth.

When you are doing something, Focus entirely on that! Give all your focus to that particular task, and you will find that it was less stressful and you completed or faster and better than you would multi-tasking!

10. 1 minute rule

The 1-minute rule is if it takes less than one minute to do, then do it, then and there! This is a simple rule that helps you get over small clustered tasks!

Usually the tasks we avoid the most are the ones that take hardly 1 minute!

11. Prioritize Effectively

You will start to see immediate growth once you shift your focus to doing the most essential task first and prioritizing tasks effectively.

The shift from wanting to get more tasks to just One Important task at a time.

The most important task is the one that will give you major results or progress, right? So getting it done first is what you need. Please do not waste time on smaller and easier activities, just for the sake of “feeling productive or working.”

Another reason is that the task that is usually the most important, might also be hard or time-consuming.

So you give all your time and energy to tackle it first and then move to others.

How to Prioritize Your Tasks

1. Do the important and urgent – first

2. Then urgent but not important – second

3. Important but not Urgent, Third

4. Not important nor Urgent, Last

12. Time Blocking

Time Blocking is Scheduling and dividing your day in clocks of time. As I mentioned in the points above

You can block your morning for MIT (Most Important/high-energy Tasks), then Block your evenings for Small pending/Relaxing tasks.

The main idea behind this method is to schedule time for tasks and do it within that period. With time you and your body will get used to it, and you will naturally know when to do what

13. Have fun

When You are starting anew habit, Instead of being sulky and thinking it as a “WORK” try to have fun with it! Do no take it too seriously and have it with fun and joy.

This way you will be feeling motivated to do it every day and avoid procrastinating!

Conclusion on time management tips for women

So, these were my tips on Time management for women I hope you found them helpful!

Before you get into using these tips, Here are some things, I want you to remember:

  1. Done is better than perfect – do not get occupied in perfectionism, and end up not completing any tasks.
  2.  Do not wait for the perfect time – I used to wait and say, once I get this, I will start doing this, once I reach there then I will do what I wanted. That time never comes. Hence, do it now!
  3.  It’s okay to miss some days. – Don’t be hard on yourselF and feel guilty if you miss a few days of exercising or reading or anything
  4.  Just get back on track: It is normal to miss your habits and get off track. Instead of feeling discouraged, simply focus on getting back on track.

Good Luck!

This Post was all about Best Time Management Tips For Women

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