How to make healthy Iced Vanilla Matcha Latte

If your matcha taste like grass here is how to make healthy iced Vanilla matcha latte

How to make healthy iced vanilla matcha latte

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Over year ago I switch from coffee to matcha for good health and it has been one of the best thing I did

Matcha is filled with so many good benefits for health that I can even begin to explain

however I do explain everything in this post click here to read –Matcha for Good health: Why I switched to matcha from coffee

the first time I tried matcha, it was at home I made it at home and it tested really really bad

back then matcha on the Internet was just getting popular, I used to follow many influencers sharing how matcha tastes really really good

which is why I wanted to give matcha one more try

then I tried matcha at beautiful Cafe over a year ago and it tested so good that I knew that I had to learn how to make it the right way, so much so that I even attended a matcha workshop this year

so this is your 101 how to make Matcha recipe guide

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How to make healthy iced vanilla matcha latte

How to make matcha?

Over the course of 1 year of learning how to make matcha and learn that there is a very particular way of making it taste good

which is why for many people when they try matcha for the first time it takes like grass or a really really bad

If this has happened with you, know that matcha you bought either it was not a good quality or not made the right way

Things you need!

  1. Ceremonial grade matcha : highest quality of matcha
  2. bamboo whisker ( ideallly) but any whisker is fine to froth
  3. Warm water
  4. Vanilla syrum or vanilla flavoured milk
  5. Milk – Oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk or pistachio milk but not regular milk
  6. Ice (optional)
  7. Sifter

How to make healthy iced vanilla matcha latte

Making vanilla matcha latte is so easy and quick!

Step 1

Take a whisking bowl, a sifter and ceremonial grade matcha. Add 2 teaspoon of matcha and sift it to avoid sandy texture or lumps

How to make healthy iced vanilla matcha latte
Step 2

Now add 1 ounce of warm water slowly to matcha and start whisking it with a bamboo whisker

Bamboo whisker helps flourish the taste of matcha and blend it with water, however any whisker can be used!

Step 3

Regular sugar does not taste that good with matcha as much as honey would for health as well!

Add little bit of honey depending on your level of sweetness and start whisking it again till it becomes foamy like shown below

Step 4

Now get a glass, add ice and pour your milk! Regular milk does not taste that good with matcha, so you can choose between almond, oat, coconut or pistachio milk!

In this recipe, i am using vanilla flavored almond milk!

If you have vanilla syrup you can add that but i did not so i bought a vanilla flavored milk instead!

Since its a latte, i am filling it with only milk but you can also water depending on your preference

Step 5

Lastly, Pour over your foamy matcha and enjoy the drink!!!!

That’s it! this is how easy it is to make matcha at home! It tastes so refreshing and gives you sustained energy throughout the day!

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How to make healthy iced vanilla matcha latte

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