13 Simple tips for building Holistic Health lifestyle

Do you wish to build and implement a holistic lifestyle in your life? If yes in this post I will share it with you tips for building Holistic Health lifestyle

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What is Holistic lifestyle?

A holistic lifestyle is an approach to living that considers the whole person and their overall well-being, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

It emphasizes the interconnectedness of these elements and seeks to achieve balance and harmony in all areas.

A holistic lifestyle consists of creating a healthy lifestyle through a natural and functional approach.

It recognizes the mind-body connection, and importance of food as it is considered the medicine for all issues.

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tips for building Holistic Health lifestyle

Why is a holistic approach Important?

Unfortunately, in today’s time, we seek medical treatments for all things, from minor headaches, and skin issues to other health concerns.

We have seen modern medical treatments, although there is nothing wrong with it,

medical approach consists of not treating the root cause but diminishing the symptoms

Moreover, for every little issue in our body which can be healed easily with a holistic lifestyle, we take antibiotics that affect our bodies even more

For example: If you have a headache

That headache could be due to any little reasons or deficiencies in our body, but without knowing the reason or the root cause

We take a tablet that instantly heals away for a day or two.

But we face the issue again and again after weeks and keep taking antibiotics, which makes us dependent on antibiotics and causes many more issues long term.

Whereas, the headache could be healed through food remedies and spotting the root cause.

Now, I do not want to go too deep about holistic health in this post, but I wanted to share that if you have been interested in building a holistic wellness lifestyle.

Here are some tips!

Who am I to be writing this? I am harshita, the author of this blog and currently pursuing a holistic integrative health degree, I also have a holistic health mentor who has helped me heal my issues through holistic approach

13 Tips for building Holistic Health lifestyle

1. Food is medicine

The first and most important part of a holistic lifestyle is that food is considered medicine!

Our food has all the things we need to stay healthy, all the vitamins, minerals, protein, and antibiotics.

Everything that our body needs to function and heal, food has it.

But the right kind of food, cooked and eaten in a particular way, heals you and nourishes you.

From all the vegetables, pulses, and fruits, to spices. Each of them has benefits and power to keep us strong.

But we see, in today’s time, we do not eat these foods that should be consumed to get their benefits.

We eat more packaged foods that contain less of these nutrients and more chemicals.

Notice yourself, how many packages of food do you eat? How many times do you eat out where the food is not made with keeping your nutrition in mind?

In a holistic lifestyle, eating whole foods and making each dish at home is the best way to take care of our body and heal it

2. Sleeping regular 8 hours daily at night

Sleep is considered an integral part of a holistic lifestyle. In today’s time, people do not pay attention to sleep

In holistic health, it is a must to sleep properly for 8 hours without waking up in between.

The right kind of deep sleep helps you protect, detox, and recover. This process only happens when you sleep regular 8 hours

you allow your body to relax and recover.

So, if you want to build a holistic healthy lifestyle, start sleeping better.

3. Each body is unique: listen to yours

A holistic approach is about focusing on your body. Each body is unique and reacts differently to foods.

Some people will be okay with drinking cow milk and digesting it but do not.

Our nutrient needs also differ for each person. Your body may need more protein and vitamin than your family member needs.

So your lifestyle and food should consist of more protein and vitamins that your body needs more of.

Your plate will look different from others because it will designed to your body’s needs.

So, the first step you should take in building that is listening to your body more.

Do you need more rest or move your body more? Focus on core or cardio or flexibility? Do you need to drink something hydrating, so you need to avoid sipping dehydrating drinks?

4. Each meal should be 3 hours apart.

A simple eating holistic approach you can build from today is keeping at least 3 3-hour gaps between every three meals.

Since it provides enough time for our body to break down food and digest it better! This approach is often recommended, to help maintain stable blood sugar levels and provide a steady source of energy

5. Rainbow meals

One of the most beneficial tips for building a Holistic Health lifestyle you must implement today is eating rainbow meals

Now, what are rainbow meals?

A “rainbow meal” refers to a meal or dish, that incorporates a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.

The idea is to include a range of different colors because each color often signifies the presence of specific nutrients and antioxidants.

By consuming a rainbow of colors in your diet, you can ensure that you’re getting a diverse array of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds.

6. Get lab tests done

I am not sure about you, but I have come across many people (myself included in the past) who never get their blood tests done to check their vitamin levels, and so on.

I was like this too, I never got blood tests done to check my iron, insulin, and vitamin levels.

It was, only this year I got them done and came across so many deficiencies! Now, apart from knowing this, these deficiencies gave me symptoms that I had been feeling for so long a reason.

I did not know why I used to feel tired so often, but after getting lab tests done, I got my answer.

Another example would be the acne that I had for 10 years, I went through many dermatologists, but it was only when I went to a health coach that she told me to check my IGE levels through lab tests.

We came across imbalances, and we got answers to one of the root causes of my acne, through which I was able to work on healing it

And? I saw the results for the first time!

So, if you are facing some issues like dandruff, gut issues, or skin issues and you have not been able to get treated with medicine or products.

Reach out to a health coach who can tell you which lab tests can tell you the root cause of such problems

7. Include everything in each meal (right meal plating)

We have three essential meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, each of these meals is a way for us to get all the nutrients we need

Now, in every three meals, it should have everything – protein, carbs, fats, antioxidants, veggies.

This way, you will have a complete meal that will give you the benefits you need.

For example, carbs provide a source of energy, but if you end up consuming, too much carbs than required, you will feel lazy and unproductive.

Similarly, other protein and veggies have their purpose and should be included, in the right proportion in all three meals.

8. Daily liquid intake is a must

We all know that our body consists of 80% water and uses the water or hydrating liquid to function, detox, and replenish.

Now, I am saying liquid instead of water, because a lot of people say they struggle with drinking water.

So, here, the idea is to hydrate yourself and take in healthy liquids – like juices, smoothies, and fruit-infused water.

9. Use organic and homemade alternatives.

A holistic approach is about using whole foods to benefit your body, as, we are surrounded by packaged and junk food everywhere.

Most of us hardly follow this approach. But if you want to adopt and build a holistic healthy lifestyle.

You must focus on eating the real foods! So, if you want to make your favorite dishes like pizza or pasta

You can have them but make them at home by using healthier alternative

For example: Instead of all-purpose flour, switch to almond flour, and so on!

10. Read ingredients before buying.

A great tip to know what packaged foods are good for you to consume or not. You have to read the ingredients of each product before shopping.

The rule is to aim for products with natural ingredients and a minimal list. If, you find too many chemical-related names in your product. Drop them.

11. Daily movement is more important than you think

Regular exercise and physical activity are essential components of holistic living. It promotes not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being.

So make sure to get a regular daily workout session as well as moving your body throughout the day and not sitting!

Even if you have a desk job, take 10 minutes after every meal to walk and move your body

12. The body needs time to heal

Nowadays, people opt for quick fixes that modern medicine offers without treating the root cause.

Which holistic living is not about at all. In a holistic approach to healing, the root cause with a natural approach through lifestyle changes is a primary element.

That takes time to heal our bodies and show us results. So patience and commitment are essential here.

Most importantly, understanding that it is normal for your body to take to heal.

13. Get a holistic health coach.

Lastly, If you want to better your life by building a holistic lifestyle, then get yourself a holistic health coach.

A holistic health coach has a complete knowledge of what your body needs and can help you accomplish your health goals and maintain a great lifestyle!


So these were my simple 13 tips for building a Holistic Health lifestyle. Some of these tips may be new and intense for you, but applying them to your life is important.

It may require more research and finding a mentor who can walk you through this step.

Take your time and keep pushing!

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tips for building Holistic Health lifestyle

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