13 Healthy things you must do every day for overall wellbeing

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This post is all about Healthy things you must do everyday that are simple yet effective for your overall wellbeing

Healthy things you must do everyday

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“Health is not valued until sickness comes.”  Thomas Fuller

The quote above is true for most of us because, we were born with healthy functioning bodies, we never thought of it as something to care about.

It is, only when we get sick, that we realize how we underestimated our old healthy self.

When we get cold, we feel uneasy about breathing properly, especially while sleeping at night, that’s when we look back and wish to be healthy again, only so we can sleep without discomfort.

Am I right?

We must prioritize our health at all times because it’s a non-negotiable in life!

However, it can be challenging to understand and practice- what truly makes us healthy.

With so much information, on the internet, it can be more confusing as to what to practice and what not!

Currently, I am studying holistic nutrition, and getting my health checked by a board-certified health coach.

With my learnings and experience, I learned a few things about health! Simple yet effective things we must do every day

These little things have a profound effect on our health!

However, please note, that these 11 things are not the only things to a healthy body, there are many things, and it’s all bio-individual.

These are just a few activities, that you can easily implement in your life to begin your wellness journey!

So, let’s begin!.. But first, Pin it for later!

Healthy things you must do everyday

11 Healthy things you must do everyday!

1. Drinking warm water first thing in the morning

Starting with our morning, many people tend to drink coffee to energize themselves,

However, it is one of the most unhealthy things you can do with your body! Here is why

Whatever you start your day with, leave it and switch to water first! After that, you can have whatever you want!

After sleeping for 7 hours at night, our body gets dehydrated.

You see, we were sleeping at night, but our body parts were not! While we sleep and rest, our body parts do a lot of healing for us to live healthy!

Our brain is constantly working with our body as well! Hence, there is a lot of water loss we go through!

This, explains why we often wake up feeling extremely thirsty and tired!

So, if there is anything you must give your body as soon as you wake up, It’s water!!

The best temperature of water is lukewarm! Not cold, not hot!

2. Spending 15-20 minutes moving and sweating your body

I talked about how important our health and body are in life for us to live, it is a machine.

More valuable and complicated than any machine out there

Just like for any machine to function properly, it needs to be fit, and all parts should be in good condition, our body needs to be too!

The most essential way to have a functioning and moving body that ensures overall health is daily movement and sweating!

Unfortunately, unlike, the old times when people used to a lot of body movement through daily tasks, today most population, just sits at a desk and spends their day

that’s just how our life works, we all have desk jobs which makes us sit all day long and with the popularity in distraction! Sitting all day has become our lifestyle.

Which again is not good if we want to have a functioning body! We need to move.

Hence, Spending at least 15-30 minutes a day doing any intense exercise that encourages movement and helps you sweat is a must to stay healthy!

Out of 24 hours in a day, taking just 15-30 minutes for your BODY is not tough! So, go ahead, and find any sports or exercise you like dance, cardio, or yoga.

Be it anything! Just move your body for at least 15-30 minutes every day!

3. Meal Plating your every meal correctly

One thing most of us get wrong with eating right is plating our meals!

Even if you say I am eating at-home or at-home cooked food, you are not plating every meal the right way,

You are still causing imbalances in your body!

As we all know, we need all carbs, protein, vitamins, fats, starch, and minerals in our body.

We need them all, and we need them in every meal!

  • Carbs-
  •  Protein
  •  Healthy fats
  •  Starch

They all have their different benefits for our bodies!

Apart from the fact that all these should be in all our meals, we also need to use the correct quantity.

For example – consuming too much carbs will make you feel dizzy and sleepy

So, this is how all your three meals should look like 🙂

4. Walking more

Walking is a great way to keep your body and muscles active throughout the day, as we sit a lot throughout the day.

We are spending more time sitting in positions that can often make our body stiff, and tight and give us pain or discomfort.

Walking throughout the day or at a specific time for 30 minutes or so can help you avoid this problem.

It is also an activity that can be incorporated into our daily life with ease!

5. Applying Sunscreen

Talking about our skin health, one common practice that everyone has to follow in their skincare routine to keep their skin protected from UV rays and prevent skin aging, wrinkles, and brown spots,

applying sunscreen every day! Whether you are at home or out, whether it’s gloomy or sunny outside

Sunscreen is a must in the daytime! Even if you live in a cold city. Since the UV rays are still everywhere, even if you cannot see the sun!

We know that the sun is out in the daytime, so even in your area, it happens to be gloomy, still the sun is there, right?

Hence, UV rays are present as well! Apply sunscreen after washing your face and doing a skincare routine!

6. Getting liquid intake to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is an essential key to being healthy, staying dehydrated can cause lots of problems in our body

from energy reduction, skin problems, and gut issues to many more!

Drinking lots of water to keep you hydrated is a daily must-to-do!

However, if you struggle with drinking water, don’t worry!

Because the whole point is to consume hydrating liquid in our body!

hence, instead, you can have liquid in the form of juices, smoothies, or any other hydrating liquid throughout the day as well!

7. Getting 7 hours of deep sleep

Another, on the list of healthy things you must do every day is to get enough sleep.

Sleep is so important that we never really thought of it much, we read it as a kid, but in society

even now, for adults, it’s not given much priority, however, it is of tremendous importance to keep our body functioning

After we sleep, one of the most important things that happens is our recovery or healing process

During the day, when we are awake, our body is in action mode, which means all the organs are working together to help you in your daily activities in the outside world

It’s only when you sleep your body relaxes and works on solving inside problems! and that is only possible when you get 7 hours of deep, undisturbed sleep

If your sleep gets disturbed between 7 hours of process, then the body needs to start again

the better the quality of your sleep will be, the better your health will be!

8. Stepping out of the house

This one is for your mental health, a lot of people today tend to stay at home more than leave their house.

Since many people work remotely from their homes, they often spend most of their days a week at home.

This can often lead to poor mental health, and in general, keep us sheltered in one place.

It is essential to step out of your house every day, even if it is for 10-15 minutes, for a grocery run in a nearby store or a park.

It will help you feel better, trust me!

9. Taking at least 30 minutes for yourself

Another one of the amazing healthy things you must do every day for self-growth and improving your life is to take at least 30 minutes for yourself.

Throughout the day, we are busy working for so many things from work, family, boss, friends..or kids, the day goes by in the blink of an eye.

Over time, when we don’t spend time with ourselves, we can lose connection with ourselves, which again, can lead to many problems in our lives.

When we lose connection with ourselves, we feel lost, stuck, unhappy, and eventually lose connection with other things too.

However, spending at least 30 minutes with yourself doing anything you like

Maybe a hobby, being in silence, meditating, thinking, and connecting with yourself, will help you in improving, your relationship with yourself and others too.

It will give you clarity, better intuition, and self-fulfillment in life.

10. Minimum 2 hours of Working without distraction

For better productivity at work, it is essential to have more focus and less distraction because you notice,

the main obstacle you will find while working is the many distractions throughout the day.

It could be your phone, the internet, people around you, or anything else that keeps pushing your focus away from what you were doing

A term called promo do technique is used nowadays among many successful people where they schedule a particular time length such as two hours,

where they set this period to work without any distraction, no phone, letting people around you know that till this time you should not be disturbed even once

During this time, you can have maximum focus and finish some important tasks that help you be productive!

11. Sleeping with your phone in airplane mode or away

One of the Healthy things I do every day, which I implemented a year ago, is putting my phone on airplane mode at night.

This practice helps me improve my sleep quality, as I keep my phone on my bed.

The phone has radiation, and we can get notifications throughout the night, which can also disturb our sleep.

Either, you should keep your phone away from you, maybe in another room or far from your sleep, or keep it in airplane mode if you are keeping it near yourself.

12. Alternative healthy snacks

Snacks are one of the meals that lead to unhealthy eating the most because, in the name of snacks, we tend to eat only junk food, right?

Once in a while is okay, but if this is an everyday habit, it can again affect your health because you are consuming junk food daily!

Finding healthy alternative snack options for yourself is one healthy thing you can do every day.

My go-to healthy snacking options are

  1. Yogurt with fruits or dried berries
  2.  Protein sugar-free muffins, I make at home!

13. Journaling

Lastly, on the list of Healthy things you must do every day, is journaling!

It’s a simple activity you can do any time of the day, after waking up or right before going to bed.

It is a great self-care activity that improves mental health and helps you express yourself! You can live more intentionally each day by journaling.

There is so many right or wrong way to journal, it depends on what reason you want to do it.

If you feel a lot is going on in your head, you can just start writing in an empty notebook,

If you want to be productive or focus on a particular thing, you can use journal prompts to help you!

I have many posts on journal prompts, which you can find here for various categories.


So these were the 13 nonnegotiable Healthy things you must do every day. Start by adding any one things from above that you feel like is essential for you

Slowly make these little things a part of your daily life!

Have a healthy day ahead!

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Healthy things you must do everyday

This post was all about Healthy things you must do everyday

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