Vision Board Checklist to help you manifest your dreams

Are you planning to make a vision board to manifest your dreams? if yes, this is the only vision board checklist you need

Vision Board Checklist

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I have been making vision boards for many years, it’s been more than 5 years, at least, since I started making yearly vision boards.

I have always found them great for manifestation but more motivating than anything.

Making a vision board helps me set my intentions for the new year about to start.

In this post, I want to share with you all the things you need to make your vision board!

What is a Vision Board? What is the psychology behind vision boards?

A vision board is an inspiring way to help you along the way of creating your dream life.

Many people think of them as magical manifestation techniques, that if you put anything on the vision board, it comes true.

I would say that while it is true, it is only possible if action is taken

A vision board is just a motivating exercise to help take vision down your dreams in a physical format so you can see them clearly and take action

We tend to have so many thoughts in our head of what we want to do in life, those thoughts in our brain can get messy or lost among many other thoughts, so what can we do?

Take that aspiration out into a picture format, where you can see them every day to remind yourself to visualize your dreams and work toward them

will actually help you take action and make it come true!

So now, if you are ready to make your vision board, let’s move forward!

What should a vision board include?

A vision board should include all the dreams, goals, and inspiration you want to experience in your real life.

Anything, that you have been dreaming of for a long time and hope to see in real life! It could be

  • A dream career
  •  income figures
  •  Travel destination
  •  Health goals
  •  Mental and emotional goals, what you want to feel
  •  Experiences
  •  Anything special you want to live

It is a board filled with all your visions that you truly wish to live in real life, it can be the smallest thing to the biggest dream of yours,


vision board checklist

Vision Board Checklist:

Materials: Everything you need

1. Board/ sheet

You need a board or sheet where you will paste or stick all your images!

It can be a board, An A-3 size sheet, or cardboard.

Anything you wish to paste your pictures on! Many people also make their vision board on walls by pasting their pictures on a corner, making their vision board corner!

For many years, I used to make mine on a thick sheet, but now I have switched to boards!

You can also use a wall grid display like this.

2. Pictures

Obviously, Pictures are the main materials we need, after all, a vision board has to be filled with these.

For pictures, you can take inspiration from the internet and print them out, you can also cut from magazines if you want!

3. Glue and pins

For pasting your pictures on your board, depending on the type of board it is, you need to use glue and pins!

4. Scissors

Scissors are a must to beautifully and neatly cut out your pictures to paste them,

5. Markers and stickers

(It’s optional)

Moreover, if you wish, you can also get markers and stickers to either write, draw, or paste stickers on your board!

Checklist for manifestation

Here are all the things to help you create a beautiful vision board that is correctly made for you to achieve and manifest your dreams

  1. Make sure all the pictures are clear.
  2.  You can edit the pictures to make them more real, for example: Editing yourself in a travel place you wish to go and print that out!
  3.  Make sure your pictures clearly show what you want to manifest.
  4.  If you are pasting affirmations, make sure, they are fewer lines and big bold letters. Include words that you truly feel from the heart.
  5.  The same goes for pictures, put goals that you truly want to live from your heart.
  6.  Place your vision board where it is easy to see and only you can see often.
  7.  Make sure your vision board is neat and not clustered.
  8.  Look at your vision every day and visualize yourself living.
  9.  Let go of the attachment of whether it will happen when it will happen.
  10.  Focus every time on taking action towards your goals in a vision board.
vision board checklist
This Post was all about Vision Board Checklist

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